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Windows Small Business Server 2011 shines

Tweet As time changes many thing changes along with it. Right from how you do business till how you manage your business. As the business has changed people are looking smarter ways of using their resources. Not only Big Players but also small businessmen are looking for smart ways of handling their business. In 1997 Microsoft introduced Small Business Server 4.0. Which latter matured to Windows Small... Read More »

European Union to investigate Net-Neutrality Concerns

Tweet Recently, it was revealed that the European Union has made a decision to inspect whether Internet service providers (ISPs) are providing equal access to online services. This looks like a step towards the new laws that are formed for banning the ISPs from confining the access to data-heavy services. However, ISPs said that traffic management is a solution for maintaining the quality services.... Read More »
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FTP Scheduler helps you to Schedule File Uploads to Server

Tweet For the growth of every organization it is very important to get the work done in minimum possible time and the quality of work should be very good. Only then it will be possible to take your organization to the top level. Every big organization has its own server computers with operating systems installed. Currently the organizations are working with server operating systems such as Windows... Read More »

Now use iPhone to control cloud manager: Novell

Tweet Novell software headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts is a service and software company which specializes in identity, security systems and enterprise operating systems. Recently, in year 2010, Novell has come up with new product called as Novell’s Cloud Manager Version 1.0. This is a kind of uber operating system developed by Novell and it is intended to control virtualization of operating... Read More »

Microsoft Aurora: A Complete Solution for Small Businesses

Tweet The attention on small business servers and cloud, have been more by Microsoft. Being officially called small business server, the Aurora server consists of a solutions that brings about both together. Microsoft bridges both local entrepreneurship and cloud bringing forth big business tools for small businesses. It has been named Small Business Server Essentials of 2011 and it brings to target... Read More »

Is cloud computing a disadvantage for Microsoft Lync Server 2010?

Tweet Microsoft Lync server 2010 is a much more natural extension of Microsoft Office and Microsoft exchange, which makes whole platform a lot easier to sell and maintain. The question facing solutions providers is just how to deploy it, they can either deploy it on their customer’s website or host it has a cloud computing service, Microsoft would not get around to hosting Lync server 2010 in the... Read More »

Microsoft edging closer to Cloud computing domain

Tweet Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer and New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently announced new cloud based services for New York. This agreement will boost competition for similar services offered by Google. Under this contract, about 30,000 New York worker will use Microsoft’s Business productivity online suite. This information will be sent to Microsoft data centers and they... Read More »

Sale of Windows and Linux Servers Pitch higher

Tweet For many experts the news of Windows and Linux selling more servers for Q2 ending won’t come as a surprise. According to IDC the demand for non-x86 servers has decreased tremendously. This has mainly been due to aggressive marketing campaigns that Linux and Windows are able to level for their servers. Moreover market capitalization of only x86 servers showed a dramatic increase of 6.7% units,... Read More »
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INGEAR: On Top of OPC Servers

Tweet OPC Server is software precisely that plays the role of an API (Application Programming Interface) or protocol converter. The OPC server will connect to a devices similar to PLC, DCS, RTU or data source such as a database or user interface, and they also translate the data from the source to the standard based OPC format. HMI (Human Machine Interface), historian, spreadsheet, trending application,... Read More »
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UK2 Group Implements CloudLinux on the Hosting Servers

Tweet Cloud computing certainly is set  to rule the future as it is attracting initiatives from around the world, with regard to network efficiency. Even corporation like Microsoft are into the business and have warned their partners to either join them on the cloud venture or leave them. Cloud Linux Inc., a software company that has been serving to the needs to hosting service providers over all... Read More »
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Intel Huron River: The Upgrades and the Setbacks

Tweet Intel’s new product for mobile platforms, the Huron River processor, will become more autonomous in 2011. Unfortunately, one of the concerns among different clients is that the new Intel Huron River processor will not incorporate the USB 3.0. This issue surrounding the Huron River can be better understood with some knowledge of the Intel Calpella, due to be replaced in 2011. In addition, Intel... Read More »
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IBM and HP bringing UNIX Servers on the Frontline

Tweet There has been a lot of activity in the UNIX world last week and two of the giants from the world of computers have involved with UNIX in different ventures. There are subtle chances of a better profit ration once the coalition start to work in the real time market. AIX UNIX 7 Big Blue has been playing around with the AIX UNIX for around a quarter of a century and it came up with the beta version... Read More »
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Survey Highlights Persistent Challenges With Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Tweet Challenges Attached With Server Consolidation And Virtualization It has been reported that there are various challenges, which are being faced by users, who are associated with virtual consolidation and virtualization. This information is given by the decision makers, who deal with IT related projects in Europe and North America. The study conducted by this commission had found that three major... Read More »
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Cloud Platform (Open Source) by Rackspace Unveiled

