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Remote Backup Made Enhanced on Blackberry, thanks to RIM

Tweet Remote In Motion (RIM) introduced a new security application for BlackBerry named BlackBerry Protect, earlier last week on Monday, 12th July 2010.  With BlackBerry Protect you can now remotely backup wirelessly, restore and be able to tract your BlackBerry Smartphone, in the event you misplaced, lost or stolen. Most importantly this feature application is available to all BlackBerry users... Read More »
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Reports Confirm that Only 503 Microsoft Kin handset were sold

Tweet That Microsoft’s recent Smartphone release failed is no secret and with it is emerging that the sales might actually have been lower than forecast. Microsoft had released its Smartphone for kids called Kin but it flopped in sales and had to be recalled after a short stint on the market. Conflicting Reports on Exact Sale There have been emerging reports on the real number of Kin’s sales that... Read More »
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Need for Microsoft to Go Back to Mobile Phone Drawing Board

Tweet With the recent recal of Kin from the market due to a terrible and dismal performance, may be its time Microsoft rethinks its mobile business. The flop of the Kin must have been a wake up call for the company and it is about time it implemented a radical shift in its mobile telephony business. Kin’s Perfomance Its Smartphone, the Kin performed poorly and had to be recalled in part reflecting... Read More »
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The Lingering Doubts about Windows 7 Phone

Tweet With the mobile technology moving at such a fast pace, Windows Phone 7 is a version of Windows mobile operating system which is brought to you by Microsoft. It has various features such as phones, videos, emails, music etc. It allows its users to see the windows Live contacts and calendar. A user can track his phone in case its misused or stolen by someone. It is designed a way that it becomes... Read More »
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Galaxy S Smartphone has Thrashed Google Flagship Nexus One

Tweet The Nexus one is Google’s flagship Smartphone, which is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation. It became available on January 5, 2010 and it uses the android open source mobile operating system. The ability to transcribe voice on text, noise canceling dual microphones and GPS guided turn-by-turn voice directions to drivers are the main features of this phones. But now Google has finally... Read More »
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Motorola Charms with Launch of its Latest Android Phone, Charm

Tweet Motorola has been one of the very popular mobile brands available in the market. It has always come out with original ideas because of its constantly experimentation oriented approach. The company has always brought the mobiles which have rocked the markets. With such an exclusive qualities like exceptional features, there have been attractive android models of handsets. Recently, Motorola had... Read More »
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Everyone has a Style – LG Says it can Accommodate that with its Optimus Series

Tweet On July 5, in Berkshire, UK, LG Electronics announced its newest smart phones: The Optimus Series. Two smart phones were introduced: Optimus Chic and Optimus One. By the end of this year, ten smart phones will join the lineup for the Optimus series worldwide. The Optimus series is expected to contain a variety of smart phones that are specially designed to suit everyone’s need. There are only... Read More »
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An Insight Into MeeGo – The Future of Open Source OS For Smartphones

Tweet Back in February 2010, two heavy weights in their respective fields, Intel and Nokia, came together to announce a breakthrough partnership in developing a brand new open source project known as MeeGo. Being an open source affair, Linux had to be there. In fact, it actually hosted the function. Before you get to know about MeeGo, you got to understand where it got its genes from. Two independent... Read More »
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HTC Jumps to 58% Increase in Revenue Through Android OS Sales

Tweet The union of HTC smart phones with the Android operating system has resulted in the creation of very successful smart phones. HTC sales reports have shown a 33 percent income increase after the second quarter of last year and a revenue increase of 58 percent compared to the previous year. HTC is expecting the new ‘Evo 4G’ smart phone to maintain the boost in revenues for the rest of 2010.... Read More »
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Google Vs. Apple in the Mobile Ads Arena

Tweet Trends are certainly changing everyday and everything is turning mobile. The latest generation of mobile devices is the Smartphones and Tablet PCs that are available around the market. There had been several fronts where Apple and Google have been competing each other and perhaps the most versatile of the battle is between iPhone and iPad with Google’s Android based smartphones and tablets. There... Read More »
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NTP Sues Major Smartphone Makers for Infringing its Patented Technology

Tweet NTP has been quite renowned around the United States for the number of patents that it holds back with it. The brand is not associated or known for producing any real time products but manages to have a number of patents with it regarding technology. They have recently sued the very renowned BlackBerry for involving in the creation of e-mail technology. There has been recent news that NTP has... Read More »
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Android Market Ahead of Microsoft Windows Mobile

Tweet Because of compatibility issues, users of computing devices usually stick to only a couple of operating systems maximum, while the majority of the users prefer a single, common, heavily used and widely supported OS. When it comes to PC’s Microsoft rules although its not the same in the smart phones world. Android or iPhone OS is what users need in their powerhouse mobile devices. Microsoft... Read More »

Now HTC and Dell shake hands!

