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HP® ENVY 23 and HP® Pavilion 23- The new all-in-one PCs

Tweet HP lately introduced a couple of all-in-one desktop PCs that offer multimedia-rich performance, superior security, and utmost reliability. The products announced include HP ENVY 23 All-in-One and HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One. Amalgamating robust performance and elegantce, both models incorporate 1080p full HD 23-inch diagonal displays, discrete graphics, multi-core processors, and 2TB of storage... Read More »

Go For Dell® XPS One 2710- The 27-inch Big Screen PC

Tweet It is fast, it offers breathtaking picture on its 27-inch screen, and it supports Blu-ray discs. Priced at $1999, Dell XPS One 2710 is certainly a digital masterpiece.   To know more about the product, check out its specifications Graphics To offer superior graphics performance, Dell XPS One 2710 comes equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 2 GB GDDR5 (384 CUDA cores, 645MHz/4GHz core/memory... Read More »

Raspberry Pi home computer about to go into production

Tweet Raspberry Pi home computer is a specialized computer system especially designed for technology freak kids. An ARM chip is used in these computers, similar to the one used in mobile phones. It is designed to run on Linux open source operating system. The price is fairly set at $25. Test versions of these computers are under observation by experts. If they meet all expectations, their production... Read More »
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Dual monitor Application

Tweet If you have a computer, which is rarely utilized, then MaxiVista can help you to connect the PC as the second monitor for another computer. For doing this, there will not be any need of extra hardware.MaxiVista can be used with any sort of combination of laptop, tablet PC or desktop, to mirror or extend the screen content of the primary PC. MaxiVista is also compatible with multi-monitor systems... Read More »
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HP TouchSmart® Desktops

Tweet HP is an innovative company, which has been always launching products that are user friendly and ergonomically designed. HP has been one of the pioneer companies in the introduction of the touch screen and touch sensitive applications on their desktops and laptops, well ahead of the competition. HP was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of All-In-One PC way back in 1972. An All-In-One... Read More »

Sony® VAIO J Series VPCJ118FX/B All-in-One PC

Tweet The principal difference between a desktop computer, an all-in-one PC and a laptop are very little and subtle but play an important role in terms of form factor. Typically an all-in-one PC is different and has advantages over the desktop in that the number of cables required is much, much lower in the all-in-one PC. This is also the case of laptops. All-in-Ones come with the monitor housed into... Read More »

HP plans to launch PCs that can run WebOS

Tweet In this competitive world each and every company is developing new techniques to maintain a remarkable position. WebOS is an operating system used in mobile phones. This is a futuristic plan which HP would be implementing in the next year. This would definitely create a new segment in the market and would attract customers. WebOS was first introduced by Palm in the year 2009. This operating system... Read More »

Dell® Overhauls PC Lineup with 24 New Products

Tweet Dell has introduced the latest technology in the upcoming systems in the market and the company is continuously upgrading the products so as to match the needs of the consumers. Dell has announced the launch of 24 new products by the end of the year, which would surely change the outlook of the customers when they would talk about the latest computers. This includes tablet computers based on... Read More »

HP Omni™ Pro 110

Tweet Hewlett-Packard is commonly known as HP and is an American multinational company. HP is involved in the development and manufacture of computers, data storage and networking hardware and software, printers, and lots more. A new business oriented addition has been made to its Omni line of personal computers with the launch of HP Omni Pro 110. This model is sure to be a great success because it... Read More »

Microsoft® readies locked-down Windows® 7 Thin PCs

Tweet Microsoft is about to bring its Software Assurance volume licensing customers a more compact package with a locked down version of Windows 7 to function as Microsoft calls it a “Thin Client”. Microsoft has announced an upcoming product named Windows Thin PC SKU. This according to the company will give its users dual use advantage with the facility to double up their existing PCs as thin clients.... Read More »

Snapshots of Taiwan Laptop PCs 2010

Tweet As we stand in the new century we see that there have been tremendous improvements in the field of technology and there have been a lot of efforts that has been made in this regard and there are a lot of people who are availing all the services for the same. So keep in mind that there are several options for the people to choose from as there are internet options available and people are choosing... Read More »

HP Introduces the All New HP All-in-One 200xt series

Tweet HP has revealed its new all-in-one desktop series. The HP All-in-One 200xt series has all integrated into the display. When you purchase the HP All-in-One 200xt series, there is no need to purchase a separate PC tower. Bundled with features like Intel Core i3 Dual-Core processor and wireless ntworking, HP All-in-One 200xt series can fit any where in your house or at your workplace. Somne of the... Read More »