Tweet Rackspace is one of the leading and well known cloud computing companies in the world. Rackspace and NASA have performed a lot of quality operations in cloud computing industry. as a matter of fact this is the revolution in cloud computing and it will also help in the improvement on permanent bases. It also sets a lot of standards in the field of cloud computing and the latest project offers... Read More »
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HP and Red Hat makes the Open Source Server Migration easier

Tweet HP is one of the renowned companies in providing the best technology solutions around the world when it comes to server technology. They have perhaps one of the very excellent ranges available on the planet in the field of servers. Red Hat on the other hand is ruling its respective domain and is doubtlessly the juggernaut from the Linux Family. Both the companies have come up in an alliance where... Read More »
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Server management of Dell OEMs from Microsoft

Tweet In case you are using Dell servers in juxtaposition with the operating system offered by Microsoft, the new server management from Dell will make your task a lot easier and save a good amount of time. With its competitors in x64 server rumpus, Dell is well equipped with effective processors and a variety of box administration tools so as to deal with its tower and main servers and Poweredge rack... Read More »
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Latest Storage and Backup Servers from LaCie

Tweet LaCie is a company that is involved in providing external storage solutions. It has been into this for some time now and has made quite a name for them in this domain. Very recently LaCie launched a new product which they very interestingly called 5big. That’s unusual for a product name but when LaCie named this they had a reason for it. The 5big storage device is not the run of the mill... Read More »
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Botnet command server taken out in UK

Tweet Cyber Criminals from Eastern Europe has taken out a command and control server for a botnet that targeted banking customers mostly in UK. This was confirmed from UK Metropolitan Police. The server was used in running a Zeus 2.0 botnet of more than hundred thousands affected machines. When and how was the crime reported? This was reported last Wednesday, Aug 4th 2010 by the web security company... Read More »
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Windows 2000 Server is now History

Tweet The credit for making Microsoft an Operating System for most of the computers and crushing the Netware goes to Windows NT 4.0. However, Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server took Microsoft to new heights and got into maximum systems worldwide to give Microsoft a status of a giant in operating systems. It is the end of Windows 2000 officially. On July 13, 2010, Microsoft made an official announcement... Read More »
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Microsoft ALM Server to be Scrum capable

Tweet Microsoft’s ALM server is something really difficult to be exactly defined. Every person has one or the other definition of ALM server. Most of the users refer to ALM as a writing code. In fact, ALM is much more than just a simple writing code. ALM has got three different aspects that are really very important. These are governance, development and operations.  If a project launched by the... Read More »
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Google presents free Cloud Doc Storage Template

Tweet What is cloud storage? Before moving ahead, it is important to understand what cloud storage actually means. It actually refers to save all the data and information on some separate storage facility which is managed by the third party. So you can save the data to a remote database rather than storing it to the hard disk or somewhere else. So between the database and the computer, the Internet... Read More »
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“WhatsVirtual 2.0” Available for your Network Management

Tweet The announcement that the WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual 2.0 is available now was made by the developer of WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software. This new version includes a number of features. It has the ability to support the VMware vCenter, vMotion, virtual clusters and the high availability. The WhatsVirtual 2.0 has got the ability to integrate with the VMware vSphere API very... Read More »

Microsoft SBS Updates

Tweet The future of the Microsoft small business server seems to be uncertain. This comes in the wake of Microsoft announcing that they want to remove the EBS. Though this news came unexpectedly, but it actually didn’t come as a surprise to many others. Some people who can be said to possess some kind of third eye seem to have a foresight about the future of the Microsoft small business server. The... Read More »
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How to Install Java on an MS Server 2003 R2

Tweet Java can be downloaded for free from its website www.java.com .  The installation can be done online or offline after downloading the files on the computer. The system requirements for installing java are physical RAM of atleast 64 MB, Pentium processor with a speed of atleast 166MHz and a free disk space of atleast 98 MB. The procedure for installing java on MS Server 2003 R2 very simple... Read More »
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NaviSite Says its Using Sun Servers and Oracle Software

Tweet In an announcement Tuesday last week, NaviSite, the web hosting provider said it is utilizing a combination of Oracle’s Sun servers and Oracle software to operate its mission-critical systems. This perhaps marks the increasing need for performance enhancements, as companies seek to optimize on their systems. Expansion Needs Currently, NaviSite has over 1,500 clients in 10 data centers that... Read More »
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