Tweet There is a new kid on the block of smart phones. The aforementioned phone is none other than HTC Aria. It is equipped with a Google Android 2.1 platform. The phone has been launched by the service providers AT&T on a price bracket of 130 dollar with the data usage contract binding the user for at least two years.  There was a hue and cry with many saying that this price bracket for a middle... Read More »

Smartphone are Loaded with MS Office Application

Tweet The leading manufacturers of the smartphones like Nokia and others oriented companies are now aided with the Microsoft Office Applications. The award-winning Quickoffice Premier is the only mobile solution available to View, Edit & Create native Microsoft Office 2007 documents on S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices. Unlock the full potential of your Smartphone and turn your device into a powerful... Read More »

Motorola Droid Might Run on Android OS 2.2 by Middle of the Month

Tweet The much hyped and celebrated mobile phone operating system from the IT giant Google is now going to be on the latest Motorola phone. There has been a lot of anticipation regarding the mobile phone which comes with the next age OS after the monopoly of Symbian in Nokia. Till now, the only phone to have the new operating system was Google Nexus. This time the new Motorola Droid will be loaded... Read More »

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini X10: Portability that Roars

Tweet Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini X10 offers the full functionality of an Android phone in a very portable sleek design. Entering a whole new level of portability, Xperia Mini X10 introduces functionality that belies its size. Although some might find the ultra-small design doubtful when it comes to its promised performance, it proves itself a worthy contender compared to full-sized Android Phones. Specifications Size:... Read More »

Will Samsung Galaxy S Stand Up to iPhone

Tweet Samsung has its eyes set on beating the iPhone. No wonder though, every company seems to have a smartphone in store bent on taking Apple’s best seller head on. With a much larger screen to boast of, Samsung Galaxy S takes a step into the arena of smartphones. Specifications Android 2.1 OS 1GHz Cortex A8 “Hummingbird” CPU 4″ Super-AMOLED display at 800×480 5 Mega-Pixel rear-facing camera... Read More »

Mobility the Keyword for Microsoft, IBM and Motorola

Tweet In the past few weeks, there have been three big power player companies who have made public their decisions to integrate new major mobile initiatives. Microsoft, IBM and Motorola are gearing up for mobility by creating new operating systems for mobile devices. Microsoft has announced the details of Windows Embedded Handheld, it has a new mobile operating system which is slated to be used by... Read More »

Android Options for Verizon

Tweet As reported by DigiTimes – Apple had contracted Pegatron Technology for manufacturing its CDMA compatible iPhone. James Ratcliffe, an analyst as Barclays reported that around 9 million new Verizon activations could happen if Verizon iPhone comes into the market. Despite these upcoming ventures a rumour from droidlife has come saying that Verizon might formally announce that they would... Read More »

Additions in Samsung Gravity Series

Tweet With more and more people getting addicted to the trend of texting, people are after phones that are friendly to use when it comes to texts. You would certainly love to have your text messages typed easily and in just a few clicks. There has been a drastic increase in the number of text messages that were sent by people in this year compared to the previous years. An approximate figure of 51%... Read More »

New AT&T Data Plans Announced: Tethering Plans Also Expected Soon!

Tweet AT&T has come out with several new plans, and the much-awaited tethering plan will also be on the offer soon enough, exclusively dedicated to the iPhone users.  TetherBerry was a very common app on Blackberry and tethering functionality became extremely popular within few weeks of launch of tetherberry in the market. And, now finally after a wait of almost a year or so, iPhone users will... Read More »

The problem with Microsoft’s Kin

Tweet Last week there was a very interesting and funny rumor which was aired by Silicon Alley Insider that Microsoft was not able to sell more than 500 of its Kin phones after first launching. According to the post, it sounds very hard to believe as this is not possible any way. To know more about the reality and find the truth, it is better to visit at some of Verizon Wireless Stores in the backyard... Read More »

New Nokia Phone Based on MeeGo Linux

Tweet The expected Nokia N8 should be the last N-series handset to operate on Symbian. MeeGo is a merge of Linux mobile operating systems of Intel and Nokia. What are flagship devices The definition of flagship devices can slightly vary upoon the circumstances of it’s use. But generally a flagship device is a primary product of the company and comprise of the best the company has to offer. When... Read More »

Norton for Smartphones

Tweet Days have past when mobile phones were just used for dialling and receiving calls. Now mobile phones come packed with many applications and intelligent features. Mobile phones these days are alternative for mobile computing and a device for helping you work when you move. Many mobile phones have features quite similar to those on a laptop or a notebook for keeping people in touch with their... Read More »

AT&T’s HTC Aria: Fully Loaded Internet Smartphone

Tweet After months of predication finally AT&T has released a video and AT&T is set to launch next Android handset named HTC Aria, out of its lab on 20th June. This pocket-size handset is based on Android 2.1 OS loaded with latest version of HTC’s Sense UI and 50,00 apps to choose from. In a statement, Jeff Bradley AT&T senior VP said “HTC Aria is the first of several Smartphone in... Read More »
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