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ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Tablet PC

Tweet The world of technology has evolved at a very rapid rate. There are several changes which have made the world look a lot smarter in every way possible. The major contribution to this positive evolution has come from companies of the class of ASUS. The company of ASUS has managed to prove to the entire world that, they got introduced to the market to stay. There are several products which the... Read More »

LG G-Slate Review

Tweet LG Electronics had recently declared the launch of its latest creation, the LG G-Slate Tablet PC. This gadget has all the armaments that make a great Tablet PC. Some of the features in this system include the latest Android Operating System, a dual camera, 32 GB of in-built memory space, GSM 850/900/1800/1900/ UMTS 900, 1700/2100/2100 MHz network operating frequency, java compatibility, an inbuilt... Read More »
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Reports: Windows Slate to be released by end of 2010

Tweet As per the market rumors, Microsoft is planning to launch Windows slate by Christmas this year. They are planning to throw a big competition for apple’s iPad. It is interesting to see a new slate device from the software giant as they are popular for great innovations in the technology. Apple’s iPad is getting popular day by day and it is selling 5 million units per quarter that is big headache... Read More »
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ExoPc: A New Powerful Slate PC

Tweet The ExoPc is a Slate PC that comes with a multi-touch user interface along with the Windows 7 as Operating System. The Multi-Touch user interface delivers an amazing experience to user when it comes to play games, browse the web watch TV and movies, listen to music, read the news, read books and magazines, organize your photos, download apps, view RSS feeds, access real-time weather, create and... Read More »
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Will the HP’s Windows 7 Based Slate Still Be Out?

Tweet As after the launch of iPad many well known IT companies have jumped into the field of slates, so has HP. All though these companies are producing slate even way before when the idea of the iPad was conceived, yet iPad has set a top notch market value. News about HP This time there is news in the market that HP is introducing a rival of iPad soon. This machine would definitely be powered by Windows... Read More »
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Microsoft’s New iPad Mission!

Tweet It was not expected that Apple would launch the iPad, so early. This launch has quickly left a great impact on the industry. Apple crossed the bar of selling 3 million slates this year. This has given Apple a big market share and a really huge success. It has shaken a new ecosystem for softwares that would run on a newly emerged type of device called “slates”. Microsoft Goes Sloppy It... Read More »
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HP Slate 500 Updates

Tweet Are you in need of any information on the HP slate 500? You can be sure that your request can be well granted. You don’t need to go too far in search of what you need at all. The information is now well available on the website of HP. This goes a long way in making it very easy for you to be able to get qualitative information whenever you need it as far as HP slate 500 is concerned. What is... Read More »
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Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Based Slates Later this Year

Tweet Tablet computing machine executing Windows are around for approximately a decade. Simply 2010 has not been a beneficial year for Windows pads. Certainly, Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate versions altogether have inbuilt support for touch screen displays and multi touch motions. Simply the Windows pads of past were expensive, often breaking away $1500 or further), bulky, frequently... Read More »
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The Future of HP Windows 7 Slate

Tweet There has been a number of news about the Windows 7 Slate that was supposed to be launched pretty soon. HP has recently taken over Palm in an international deal while there has been no news from the HP officials about the launch of the expected HP Windows 7 Slate. The Controversy HP was expected to launch a Windows 7 Slate later this year and there had been huge talks going on with respect to... Read More »
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Microsoft’s tips for building Windows 7 Slate PCs: Turns out few are doing it right

Tweet In the last few months, many companies have displayed tablet-style devices with Windows 7 addition. Many of these keyboards less gadgets are still available in the US. Few of the machines are accessible for purchase in the US but in China they look to be new rage. But having seen many of the available slates, people are still disappointed and there is very good reason behind that: Most of the... Read More »

The latest addition to HP range of products: The WebOS-powered Tablet

Tweet There are many companies that have been producing computers of different kinds over the years. These computers include personal desktop computers and then the generation shifted to the laptops and the recent interest in tablet computers have also been a boon for the companies that are producing the tablet computers. There is a huge market potential for the tablet computers around the world because... Read More »

HP Slate Leaked

Tweet Hewlett-Packard has recently announced that, it will be releasing a multi-touch tablet PC called HP Slate by June 2010. The device is expected to give a tough fight to a newly launched, iPad, as it focuses on music, games, web browsing, eBooks and video. HP Slate PC aspires to be an iPad killer, as it gains advantage over iPad and other Netbooks in term of; graphics, connectivity, OS, audio,... Read More »

HP Slate, Lenovo IdeaPad U1: New Competitors In Tablet Race

Tweet After Apple stepped into the world of tablet PC with its iPad, HP and Lenovo has decided to give competition to Apple. HP is all set to release its tablet PC named as HP Slate and Lenovo to hit tablet PC market with IdeaPad U1. With these competitors entering in the tablet PC race, consumer will be able to make choice while going for a tablet PC.  Read More →Read More »
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