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‘Apple Pay’ Is Arriving Soon To Get You Rid Of Carrying Wallets to Make Payments

Tweet Is carrying a wallet has become a big thing for you? Don’t want to take it everywhere you go, but cannot afford to do so? Now, you can leave your wallet safely at home and go on to shop and make payments in just a click with Apple’s iPhone 6. Isn’t it interesting? Apple has planned to come up with a wireless digital wallet ‘Apple Pay’ this October. It has eliminated the task of... Read More »

Be a child again with cutest games for iPhone

Tweet Do you wish to relive your childhood again? Certainly, childhood is one the most beautiful phases of life where everything is so colorful and cute. Wouldn’t it be great to go back and revive those charming innocent moments, at least the colorful magical games? Well, by indulging in cutest games available for iPhone, once again you can become a child and be yourself. No matter, how old you are,... Read More »

And the 2012 Apple® Design Award Winners Are…

Tweet Lately, at the WWDC 2012 conference, Apple declared the well-deserving winners of its esteemed Apple Design Award. The award is given as recognition for the apps that are simply outstanding in terms of technology adaptation, design, and innovation. The bunch of apps that received the ‘2012 Apple Design Awards’ title includes: iPhone winners •  Where’s My Water by Disney •  Jetpack... Read More »
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Voice Answer, a Siri-like app, Available through Apple® App Store

Tweet Do you really like Siri application that was introduced on iPhone 4S? Do you always wish to have a Siri-like app on your previous version of iPhone or iPad? If yes, then you may be really excited to know that your wish has been heard ultimately. Sparkling Apps, a Netherland-based software company, has introduced a wonderful voice response app dubbed as Voice Answer. The app is available through... Read More »
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Starbucks now in your iPhone®

Tweet If you are a coffee maniac and love sipping your cuppa at Starbucks, then here’s one more reason that can increase your visits to the café. It’s the new iPhone Starbucks app! For every cup of coffee you grab at Starbucks, you can now pay using your iPhone. Additionally, you can also handle Starbucks Card Balance on your own. There is no need to pay in cash for every purchase made out there.... Read More »
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TAT7 Scuba Case for iPhone®: For Hassle-Free beaching

Tweet Do you own an iPhone and really pamper it? But what you usually do with your iPhone when you go to a beach with your mates? Most of the time, you leave your pampered device in the car dashboard for that unstoppable fun on the beach. If you really miss capturing those unforgettable moments with your iPhone then here is something that can settle your desires. The TAT7 Scuba Case for iPhone can... Read More »
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Your iPhone® will be an Ultimate Currency Conversion Tool Now

Tweet Do you keep a calculator handy to convert the currency rates but still end up with utter confusion? Try something new. Use the XE Currency convertor application to convert 180+ currencies on the go. The calculator is simple to use, comprising over 1 million downloads. You can have a look at live currency exchange rates for over 180+ currencies, along with the metal commodity rates and all this... Read More »
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iPhone® Remote for your BF

Tweet Are you always struggling to understand and comprehend your completely non-understandable boyfriend? Well, most of us are sailing in the same boat and there seems to be no respite from it either. But hey! Wait a sec. Actually there is! With the different miracles that tech can do nowadays, it has sorted this dilemma as well. Welcome one of the hottest apps for 2012; ‘Boyfriend Remote.’ This... Read More »
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Bill Tracker for your iPhone®

Tweet Managing all your utility bills isn’t an easy job. Are you finding it difficult to handle all your bills from credit card to mobile phone to car payment and to electricity? Don’t worry. Here’s a perfect solution for you, a package that will track the entire information of all your bills and make sure they are paid well in time. Snap Tap brings you the Bill Tracker App, which will help... Read More »
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Book a table for two from your iPhone®

Tweet Planning to go out for dinner but there’s no time to book a table? Confused about which restaurant to choose? Don’t worry! OpenTable App for iPhone is here to take care of all your worries. The power-packed app will help you make table reservations in any of the 15,000 restaurants available and that too for free. With OpenTable, no matter whether you are in the United States, the United... Read More »
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Create your own music with Gliss

Tweet If you love composing your own music and doing a jig on your own remix, Gliss is a perfect iPhone app for you. Gliss offers you an extra edge. The app lets you play music and you can also use it to create re-mixes using your fingers. With Gliss, you can use your iPhone as an interface as well as a controller and play the re-mixes using a tempo or a scrub. You can now become a music composer... Read More »
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Nissan® launches self-healing Scratch Shield iPhone® case

Tweet It seems that iPhone has become a phenomenon as everyone is trying to associate themselves with it in some way or the other. “We’re passionate about innovations that get people excited, and that means not being restricted to one industry or genre,” said Bob Laishley from Nissan. Recently, Japanese auto-maker, Nissan has unveiled a new concept in making for iPhone – the Nissan... Read More »
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Shazam® Player app launched

