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Shoot 3D movies with Panasonic® Camcorder HC-X900M

Tweet Fulfill your desire of making a movie of your special moments or occasions with Panasonic’s latest camcorder HC-X900M. If you want to explore the third-dimension in video, this camcorder can shoot full high-definition 3D with optional high-tech conversion 3D lens. To start making movie with this latest HD camcorder, you don’t have to gain any kind of expertise. The professional-like features... Read More »

Canon VIXIA HF S21: A Perfect Blend of Consumer and Professional Camcorder

Tweet Canon VIXIA HF S21 is a Dual Flash Memory camcorder that can support two SD memory cards along with an internal 64 GB Internal Flash. With its classy features, Canon VIXIA HF S21 has narrowed the difference between personal and professional camcorders. The Canon VIXIA HF S21 comes bundled with the Canon’s superlative proprietary imaging technologies that deliver a life time experience when... Read More »

New Sony Release Scheduled to Shock Photographers in September

Tweet Sony has introduced another unique product of the NEX series in the market. The company has welcomed summer by launching a new video camera that captures still images as well. The model is named NEX-VG10 and will be priced $1999 in the markets. In May, Sony had already launched the very first interchangeable lens camera in the market. It was given the name of Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5. Size Does... Read More »
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Vixia HF M32 Launched by Canon

Tweet One of the excellent manufacturers of Cameras, Canon has recently come up with the all new Canon e VIXIA HF M32 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder. The camera comes with a remarkable 64GB of internal Flash Memory and has a SDXC compatibility that can expand the storage space up to a gigantic 2 TB. The memory lineup is referred to as super-expandable. The camcorder comes with a dual flash memory and... Read More »

Sony’s Pocket Sized Camcorder

Tweet For a brand that has been ingrained and well established in the camcorder industry, Sony introduced the pocket video camera that have been off targeted considering the usability and features. The pocket camcorders, the Bloggie MHS-PM5 by Sony showed a better understanding and improvement of what actually the consumers are in search for with such kind of devices. This Sony model can be well compared... Read More »


Tweet The idea to store memories is for us to cherish those moments. The pictures or videos that we shoot with a camera or a camcorder not only take us to the same old memories they also make us feel the bliss we had at that moment. Cameras and camcorders serve us for this purpose beautifully. DXG (Digital Camera Company), is a company based in City of Industry, California. Digital Camera Company... Read More »

DXG – 518V Digital Camcorder

Tweet DXG has always had the name of making cheap camcorders. In a market with players like Canon and Panasonic, DXG strives hard to compete with other brands to make the finest camcorders. It is a perception that DXG camcorder does not satisfy the need of the consumers. In other words there is a difference between what a user expects from DXG camcorders and what it actually provides. The price range... Read More »
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Sanyo Introduces Two New Dual Camera Xacti

Tweet The Japan based electric company; Sanyo has recently launched two new Dual Camera Xacti named as DMX-CG100 and DMX-GH1. Based on the Dual Camera concept, both the video cameras are capable of taking videos and photos with one camera and can capture Full HD video and high resolution photos. The sleek and slim design of the new Dual Camera Xacti, DMX-CG100 and DMX-GH1 makes them ultraportable.... Read More »

Cisco’s New Flip Video SlideHD

Tweet Cisco’s new camcorder called the SlideHD has finally gone on sale for a price of $280.  Unlike its predecessors, Cisco had focused on high quality streaming video through which users can flip the camera in any direction and watch videos in HD. This pocket sized camcorder offers the user great usability in terms of the size of the device as it is easily portable. The SlideHD has the following... Read More »
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Canon Vixia HF S11

Tweet Few companies are using SD-based camcorders with and unbelievable thin designs, simply because this technologies allow the possibility to built much compact models than the old camcorder based on DV, hard disks or the worst kind of support: mini DVDs. While Canon is not stopping to offer compact AVCHD camcorders, the Vixia HF200 and HF20, the company is trying to hit another target of the market... Read More »
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