Acer Upgrades its Computers, Releasing Them in a New All-in-One Series

Tweet Acer is one of the well-known brand names in the field of computer manufacturers. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1976. Acer manufactures all types of computers including desktop computers, laptops and all-in-one computers. It also produces all types of computer accessories and devices. Acer computers are known for their high quality and durability. They produce both high-end and low-end... Read More »
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New Standard of Elegance Set by the Lenovo IdeaCentre A310

Tweet Ever since the first invention of computers, things have only started to become smaller, fast, and more reliable. With the rapid pace at which technology currently advances, computers can get outdated after only a couple years. For those who can keep up, it is a blessing be able own such powerful devices. Lenovo is one of the companies at the forefront of this technology boom, and its latest... Read More »

New Features of Windows desktop

Tweet When you switch on the computer and if you are using any interface based operating system from  Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, you usually see that the first thing appears after the operating system loads is the screen which has some icons in it with the wallpaper or picture, and the bar at the bottom (normally). This entire interface is called the desktop of you operating system. But... Read More »

Best Desktop Computers in the Market

Tweet For those of you, who are looking for a new desktop, there could be a world of confusion regarding choice. So, here are some of the best desktop computers that are worth your money. Lenovo 3000 J Series: These computers are geared towards families, and they combine the power of AMD 64 processors with the function of a 250MB Hard Drive. Priced at less than $800, these systems clock in as a real... Read More »

Apple Mac Mini Desktop to have Nvidia and Intel Chips

Tweet Apple is all set to begin shipping its newly launched Apple Mac Mini. The scheduled date for the shipping of the new product by Apple is set as June 15. The new Mac mini is not only elegant looking and sleek, it is surely an answer to the imagination of any speed-loving Apple fan. Features supported by the new Apple Mac Mini Apple Mac Mini is being touted as one of the most energy efficient desktops.... Read More »

How To Find the Best Desktop Computer at the Best Price

Tweet Buying a computer these days has become a difficult task because of the amazing varieties of computers and their peripherals that are available. Though the computers have become easily available, their features have not remained static. Instead, there has been an increase in the variety that are available in the market. Other than the different models available, the cost of the computers has... Read More »

The Vibrant AIO PCs Confirmed Shuttle All-in-One PC Range

Tweet The term Shuttle is quite identical with the AIO PCs and they have lately come up with the latest variety of XPC AIO PCs in the structure of the fresh Shuttle J-Series representations and to begin with it will contain all the entrance-level series of Shuttle SG41J1, in the middle range one will come across the Shuttle SH55J2 and the high performance SX58J3. General Specification The AIO... Read More »

iBUYPOWER offers new unlocked Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs for desktops

Tweet iBuypower has emerged and evolved as a worldwide renowned company which is dealing into gaming desktops, gaming notebooks, workstations and lot more. With the desire to bring the most high end, high quality gaming desktops to us ibuypower has come a long way and made its position apparent and strong in the market. On the way to bring excellent gaming desktops,ibuypower is accompanied by Intel,... Read More »

Glimpse of Acer Products at Chinese IT Event

Tweet Acer recently introduced its new Android running Smartphone tream during a conference in China. Acer also came up with LumiRead e-reader, a notebook (Aspire 5745P) and an all-in-one PC. While the products have been introduced already, it is still not known when the products will be available in the market. Nevertheless, the reception in store for these new Acer launches is sure to be more than... Read More »

Gateway’s enters the red hot segment of all-in-one PCs!

Tweet Gateway has recently launched it new range of ZX all-in-one desktop PCs. This is not an unexpected step, as leading PC manufacturers have shown a keen interest in entering this segment. In fact, most of them are ready with their versions of the all-in-one PCs! These PCs have revolutionized the dying market for desktop PCs, as they are compact and have a great aesthetic appeal. The all in one... Read More »

Dell’s XPS 7100 Series is a Thrilling New Series of Desktop Computers

Tweet Dell is looking to get more AMD processors to be used in its computers. It is also looking to get computers created with a variety of different expansion support features. Dell is getting both of these objectives supported through the use of its new XPS 7100 series of desktop computers. The processors used on these Dell XPS 7100 desktop computers are from AMD. This is notable in that Dell has... Read More »

The All in One PC: Future of the Desktop?

Tweet The ever changing trends in the PC industry can be attributed to the needs of the dynamic business world. First came the desktop, then the laptop and now the all in one PC. This latest invention has given a fresh breath of life to the gradually diminishing market for desktops. Let us go back a few years. Owning a laptop was rare as it came with a high price tag. Slowly, this trend changed with... Read More »

Samsung’s all in one Touch Screen PC

Tweet Samsung has been a reputed consumer electronics manufacturer for a number of years now. They have continuously evolved and have come up with some world class products! They recently ventured into the dynamic market of personal computers. Samsung’s most recent launch has been the all in one, multi touch PC which was on display at this year’s CES. This is Samsung’s first entry in the home... Read More »
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