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Review of LaCie 1TB Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive

Tweet The LaCie Rugged XL is a 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive. It is built to meet all your storage needs on the go. It comes along with a sleek and stylish design. This durable Hard Disk drive offers one terabyte of storage space along with a high-speed USB 2.0 connection and eSATA interface of 3 Gb/sec. The aluminum alloy case of the hard drive dissipates heat generated during the operation. An added... Read More »
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5 Best Practices of Maintaining your PC

Tweet You might often get confused as to what is the optimum way of maintaining your PC. It is not just installing an Antivirus or Spyware or reformatting your hard disk on a scheduled basis. However, maintaining your PC is all about becoming habitual with looking after different aspects of your PC.  This article will tell you about the ten best practices that you should keep in mind while taking... Read More »

Solid State Drives to be introduced in the end of 2010 by Hitachi GST

Tweet Before the discussion about the news in detail, its important to know what actually a solid state drive is. This is basically a device for the data storage which stores the relevant data by using the solid state memory. All are aware of the hard disk drives that they are electromechanical devices with spinning disks and read/write heads which are movable. But these solid state drives are different... Read More »

Intel SSDs

Tweet Over the last two years, Solid State Drives (SSDs) more commonly known as flash drives have followed a fashion of being sold directly to the laptop or portable device manufacturers or through special online consumer electronics retail sites that have only a handful of physical outlets. A major changed happened last week when Intel Corp., a market leader in manufacturing of flash drives, made... Read More »

How to Install and Remove Hard Disk Drive

Tweet The most common upgrade that everyone undergoes is an upgrading of storage space. This is because storage space is the first thing that you run out of in the world of computers today. This is perhaps the biggest rational update in terms of the original one used while your computer was made. The reason to this is because storage spaces have been enhanced and the denominations are multiple times... Read More »

How to Add an Extra Hard Drive

Tweet The fastest way to over come the storage problems is a second hard drive, in addition, its great method to protect critical data. It’s not only an easy and quick way as well as it’s a cost effective, approximately 1$ per gigabyte. So if you need additional storage on your machine, this article will tell you the simplest way to push you forward towards living this experience and obtain... Read More »

How to Back up Any Hard Drive Using PC Inspector Clonemaxx

Tweet In this article we will represent a methodology enables you to make an image copy of your actual HDD” Hard Disk Drive” to an extra HDD, it’s appropriate for absolutely any operating system on condition that the existing computer machine has at least  a 3.5 ” floppy disk. Simply the “Image” is an identical memory copy of your computer acts the same way you... Read More »

How to Build an External Hard Drive

Tweet One of the greatest methods to feed your laptop with additional hard disk capacity, or to backup all of the critical data without storing them on DVDs or CDs is to make your external hard drive. The hard drive will have the ability to connect with any machine with a spare USB port. This technique enables you from transferring large data inter alia computers in a very quick and easy way, also... Read More »

How to Format a Hard Drive with Windows XP 

Tweet Windows XP was one of the exceptional operating system of Microsoft that brought immense prospects to the brand and great pleasure to users. Being available in three different editions as Windows XP home, Windows XP professional and Windows XP media centre, three of the operating system oriented the users. It has also been successor of windows 2000 and ME. Moreover Windows XP brought the hybrid... Read More »

How to Erase a Hard Drive in Freeware

Tweet If you want your computer to perform properly, then you will have to make sure that the hard drive of your computer is not corrupted from a certain virus. Also, you need to check if your hard drive suffered from any software-related disk failure. When a virus is detected, or viruses, in worst case scenarios, then you have to completely erase that corrupted sector of the hard drive. You can easily... Read More »

5 Easy steps to Format Your Hard Drive

Tweet Windows XP is a popular operating system used by many people today, including office and home users. The fact that Windows XP has many applications that make work easier, has made it a must have for everyone. When you decide to format you computer’s hard drive, this is the product to think about. The process is simple and one can easily follow it. Here are the guidelines: 1.Back- up creation:... Read More »

Adding A Hard Drive To Your Computer

Tweet Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and regular update is an integral part of ever changing technology. If you want to add a new hard drive then you just need to follow few mentioned steps. Do the research It would be difficult for you to shop without knowing what you need. Same is the case with hard drives. You need to know your computer’s configuration and conduct research on which type... Read More »

LaCie Rikiki the French Invasion

Tweet Here’s a marketing ploy that any company shouldn’t go without: be catchy and sound so French. LaCie Rikiki might be a good example of that. What it means actually? Well, the company claims it’s a French term for tiny. LaCie is actually a French company so it does stand to reason that they would talk, walk and breathe French. Of course any marketing gimmick will be in vain if your company... Read More »

Toshiba To Launch 1TB Laptop Hard Drives

Tweet Toshiba has announced that it will be launching two 2.5 inch hard drives with at least 750GB of space for laptops. The two drives in MK7559GSXP and MKxx59GSM series will have a speed of 5400 RPM and will also support a new sector addressing to get the maximum space out of 1TB.  Read More →Read More »
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Bigger is not Always Better: Two new HDD Additions by Toshiba

Tweet Who says surprises only come in big packages? Small storage devices might seem feeble but Toshiba seems to be putting a pressure on the industry of portable hard drives with the announcement of its two new additions to its 5400 rpm line, the MK7559GSXP HDD and MKxx59GSM series. The 9.5 millimeter-high, SATA II, two-platter design of MK7559GSXP HDD offers the highest capacity for notebooks with... Read More »
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