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HP’s Zeen C510 Android with its wild combination

Tweet HP’s has introduced its seven-inch Zeen Android tablet PC and that comes along with the PhotoSmart eStation C510 printer system. Apparently this unit of the tablet pc is quite closer to the final and unfortunately, the stock of Android home screen has been totally removed but still this action is in favor of the TouchSmart UI. As you must have guessed, there is also no Gmail application... Read More »

Colombia planning on 10 inch android tablet

Tweet The 10-inch Android based Tablet PC compumax is the latest news in Colombia. The Colombians are popular for their exports with the tons of coffee beans but this time two Bogota based companies presently have a 10-inch tablet computers on their mind. This computing machine from Colombians is available in a compact size of Tablet pc form. This model of tablet pc will promise to have a 10- inch... Read More »
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Another line up of a tablet- eLocity A7

Tweet It seems ever large-scale to medium scale IT company is seeking to join the bandwagon of the tablet. After the release of Apple’s iPad many IT companies are looking forward to get great market share. Next in the line of tablets is the eLocity A7 which has been getting a amount of attention on the Internet since its launch date announcement. Currently it has only been open for pre-orders on... Read More »
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Introduction of the new Freescale tablet design

Tweet A Smartbook is a category of mobile devices that contain the features of both a Netbook and a Smartphone. It resembles a mini-laptop with a screen size of 5-10 inches and a touch screen keyboard. They have features including Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G, all day battery life and GPS. They are designed more for entertainment purposes rather than for productivity purposes and are targeted to work with... Read More »
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Sakshat- Indian tablet for just $35 to be released on January 10 2011

Tweet Sakshat the Indian tablet for just $35 is soon going to be out in India on January 10 2011.  Sakshat is a tablet which is the Indian government’s initiative to introduce it for educational purposes for the rural areas. The contract had been awarded to HCL Technologies, which in the course of its development, has designed a tablet that enables user to access the Internet and enable multimedia... Read More »

Apples’s iPhone and iPad grab a bite of the Gaming market

Tweet With enhanced processing power and visually appealing graphics, smartphones are increasingly grabbing the gaming market dominated by Nintendo and Sony. According to iSuppli, the overall sales of gaming platform mobile phones and smartphones is  said  to be 1.27 billion this year, which is more than a  11%  increase.  Comparatively the sale of video game consoles will only be at the current... Read More »
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Dell Streak at $299.99 is a good bet

Tweet The masters of build-to-purchase gadget Company, Dell have not only mastered its hold in terms of Laptops, Net books, Desktop computers but they are also about to master their way in the field of smart phones. With the young generation being very adamant for the smart phones and tablets we see consumer markets flocked up these days with them. But device like Dell Streak is the one that can efficiently... Read More »
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System Specifications of Galaxy Tab

Tweet With the price tag looming around $200-400, Samsung has rolled out its Galaxy Tab to put up a stiff competition to Apples iPad. It’s almost as if Samsung increased the screen size of its Galaxy Smartphone and encompassed all the details in terms of application and navigation to that of the Galaxy Tab. However the Galaxy Tab seeks to plug in the holes of the Apple iPad in terms of have flash,... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

Tweet Its seems like Samsung has finally decided to take the plunge into the tablet market with its release of the it Galaxy Tab. Apart from the iPad the Galaxy tab has added further features towards the development of the tablet platform. Some of the features of the Galaxy tab include: Flash –Unlike Apple which had a huge debacle with Adobe over the flash issue, the Galaxy tab includes a flash.... Read More »
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Getac Releases its Super-durable Tablet PC

Tweet Gatec, a computer manufacturing company since 1989, recently released another Tablet PC for use in rugged conditions. The new Getac V100 tablet PC comes with a magnesium alloy casing and complies with the MIL STD-810G and IP65 military standards for stability. This device comes with a sophisticated multi-touch screen that helps the users to navigate even without removing their gloves during work.(... Read More »
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LePad to be a part of the Tablet Arena soon

Tweet Lenovo, the multinational computer technology corporation is the fourth largest selling company of personal computers in the world. It is a Chinese based corporation currently handling operations around the world from Beijing, China, California United Stated and Singapore with research centers at many other different locations. The company is manufacturing large amount of computers goods on different... Read More »
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Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Company releases new Tablet

Tweet A new tandem of Corporations is teaming up between the Hewlett-Packard (Hp) and the Microsoft Corporation. The biggest news Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Corporation have made their decision on joining forces to create a competitive product to watch out for in the computer technology market. This is with regards to the creation of touch screen tablet computers. The said companies... Read More »
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Microsoft’s new Release:Tablet PC

Tweet Microsoft has a history of making wonderful products in technology to the extent that they are well known world wide for products that are so innovative and very well advance. Microsoft is always open to partnership with other great companies to make great innovations in the software world a possibility. If you call Microsoft Corporation the heart beat of the mobile and computer technology industry,... Read More »
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Is HP Ready for an Android Tablet?

