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Selfie lovers, here’s a smartphone for you- Sony Xperia C3

Tweet Are you obsessed of taking your own photographs? You will certainly love the world’s first ever selfie smartphone, Sony Xperia C3. Since it is a selfie-centric smartphone, the prime highlight of the phone without doubt is its 5 MP wide-angle front-facing camera that enables you to cover more in the frame. Another notable characteristic is its Superior Auto Mode that automatically adjusts pictures... Read More »

Mozilla to sell $25 Smartphone across India and Indonesia

Tweet Is it possible to get a Smartphone for as little as $25? No, it was not until Mozilla declared to sell smartphones for just $25 in India and Indonesia. The company’s general manager for China said that in the next few months it will begin selling smartphones in India and Indonesia, primarily in South and Southeast Asia. The Mozilla has been talking about its Firefox mobile operating system... Read More »

Amazon’s New 3D Smartphone Is Not a Joke

Tweet Yes you heard it right! Amazon is launching its first ever Smartphone lately this month. After much anticipation and buzz heating up the tech industry, finally it was confirmed that Amazon will be launching its first Smartphone by the end of June. If rumors are to be believed this is no ordinary phone, it is a 3D device equipped with Omron’s Okao Vision face sensing technology that helps you... Read More »

Speed Up Your Mobile Apps with Golgi

Tweet Every time you think of downloading a mobile app, a mere thought of slow-loading stops you from getting your hands on your favorite mobile application. Slow-loading apps can be a real frustration for users who seek better and fast result in shortest period of time. Keeping in mind their basic requirement, Golgi has come up with a “spinning wheel” sort of mechanism where in a user can increase... Read More »

Moto E is a smart Smartphone

Tweet Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone? Hands on Moto E Smartphone, the cheapest Smartphone that is been in talks for some time now! The designers of Motorola have made this realistic phone for regular use at a very nominal price. The Moto E Smartphone is the first of its kind that you could use on a daily basis. During the launch, Motorola’s Software Chief Steve Horowitz caught saying that... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S4: A smarter, sleeker, faster smartphone

Tweet After the huge success of Galaxy SIII, Samsung is quite confident about its latest release, Galaxy S4. This newly launched android-based smartphone is meant to make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. It includes a number of enhanced features than its predecessors, but is that really enough to make the company proud and do well in the fiercely competitive smartphone market? Let’s discern... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 920: “Leagues” ahead of the competition

Tweet AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 is the most innovative Windows 8 phone under Nokia’s flagship. Debuted as the most powerful phone that leagues ahead of the competition, Nokia Lumia 920 leads the Windows 8 phones with its wireless charging functionality and super sensitive screen. It is the chunky handset and Nokia’s first handset that supports EE’s new high-speed 4G network. With the highest... Read More »

Stay In Shape with Fitness-Tracking Apps for Android™-Based Phones

Tweet With a multitude of the on-the-go possibilities offered by the smartphones available in the market, losing weight and keeping a track of your fitness activities – merely via a phone – has also become possible. At present there are different kinds of fitness-tracking apps available that can give you the much-needed boost to go through your rigorous workouts. From the hoard of fitness-tracking... Read More »

Android™ Apps to Shop for Cars

Tweet Buying a car has never been easy. If you are planning to buy a car then you may perhaps need one entire day or several days to find the most feasible option. But if you have an Android-based phone, you can try out some exclusive apps meant to help you select your favorite car. This not only saves your precious time, but also makes your car-buying experience less stressful and uncomplicated. Some... Read More »
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Facebook® smartphone may come by 2013

Tweet Facebook is being reported to launch its own smartphone by next year. The newly public social networking giant looks to boost its revenue in the mobile Internet market by releasing a smartphone of its own. How Facebook is going to launch smartphone Facebook has hired more than half a dozen software and hardware engineers who have the experience of working on Apple’s bestselling iPhone, and... Read More »

Nokia® Lumia 900 Batman edition smartphone coming to UK

Tweet The Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 will go into Batman-mode for the UK citizens this week. The Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 Windows Phone is expected to arrive in the UK on June 1st. Features of Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 special edition According to Pocket-lint, the special edition of this Windows Phone 7-powered smartphone will be available in black color and have the... Read More »
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Microsoft® announces cleanup of its app market

Tweet Software giant Microsoft Corporation will from now onwards be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of the apps that are available on its Windows Marketplace, and expects them to get more subtle and modest in the imagery used.   Content policy for app store According to the recent official blog post, Microsoft’s content policies for the app store do not allow apps containing... Read More »

XOLO™ X900: World’s first Intel® Inside Smartphone is here

Tweet You must be aware of the fact that the majority of computers today, including laptops, netbooks, desktops, etc. are powered by Intel chips and processors. Intel rules the computer market by a great margin. But, smartphone market is one such field which has remained untouched by this technology giant for many unknown reasons. But finally, Intel has broken the shackles with its Medfield processor... Read More »
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Samsung® Galaxy S III to Land on May 3

