Security Researcher Tweets about Hacking Skills; Debarred from Boarding United Airlines Flight

Tweet To keep the security of the flight intact, United Airlines recently blocked the founder of security intelligence firm One World Labs – Chris Robert – from boarding a California-bound flight. The decision by  the airlines followed a social media post by the security researcher. In the post Robert tweeted about his ability to hack the airplane’s network to deploy the emergency oxygen mask. Chris... Read More »

Chinese hackers spying on Southeast Asia, India, etc. to gather intelligence, reports FireEye

Tweet After months of research, cyber security giant FireEye recently disclosed that the hackers, supported by the Chinese government, have been spying on governments, companies, and journalists in Southeast Asia, India and other countries for a decade. As per the released report of 65 pages by FireEye, the motive behind the decade-long cyber attacks were to gather intelligence from classified government... Read More »

Yahoo! Takes the First Step to Eliminate Passwords

Tweet Yahoo! has come up with an optional login process to combat your password dreads. By introducing ‘on-demand’ password to log into your mail account, Yahoo! has tried to ensure tighter security and ease of monitoring accounts. Your Yahoo! account will now ask for your password as well as the SMS code that will be sent to you on your phone. This way before breaking into your account, the hacker... Read More »

Another cyber security flaw threatens millions of Internet users

Tweet The moment you think your computer is safe to use, new security flaws emerge to rock the Internet world, threatening the identity of millions of Internet users. Last year it was Heartbleed and Shellshock, and this year it’s FREAK. Named in a clever acronym format, FREAK stands for Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys. The bug affects SSL/TLS protocols, which are used to encrypt data as it is... Read More »

Vulnerabilities found in Blu-ray disc Opens door for Malware Invasion in PCs

Tweet A pair of vulnerabilities has been discovered in the hardware and software used for playing Blu-ray discs, by Stephen Tomkinson of NCC Group, a U.K. based security consultancy. Stephen succeeded in highlighting the same with the help of a self-engineered Blue-ray disc, which helped him in identifying the type of player the disc is running. Presenting the research at the Securi-Tay conference... Read More »

Vulnerability in Superfish puts Lenovo Laptop Users’ at Risk

Tweet Superfish, a little-known Silicon Valley startup, has been facing criticism for quite a long time for its software named Superfish that has exposed Lenovo laptop users to hackers. This software is unintentionally aiding hackers in stealing personal information of users. The pre-loaded program Superfish is available on Lenovo laptops, sold between September 2014 and January 2015. As per security... Read More »

Cyber Crooks Con Banks, Steal $1B

Tweet As reported by Kaspersky Labs, the Russian computer security company, around 100 banks and many other financial institutions have been attacked by a gang of cybercriminals.  An estimate of $1 bn has been stolen in the attack so far. It is important to note that this attack began in 2013 and is still active! The ongoing cybercrime came to light after an investigation was initiated by the Kaspersky... Read More »

Here’s All That You Need to Know about Anthem Hack

Tweet Anthem, the second largest health insurer in the United States recently witnessed a severe data breach instance. The hackers breached one of its IT systems to steal personal information of around 40 million U.S. customers. This online attack on Anthem by far has been termed as the largest breach in the industry. As stated by the company, the hackers did not appear to steal medical information... Read More »

Google’s New Security Reward Program Pays Up-Front Grants for Bug Hunters

Tweet Google comes up with a new reward program for security researchers interested in finding bugs in its high-profile applications and services. The program initiated by Google will offer up-front grants of up to $3,133.70 to selected security researchers who will receive rewards regardless of whether they find a bug or not. Since 2010, Google has been rewarding researchers for finding and fixing... Read More »

Here’s Why Google Announces No Security Updates for Android 4.3 and Below Versions

Tweet A major security flaw has been found in the WebView component of Android 4.3 and below.  It is an embeddable browser control powered by a version of the WebKit to show web pages in apps. At the same time, Android 4.4 and 5.0 – which use Blink instead of WebKit to view the webpages in apps, are unaffected. However, going by the Google’s own number – around 60 percent of users’ device... Read More »

Microsoft Issues a Call to Google and Others for ‘Better Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure’

Tweet   Google’s decision to disclose the security vulnerability in Windows 8.1 hasn’t been welcomed by Microsoft. Disagreeing with the method opted by Google, Microsoft issued a call ‘for ‘better coordinated vulnerability disclosure’. In an official blog, Microsoft’s Chris Betz said, “Those in favor of full, public disclosure believe that this method pushes software vendors to... Read More »

Google Researcher Exposes Windows 8.1 Vulnerability; Microsoft Defends Inability to Patch the Flaw

Tweet Google researcher exposes the presence of bug in the Windows 8.1 after Microsoft didn’t fix the mentioned security flaws in the given period of time (90 days). Google considers 90-days-a fair amount of time to warn a competitor about an exploit taking place in its system. However, despite having enough time, Microsoft sounded little slow to fix up the recent flaw that Google team came across... Read More »

Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network Restored, Yet Some Gamers Face Access Issues