Tweet All you music junkies might be definitely aware of the name “Shazam”. Shazam is undoubtedly the largest mobile associate for iTunes in the world. It has been selling over US$ 100 million worth of music per annum ever since its inception in 1995. Shazam has recently unveiled a new addition to their list of iOS apps. It’s the new Shazam music player app – Shazam Player. The all new app... Read More »
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Watch that Little birdie in the sky with iBird Explorer PRO

Tweet If birding or bird -witching is what you love spending most of your time on then here’s something super-exciting for you. Now you don’t need to move around with your binoculars, cameras, and telescopes to catch a glimpse of your favorite birds. The iBird Explorer PRO app on your iPhone or iPad can prove to be a perfect companion to help you with your curiosity. With the iBird Explorer PRO... Read More »
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Food for Life – 20 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver on Your iPhone®

Tweet 20 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver is a cooking app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It comprises 60 exclusive recipes by the famous chef Jamie Oliver. No time to cook your own meal! Don’t worry. Your iOS device will become your perfect cooking pal now. All you need is the famous app — 20 Minute Meals — by Jamie Oliver that will teach you how you can hone your cooking skills and become... Read More »
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iPhone® App Shut Down Due to Censored Content

Tweet PostSecret, an iPhone app, was developed by Frank Warren almost four months back. The app helped users to post and share their deep and dark secrets through their iPhone. Since the app allowed the uploading of any sort of content anonymously, some evil-minded people got the liberty to take undue advantage of the platform. Many users started posting gruesome and pornographic content; therefore,... Read More »
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Follow Me: App to Get official insights of 2012 International CES on your iPhone®

Tweet The God of all the technology shows is here. 2012 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is scheduled to take place from January 10th – 13th at Las Vegas. There is a lot to explore at this grandeur expedition of technology like the who’s who of technology arena, latest and new tech inventions, along with ample entertainment to keep you engaged throughout your travel. Amidst this,... Read More »
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Download Adele app for your iPhone®

Tweet Adele is a 23 year old English singer and songwriter who dominated 2011 music charts with her album ‘21’, which was released in February 2011 and won the titles — top artist, top single, and top album. Adele is the first woman in the music industry to win all the three titles within one year. And now she is here to dominate the iPhone users. Beggars Group Digital Ltd. has developed a special... Read More »
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Cool Celeb apps for iPhone® and iPad®

Tweet Here are some celebrity apps published by Jinfra that you would simply love Carrie Underwood App Version: 2.2 Carrie Underwood app for Apple devices lets the users watch all the YouTube videos of the famous singer, take a look at her pictures on Flickr. Also, this app furnishes regular new updates of the celeb. There are quizzes incorporated in the app that could be an interesting way to learn... Read More »
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djay for iPhone® & iPod® touch – Scratch. Mix. DJ.

Tweet Wouldn’t you love it if your iPhone transforms into a portable DJ system by the night? Having a party on-the-go would be equally exciting as well as convenient when you have all the happening music contained in a gadget as small as iPhone. Well, if you were longing for something like this to happen to your iPhone, djay for iPhone & iPod touch – Scratch. Mix. DJ. is an app that will... Read More »
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Pay for Starbucks™ cuppa from your iPhone®

Tweet Are you fond of sipping your favorite coffee at Starbucks? Now, you have another good reason for it. For every cup of coffee you have at Starbucks, you can now pay through iPhone and manage your Starbucks Card Balance too. Now you don’t need to pay in cash for every purchase made. Guess what? This is the fastest and the easiest way to pay at Starbucks so far. All you need to do is to enter... Read More »
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Roomba comes to iPhone® as Roomba Revenge

Tweet If house cleaning is your mission this Christmas, preserve all that energy since you would need it to play the game Roomba Revenge. iRobot’s vacuum cleaning robot, Roomba has been personified. It is back as the cleaning robot with Roomba Revenge, an iOS game app. The game app is among the most popular iPhone games. Roomba is hungry and wants to gobble those dust bunnies. The cleanliness bug... Read More »
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Top Girl iPhone® game for all you dames out there!

Tweet Are you a typical dame who is fond of all the girly activities? Do you dream of new clothes, accessories, and shoes in your “pink world”? Just imagine if you get to wear them, look like a supermodel and go on dates. Wouldn’t it be the best thing that can ever happen to you? Come out of this dreamland and turn these dreams to reality by downloading a special fashion game for all you fashion... Read More »
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Celebrate the birthday of Jane Austen with this app

Tweet “I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible” Jane Austen She wrote in an era, where woman writing publicly was not an accepted norm. Apart from being with her affectionate family, she hardly traveled or mingled around. She wrote about marriages and relationships, yet she remained single. Her characters ‘Elizabeth and Darcy’ still breathe life today. This lady has influenced... Read More »

Enjoy Sharing Photos with Instagram!

Tweet If clicking pictures with your iPhone is one of your favorite pastimes, you might be a fan of Instagram. This special iPhone app, for those who love photography and share their work, has gained immense popularity. Instagram has witnessed a steady growth since its launch. More than 11 million users have downloaded the app and shared as many as 150 million pictures. The app has become so popular... Read More »
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