Tweet For those who are anxiously waiting for the successor of Samsung Galaxy S II, then the wait seems to be getting over soon. Samsung Galaxy S III, which was expected to be released at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona in February, will now be launched on May 3. The Korean electronics giant is now sending formal invitations for the launch event of Samsung Galaxy S III to be held in London... Read More »
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Nokia® Lumia 610 NFC to be launched with Orange®

Tweet At last, Nokia has officially announced that its NFC-enabled Nokia Lumia 610 handset will be launched on the Orange network in the third quarter of 2012. The new Nokia handset can easily pair with NFC-equipped accessories and tags. In addition, it can support MasterCard PayPassR and Visa payWave NFC payment systems for contactless payments. According to Ilari Nurmi, head of product marketing... Read More »
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Nokia® Lumia 610 showcased at Mobile World Congress® 2012

Tweet Fulfilling all the speculations about the release of its smartphone, Nokia finally formally announced the launch of Nokia Lumia 610. This is first of its kind that will run on Windows Phone 7.5 aka, Windows Tango. This smartphone will cater the needs of first-time Windows phone users. The best part of this phone is that it is one of the cheapest Windows Phone by Nokia. The smartphone comes... Read More »

Key Winners of Mobile World Congress® (MWC) 2012

Tweet Finally, MWC 2012, the event that drew the attention of the mobile community across the globe, is about to conclude. Many companies showcased what they have in their kitty to lure the mobile enthusiasts. From tablets to Cloud technologies, all the participants came up with their goods to make mobile computing more interesting and user-friendly. GSM Association (GSMA), which organizes the Mobile... Read More »
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3 top smartphones from MWC 2012

Tweet Lately, at MWC 2012, three exclusive smartphones by renowned names like HTC, Nokia, and ASUS acclaimed a lot of appreciation. 1. HTC One X One X by HTC is a big 4.7-inch smartphone that incorporates Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This model comes with various fancy additions, including Beats audio software and HTC ImageSense with HTC ImageChip. 8MP high-resolution camera, 1280×720 display,... Read More »

Green Initiatives at Mobile World Congress® 2012

Tweet Mobile World Congress 2012 will not only display the latest technology for mobile devices but will also showcase its innovative green initiatives. The organizers at the event have initiated a systematic project for the maximum reduction of its waste materials. The waste management team has eliminated the use of all plastic bags at the event and has asked for a paper-free media. All the EVP/Conference... Read More »

Mobile World Congress® 2012 to showcase LG® Optimus 4X HD

Tweet Mobile World Congress, which is scheduled from 27 February to 1 March 2012, is going to showcase several smartphones and tablets on its floor. One of the several entrants will be LG Optimus 4X HD. This smartphone has various features to boast of. Nothing has been said on its price or the final release date. Larger than the average smartphones, it endorses a screen which is 4.7 inch long. It... Read More »
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Google™ gives a hint of its next generation communication device

Tweet Google secretly exhibits a prototype of its next generation communication device that has been designed for personal usage. Just recently, it has been revealed that Google is planning to unveil a special device for entertainment purposes. According to the sources, Google has made a request to an eminent regulatory body, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which works under the US Government,... Read More »
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Heins takes over BlackBerry® pioneers Lazaridis and Balsillie

Tweet With the new leadership at helm, Research In Motion (RIM) is all set to re-invent waning popularity by shifting its focus back on users In the latest development at Research in Motion (RIM), Thorsten Heins has been declared as the new president and chief executive officer of the renowned telecommunications company. Heins, who worked as a chief operating officer, has also been appointed as a... Read More »
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LG® Esteem gets All-in-One Root and Custom Recovery

Tweet MetroPCS, the renowned communications and telephone services providing corporation launched LG Esteem MS910, the 4G LTE enabled handset last year. Also known as LG Bryce, the smartphone comprises Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread with 1GHz processor and 5 MP camera. The latest news is that all-in-one root and custom recovery feature is now available for this LG Esteem MS910, 4G LTE smartphone. The... Read More »
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YouMail® releases WhoAreYou, a visual caller ID app for Android™

Tweet Now you can know who is calling you with WhoAreYou app from YouMail Do you often get calls from unknown numbers? Do you have no other option but to answer all of them as you don’t want to miss any important one? Most of the times, you end-up answering calls that are not relevant to you and that don’t need to be answered at all. How beneficial will it be if you can know about the unknown... Read More »
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Vlingo® – Virtual Assistant app for BlackBerry® users

Tweet BlackBerry users can now download Vlingo – Virtual Assistant for free from BlackBerry App World. This app recognizes your voice and does everything you command. If you have this app, your smartphone can read out your messages loud when you are driving and send messages for you. It is a voice-based app. Vlingo – Virtual Assistant app can do many things. With the SafeReader feature, users... Read More »
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