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Google™ May Develop Its Own E-Book Reader, Multi-Platform E-Book Store

Tweet With the acquisition of eBook Technologies Inc. (ETI), a company specializing in electronic books-related technologies, both hardware and software, Google has now made an entry in the e-Book market. It has also launched a new e-book online store, a lot like Amazon, which though still is in its early stages. In a statement by an official, eBook Technologies is excited to announce that we have... Read More »

PubIt launched by Barnes & Noble to Rival Amazon’s DTP

Tweet Barnes & Noble recently launched a publishing tool called PubIt! which is used to publish work in their website. This is primarily used for the digital distribution of work and a very useful tool for independent authors and publishers who wants an online audience for their work. The PubIt tool was launched in competition with the similar tool, DTP (Digital Text Platform), designed and maintained... Read More »
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Social Ebook Reading Experience: @$99 from Copia

Tweet The recent Kindle announcement of a price drop might have you scrambling for your credit card and fill in pre-order forms. That seems fair enough since $139 for a Kindle is quite a bargain. But bargains never stop in this era of competition. Copia, a subsidiary of DMX Worldwide announced that it will release its own eBook reader, the Ocean Reader and The Tidal Reader. But the one who seems to... Read More »
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Google’s Venture into E-book Market

Tweet Electronic books are gaining in popularity and the future of the e-books market looks promising. Currently, web retail giants such as Amazon.com, have been a serious threat for thousands of small independent bookstores. Its all about to be changed with regard to e-books, since Google Edition, the new Google venture on e-books plans on playing the role of a wholesaler so that independent bookstores... Read More »
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Kobo E-book Reader Trumps in the Price War

Tweet The iPad craze didn’t truly succeed in crushing Kindle’s lead in the eBook reader market. Of course it goes to say that we are talking about Kindle II and not the ridiculously ambitious Kindle DX (priced at $500). Foran avid eBook reader, the most important thing to factor in is the screen’s versatility in different lighting settings and the battery’s longevity. But probably what becomes... Read More »

How To Format Your eBook for Kindle Sales

Tweet Do you have a passion for writing? Do you treasure your articles? Well, if you do then why keep them as a bundle of paper? You are welcome to publish your treasure be it a story, biography, journal or a novel for the Kindle eBook Reader. Your written data is electronically stored in the Kindle eBook Reader and is digitized in the form of eBooks or electronic books which can be read by different... Read More »

A New Dawn for Literary Age: eBook and eBook Readers

Tweet Myriad amounts of eBook have already been uploaded on the Internet, and now to add to the flavor eBook Readers have started flooding the market. And they are throwing the hard copies to the dust bins, the number of book readers are constantly decreasing compared to the surge in the sales of eBook Readers. An eBook reader or an E-reader is a electronic device specifically designed to read eBook.... Read More »
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Acer Launches LumiRead eReader, Revo Living-Room Family

Tweet As the old saying goes – “Reading makes a man perfect”. In this digital world of ours people find different devices to help them read. Among them, the latest is the eBook reader. Small in size, they are easily portable and the battery life is expressed in days instead of the usual hours! Kindle by Amazon, Nook by Barnes & Noble and Sony’s EBook Reader have already hit the market.... Read More »

Glimpse of Acer Products at Chinese IT Event

Tweet Acer recently introduced its new Android running Smartphone tream during a conference in China. Acer also came up with LumiRead e-reader, a notebook (Aspire 5745P) and an all-in-one PC. While the products have been introduced already, it is still not known when the products will be available in the market. Nevertheless, the reception in store for these new Acer launches is sure to be more than... Read More »

Hands on version of the Kindle reader for the new Android phone

Tweet The latest plans that have been revealed by Amazon show that Kindle its e-book application is being made compatible with the Google Android mobile phone platform. I was one of the lucky few to get a firsthand experience of this demo software prototype. This is very similar to the desktop and iPhone versions and has the synchronized support of Amazon’s cloud. All the essentials such as page... Read More »

Kobo by Borders – Taking the EBOOK Market by Storm

Tweet There are many ebook reader brands which have hit the markets and Kobo is one of the latest launches developed by Borders . It is simple and is designed to do just one thing – read Books! Low Price Tag Kobo, the device made by a Canadian company, is priced at $149 which is $100 lower than Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook (both priced at $259) and $50 lower than Sony’s Reader... Read More »

Kindle 2: Surviving the iPad buzz

Tweet Steve Jobs’ announcement of Apple’s newest iBooks store and iPad’s eBook capabilities made a ripple of doubt for Kindle’s survival in the eBook reader industry. Although iPad’s performance in the global market remains to be seen, iPad vs. Kindle debates has barraged the Internet these days. Things go differently though if we throw in the Kindle DX, with its 9.7 inch screen in the... Read More »
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