Tweet At the Microsoft Consumer Electronics Show, HP had announced impending plans to develop a Android Tablet. It was expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2010. Unfortunately, now the company has said that consumers will have to wait longer for this tablet. This is the second time that the company has postponed the plans to launch its Android Tablet. Industry expert viewpoints Many industry... Read More »
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Hit or Miss – Windows 7 running Tablets

Tweet All you technology fans and Windows 7 geeks would have heard about Microsoft’s announcement that they will be introducing Tablets running on Windows 7. During Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference during mid July 2010, CEO Steve Ballmer said his company would be coming up with Windows 7 tablet prototypes to give Apple’s iPad a run for money. But will the new Windows 7 enabled tablet... Read More »
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Android Tablets Seem To Have Lost Their Way To The Market

Tweet It was the James Cameron’s movie “The Abyss”, in which there were aliens who live deep in our oceans. The movie showed aliens generating gigantic waves that come towards the beaches. Then they stop at the height of skyscrapers at the coast and the aliens give human a chance to surrender. No Major Production The same kind of feeling is raised when I start thinking about the Android... Read More »
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Asus adopts Android and drops Windows in Eee Pad Tablet

Tweet In another show against Window’s ability to play a good game when it comes to the tablet arena, an iPad device which is slated to run a scaled down version of windows called Embedded Compact 7 will be available on the streets with an Android operating system installed in it instead. The 3G Eee pad tablet computer is work from Asus. Officials from the German based site Netbook News headed over... Read More »
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Detailed Overview of Blackberry Tablet

Tweet Blackberry is the company that has established its niche in the Smartphone Market. It is indeed great news that it is in the path of making the tablet PC. The Research in Motion an alliance of Blackberry operations is currently focusing its action on a tablet computer. This will prove to be a great cohort for the phone used by the people. The tablet PC by Blackberry may not be able to replace... Read More »
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Microsoft’s Tablets and Smartphone OS

Tweet At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this year, the company presented a lot of different and revolutionary ideas to the attendees. This year WPC has been the largest ever in Microsoft’s history with attendees of over 9500, in addition to 3000 of Microsoft’s employees. After a long time Microsoft is coming up with something new in it’s history. The main focus of the conference was... Read More »
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Windows 7 Tablet Prototypes Revealed

Tweet During the Worldwide Partner Conference on 12th July 2010, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, previewed the new Windows 7-based tablet prototypes. To match the competition between Windows and Apple, the new Windows 7 tablet prototypes are equally packed with some irresistible goodies and have sometime to offer even if you are a student or a business professional. Tablet frenzy Soon after Apply... Read More »

Microsoft Tablet PC: The New Innovation

Tweet With a huge change of innovation nowadays, many competitions have raised regarding new styles and programs regarding computer evolution. For the past years, computers are evolving and to a more stylish and more convenient manner. And for this year, a new era of stylish computer has paved its way – the Tablet PC. What is a Tablet PC? A Tablet PC is a new batch of innovative computer where a... Read More »

LG Developing Android Tablet

Tweet LG Electronics recently revealed news on the development of its first tablet pc, promising that it will be lighter and thinner than the current competing tablets available. The upcoming tablet pc will be based on Google’s Android OS platform. By perusing this field of production, LG has joined the competition along with largely established corporations like Apple, Dell and Samsung. In LG announcement,... Read More »
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Getac’s V100: Powerful, Durable, Reliable

Tweet Getac’s V100, the convertible tablet PC, has been introduced with Intel’s fastest technology system. The 1.3GHz Core i7-64UM CPU with 2.26GHz Turbo Boost speed gives a 47% better performance than the previous models. It also includes up to 8GB of RAM and 320GB of hard disk storage. The extended features include a rotating camera in a screen display of 1200 nits. This Windows PC was initially... Read More »

Cisco Systems Launch Tablet Computers

Tweet Forget the frenzy of the consumer market as the jazzy advertising and the retail shelf space are already at logger heads with each other. Cisco Systems are planning to hawk tablet computers in the more sedate world of the business. Cisco has recently revealed its plans of selling a tablet computer named Cius as in “see us” early in the next year. Cisco pigeonholed the product as a “collaboration... Read More »

Chrome OS Tablet to be Launched After Nexus One Episode

Tweet There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Chrome OS Tablet. The entire technology community has been looking for the roll out of this innovative and highly promising tablet PC from the most successful company in the IT sector presently. However the bad news is that the company is probably not very enthusiastic about the release. The rumors on various social networking sites... Read More »
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