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Apple’s latest tablet ready for online orders this week!

Tweet Here’s great news for all of you who have been waiting for the launch of Apple’s new iPad Pro. Yes, your long wait is all set to be finally over. You can soon get home your latest iPad device, the iPad Pro… well as soon as this week! As per the latest confirmation by Apple, the iPad Pro is all set to make its debut in the official Apple website this Wednesday and will soon be available... Read More »

iPad mini: A perfect companion this holiday season and beyond!

Tweet Putting an end to all speculations, Apple finally marked the debut of its much awaited iPad mini. With a size that will perfectly fit in your Christmas stockings, iPad mini is “every inch an iPad.” Sporting an all-new design and a much reduced size, this 7.9-inch, pencil-thin tablet is just 7.2 mm thick and weighs about 0.68 pounds. iPad mini has everything that makes it a traveler’s delight.... Read More »
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And the 2012 Apple® Design Award Winners Are…

Tweet Lately, at the WWDC 2012 conference, Apple declared the well-deserving winners of its esteemed Apple Design Award. The award is given as recognition for the apps that are simply outstanding in terms of technology adaptation, design, and innovation. The bunch of apps that received the ‘2012 Apple Design Awards’ title includes: iPhone winners •  Where’s My Water by Disney •  Jetpack... Read More »
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An Apple® iPad 3 that you should not buy

Tweet The third generation of iPad i.e. iPad 3 has been launched in more than 90 countries since its introduction on March 16. It is very surprising that in China, the iPad 2 is still being promoted. The ‘iPad 3’ that is available in China runs on Google Android, features double the storage space of the real iPad 3 and even allows the user to plug in a memory card. The best thing is that it is... Read More »

Watch that Little birdie in the sky with iBird Explorer PRO

Tweet If birding or bird -witching is what you love spending most of your time on then here’s something super-exciting for you. Now you don’t need to move around with your binoculars, cameras, and telescopes to catch a glimpse of your favorite birds. The iBird Explorer PRO app on your iPhone or iPad can prove to be a perfect companion to help you with your curiosity. With the iBird Explorer PRO... Read More »
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Cool Celeb apps for iPhone® and iPad®

Tweet Here are some celebrity apps published by Jinfra that you would simply love Carrie Underwood App Version: 2.2 Carrie Underwood app for Apple devices lets the users watch all the YouTube videos of the famous singer, take a look at her pictures on Flickr. Also, this app furnishes regular new updates of the celeb. There are quizzes incorporated in the app that could be an interesting way to learn... Read More »
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Moosejaw® X-ray App — see through the clothes

Tweet The app is gaining popularity, giving an unprecedented boost to overall sales Ever coveted having the X-ray vision that the Superman uses to peek through walls or to admire her love interest Lois Lane, furtively? If your answer is a yes, Moosejaw X-Ray app is something you would need to make your wish come true, at least to some extent. Moosejaw, the online retailer of outdoor outfits and various... Read More »

Production of iPad® 3 QXGA Retina Display in Progress

Tweet Are you amazed with the features of Apple iPad 2? Are you planning to buy one for yourself? Hang on! If you are capable enough to hold your craving for the iPad for few more months, then you may be able to get a new iPad 3 in your hand/pocket. Yes! it’s absolutely true. If rumors are to be believed, then Apple is going to launch iPad 3 early next year. DisplaySearch analyst, Richard Shim says... Read More »
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Google™ Revs Up Search App for iPad®

Tweet Google has taken an initiative that is sure to make all iPad lovers gleeful. It has added some extremely useful features to its free Search App for the iPad, thereby making searching on the Internet a lot easier and less time-consuming. The latest version of Google’s free Search App for the iPad was recently made public. iPad users, congratulations! Your favorite device will now search... Read More »

A Charlie Brown Christmas app for some fun this Christmas!

Tweet Developer: Loud Crow Interactive Inc Platform: iOS, Android Price: US$ 6.99 A Charlie Brown Christmas app is now available for iPad and Android-based devices. The app is in the form of digital book, which will surely attract youngsters. It’s priced at US$ 6.99 and can be easily downloaded from the Android market. How many of you loved A Charlie Brown Christmas animated series? Do you... Read More »

Five Questions About iPad HD

Tweet The market is abuzz with rumors that Apple is set to introduce iPad HD along with iPad2.  Steve Jobs, Apple CEO has already mentioned that the year 2011 will be the year of iPad 2.  Market Analyst believes Apple Inc may have plans to introduce a revised version of iPad with sharper screen dubbed as iPad HD.  The iPad HD would feature a 9.7” inch display with a 2048×1536 resolution.... Read More »
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Twitter® app has been updated for iPhone® and iPad®

Tweet From the early days of the introduction of the iPhone, the Twitter and Facebook apps have been very popular. Although the Facebook following on smartphones has been good, Tweeting has been a more popular term worldwide. We have always heard of celebrities, politicians and sportsmen posting statements on Twitter. Twitter has introduced a variety of apps, including the Tweetsville, Twittervision,... Read More »