Tweet It must have been a dull Christmas for those who got a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox Live, but did not get to enjoy the real fun of owing it. They must have planned to spend their holidays in playing online games on Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live, but it all just disappeared. It is so as the computer networks for Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game consoles... Read More »

Staples Breaks Silence on Data Breach; Affects 1.16 Million Shoppers’ Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Tweet After maintaining silence for two months – Staples finally broke their silence and announced that hackers broke into their computers and stole the data on 1.16 million shopper’s credit cards and debit cards. The decision to announce the details of the data breach came as the holiday season comes to a close.  Around 115 out of 1400 office supply stores of the company in United States have... Read More »

Cyber attack on Sony Pictures, North Korea under FBI suspicion

Tweet Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. is a renowned name in the entertainment industry. It’s the American entertainment subsidiary of the Japanese multinational corporation Sony. The computer security of the entertainment giant was recently breached and the attack exposed five feature films, produced by this company, releasing them on sites that are meant for sharing files. The films released on... Read More »

Symantec Warns about the Severity of Regin Malware Threat; Talks About Its Links to US and UK Intelligence Services

Tweet Security threats can come to you in any form and the latest one to enter the list is Regin – a sophisticated piece of spyware that has been prying on servers for years. The existence of Regin spyware came to light from the reports published by Symantec security specialist. As per the reports released by Symantec, the Regin malware is like a cyber-espionage tool that is designed to steal the... Read More »

Apple Responds Strongly to Masque Attack Threat Discovered by FireEye

Tweet Apple has a very strong stand in the market and thus, it strongly responded to reports released by a security firm – FireEye of potential security threat that could allow hackers to steal sensitive information from iPhones and iPads. As per Apple, its operating systems come with security advanced options and have built-in protections to ensure malware downloads are at bay. Apple responded in... Read More »

Microsoft Finally Patches the 19-Year-Old Security Bug in Its Software

Tweet All’s well that ends well – this is what every Windows computer user should be saying after Microsoft announces the fix for the 19-year-old bug with emergency patch. The bug that existed in almost every version of Windows since Windows 95 was discovered by IBM Corporation’s cyber security research team in May 2014. As described by the IBM security researcher, the bug would have allowed... Read More »

Rootpipe – Latest Security Flaw in Mac OS X Yosemite

Tweet Apple must have fixed a huge number of security vulnerabilities in OS X and iTunes, but it would have not imagined that its newer version OS X Yosemite will too face security flaw. A security flaw named ‘Rootpipe’ has been discovered in the Apple’s latest Mac OS X Yosemite by a Swedish Security researcher – Emil Kvarnhammar. If you are running the latest Mac OS X, it is suggested not... Read More »

Poodle Bug: Marks To Be the Third Security Flaw, But Less Scary Than Heartbleed and Shellshock

Tweet Have you recovered from the shock of facing two latest security threats in a row, when one new internet security flaw popped up – Poodle Bug? Yes, Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption (Poodle) bug marks to be the third security flaw discovered this year. Poodle, a security bug in the widely used software – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.9 cryptography protocol (SSLv3), which is used... Read More »

Shellshock – A Bash Bug Security Flaw That Sounds More Threatening Than Heartbleed!!

Tweet Do you know how dangerous the effects of Heartbleed, a critical vulnerability in the widely used OpenSSL security protocol were? It was the beginning of this year only, when the entire security community was shaken by the effects of Heartbleed. Now, they have another challenge in front of them in the form Shellshock – a bash bug, which is said to undermine the security of millions of websites.... Read More »

eBay Faces Online Scam, While Buyers Get Redirected to False Sites

Tweet Are you a regular online shopper? Do you prefer to shop online than visiting any particular shop physically? If you are fond of shopping online, then beware online scams are hovering over all sites. And, the latest victim of online scams is eBay- one of the largest e-commerce companies. EBay has recently been scammed as people clicking on some of its links were automatically taken to a site,... Read More »

Panasonic Announces the Launch of Lumix Camera Phone with Giant Sensor

Tweet The entrance of Smartphones has surely replaced compact cameras, but Panasonic has stepped ahead and brought both the camera and a smartphone together in its latest product called the CM1. Recently, at the Photokina Trade Show in Cologne, Germany, Panasonic announced the launch of its latest hybrid smartphone-camera. The giant sensor enabled camera cum android device carries Leica lens and a... Read More »

Microsoft finally acquires Minecraft and Mojang Studio for $2.5bn

Tweet Microsoft has finally acquired the most popular video game ‘Minecraft’ and the Swedish firm Mojang that developed this popular game for $2.5bn. Minecraft is quite popular among the players and has been downloaded for more than 100 million times since its launch in the year 2009 The deal between the Microsoft and the Mojang Studio was announced by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer. Minecraft is quite... Read More »

‘Apple Pay’ Is Arriving Soon To Get You Rid Of Carrying Wallets to Make Payments

Tweet Is carrying a wallet has become a big thing for you? Don’t want to take it everywhere you go, but cannot afford to do so? Now, you can leave your wallet safely at home and go on to shop and make payments in just a click with Apple’s iPhone 6. Isn’t it interesting? Apple has planned to come up with a wireless digital wallet ‘Apple Pay’ this October. It has eliminated the task of... Read More »
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