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Hands on: Can the ThinkPad X1 take on the MacBook Air?

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 take on the MacBook AirGood news for the brand loyal consumers of Lenovo. The cyber giant & one of the greatest manufacturers of laptops in the world is coming up with its brand new ThinkPad XI, but this  time a little off the track. Amazed? Yes, Lenovo which is known for its simple looking & efficient devices will present its Thinkpad XI to its customers in the form of an ultrathin feature & stylish jet black outer cover. Lenovo is always famous for its straight forward & simple business laptops that are affordable along with a unique proposition of user friendliness & longevity. The thinkpad is priced at $1,399. It will come in a shining smart black case with an amazing footprint of 13.2 x 9 in., & 0.4 in. wider in comparison to its nearest competitors the Apple MacBook Air and the Dell Vostro V130.

Giving looks & style a major priority this time, Lenovo will launch these premium lightweight notebooks. With a unique style of an angular black plastic cover, Thinkpad XI gives a very strong competition to MacBook Air’s smartly surrounded aluminum case. Not only style but safety of the gadget also counts a lot. The rubber coating made on it will prevent the laptop from slipping of the hands. It is just like everything in a single package. As far as sophistication & performance is concerned, Thinkpad XI is being well equipped with second-generation 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor that will make the user enjoy a magnificent 4GB memory. This technology is called Turbo Boost which is compiled with an extraordinary 320GB hard drive and a 160GB flash storage module which costs an extra $400 for installing in Apple MacBook Air respectively. Gorilla glass with a very strong internal frame will save it from any injury along with giving a huge protection to the display part. With a massive resolution of 1366-x-768-pixel, it is a very powerful device equipped with Intel’s HD 3000 integrated graphics chip. But as the coin has two opposite sides; it is having a battery life twenty minutes lesser due to two Brightness settings that are already being installed in the gadget. If we take a look at the Key board we will find something old that’s being blended in a newer form. It is not having button or traditional keys, but it is having a touch screen that will enable the user Enjoy a variation along with easy operation of the system. It is marked with a pointing stick just like the sailor’s compass in the middle of it which will specifically signify the areas Of right & left clicks just below the touchpad. This thinkpad is really a kind of a revolution in the field of laptops & it will be very handy equipment for business travelers. Especially because of the extra ordinary memory & sleek features it will gain popularity in the market in a very few days which will really make its competitors think twice regarding their next venture.

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