Apple® iPad® 2

Tweet On March 2, 2011, Steve Jobs, who is the CEO of Apple, launched the new version of the iPad tablet computer. iPad 2 is faster than the original, lighter in weight, has two cameras on the front and back, and is priced between 499 and 829 dollars depending on the model. The iPad 2 has a brand new design with several improvements. When the users will take it in hand, the feeling will be completely... Read More »

Cool Ways to Use Your iPad® at Work

Tweet Many months before the launch of the iPad, Apple created awareness about the possible uses of the tablet computer. Today, after the year long availability of the iPad, and the launch of the iPad 2 with improved features, the gadget has become very versatile as it is used for entertainment, education, business, and a lot of other applications. With the introduction of the front and rear cameras,... Read More »

iPad® Application Gets On-Demand Streaming

Tweet Comcast has updated its iPad application for allowing the customers for streaming on-demand TV shows as well as movies to the Apple tablet. Now the subscribers of Comcast app and iPad can access up to 3000 hours of content from the on-demand network of Comcast without any extra charges. It includes TV shows and movies from Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Encore, MoviePlex, TNT, TBS, BBC America, Cartoon... Read More »

The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

Tweet You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes. Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications... Read More »

Rumors about 7-Inch Apple® iPad® 2 with NFC

Tweet Apple has always been known to create market hype before the launch of any new product. Early February of 2011, there were rumors floating in the market of Apple’s proposed 7 inch tablet offering with Near Field Communication (NFC) and even an exclusive Carbon Fiber Shell. Laying all rumors to rest, on March 2, Apple launched the 9.7 inch iPad 2, in black and white models, in metal and glass... Read More »

Apple® iPad® 2

Tweet After the huge success of iPad, a gadget that was a turning point in the field of technology, Apple recently made its second generation iPad official. In a recent poll conducted by a website on the future of iPad 2, about 46% of the correspondents felt that Apple would continue to dominate the market with this instalment, while about 33% felt that it would increase competition. Around 9% felt... Read More »
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AT&T® says unlimited data plans can be ported to iPad® 2

Tweet Since the original release of iPad, users can sign up a 3G data plan for unlimited period at the rate of thirty dollars per month without any contract. AT&T has announced that users will be able to port unlimited data plans for use on the new iPad 2. As per a spokesperson of AT&T, particular details regarding these plans are still not available. It is likely that owners of new iPad 2... Read More »
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iOS 4.3 code hints at A5 processor in next iPhone®

Tweet iPhone is manufactured and marketed by Apple. It can be termed as a next generation smart phone. Four versions of the iPhone have been successfully launched by Apple and is almost ready with the fifth generation phone. Though the basics of all the iPhones remain the same and are all based on the original iPhone, there have been a lot of modifications hence, some as per the demand and some for... Read More »

The impact of iPad® 2 on the tablet market

Tweet After attaining stupendous success with iPad, a gadget that was a turning point in the field of technology, Apple recently launched its second generation iPad. In a recent poll conducted by a website on the future of iPad 2, about 46% of the respondents felt that Apple would continue to dominate the market with the new version, while about 33% felt that it would spur the other tablet makers to... Read More »
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WebMD Launches Medscape for Apple® iPad and Android™

Tweet WebMD Health Corp., the pioneer in the resources for health information, has recently launched the Medscape program from the WebMD mobile application for Android-based devices and Apple iPad. Medscape Mobile has the reputation of being a leading provider of education and news applications, and free medical reference for the healthcare professionals. Since being released on BlackBerry and iPhone,... Read More »

Review: Picturesque for iPad®

Tweet Since the year 2007, Apple has been changing the smartphone and Tablet PC markets. It has changed the way one looks at a mobile phone, bringing about the convergence of the phone with the Internet, introducing a new experience, to the Internet and online apps scenario. Apple has for their iPhone and iPad, an interesting app called Picturesque. Picturesque is an offering from Kelibo, a new drawing... Read More »

Apple® vs. Microsoft® and Android™ Tablets

Tweet Apple COO Tim Cook was straight to the point when he said that iPad has no competition in the market. Apple had an excellent quarter with an enormous earning as customers all across the globe happily welcomed 7.3 million iPads. Apple has been able to achieve 7% of the entire global PC market in the last sales quarter of 2010. Cook said that Android tablets do not give any kind of Tablet usage... Read More »
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Apple® iPad 2 review

Tweet Apple iPad 2 has a higher resolution screen compared to its predecessor while still not incorporating retina display density of the ppi. Apple called the new screen as Retina Display as it showed up a number of pixels compared to the human eye. This increase will require a big leap in the processing power in both of the components, the CPU and the graphics module. The reason for not having a... Read More »
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