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HTC EVO 4G to Take on iPhone 4

Tweet A senior executive of Sprint Nextel is hopeful and is quite optimistic that with the new HTC EVO 4G they will experience less of the summer trauma known as the ‘iPhone introduction’, a term coined by most US telecom carriers (except AT&T) who have customers that leave their current phone network in favor of the latest iPhone model and defect to AT&T. For the past three years, a... Read More »

Facebook and Google Maps top the smartphone Apps List

Tweet A recent survey has revealed that both, Facebook and Google Maps are the topmost web applications used on smartphones. Smartphone usage is now dominating in the electronics and communications device usage. Smartphones have a lot of memory and storage capabilities and run many applications. Most of them have Wi-Fi or GPRS facilities or both and as such access the internet. Google Maps is a geographical... Read More »

Aava Vitra Android reference platform

Tweet It is rest assured that although on one side Intel is enriched with its high plans to graciously hit the market worldwide in another six months and introduce its exceptional Moorestown-based smart phone and on the other side another unbeatable mobile phone namely LG-GW 990 also might have experienced a deadly and forceful competition but that had not effectively stopped Aava from acquiring the... Read More »

Android is the Flavor of the Season and Sony Surely Loves it

Tweet Android the mobile operating platform developed by Google, has earned its accolades in the mobile industry. This has hurt Apple’s iPhone in an extensive manner. Even Sony has readily accepted the Android platform and has been keen on using in its mobile. Apple’s iPhone was the largest phone all over the world before the inception of the Google developed Android platform. Android mobile operating... Read More »

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S to release in June 19

Tweet If reports are to be believed, there is something big planned under the T-Mobile portfolio for June 19 as it will reportedly be opening up its stores as early as 8 am (local time) that day. Speculations are on that this “something Big” is most probably the launch of its Samsung Galaxy S. While the release date for myTouch 3G Slide has been announced to be on June 2, the company maintains... Read More »

Acer Stream adds to Android flood

Tweet The competition is getting hotter when it comes to the Smartphone market. Not only are the buyers now getting ample choices to choose from the best, the prices too are getting competent ensuring that almost every gizmo-geek is flaunting a Smartphone. Adding on to the choices for Smartphone, Acer has officially announced on Thursday the launch of its new Android Smartphone – the Acer Stream. Termed... Read More »

Glimpse of Acer Products at Chinese IT Event

Tweet Acer recently introduced its new Android running Smartphone tream during a conference in China. Acer also came up with LumiRead e-reader, a notebook (Aspire 5745P) and an all-in-one PC. While the products have been introduced already, it is still not known when the products will be available in the market. Nevertheless, the reception in store for these new Acer launches is sure to be more than... Read More »

Aaron launches LG Ally

Tweet Verizon wireless and mobile communications announced this Thursday the launch of its new LG Ally. The new Smartphone to be added to the market shelves has been launched in collaboration with the information company LG Electronics MobileComm USA Inc. The new LG Ally is an Android device using the new Android 2.1 version. The entire package of the Ally comes with the users battery, USB Cable cum... Read More »

Recent trends in the Mobile Market

Tweet The mobile market has been doing really well and in the first quarter of 2010 has posted a phenomenal amount of sales. Smartphones are getting better sales results according to Gartner. Smartphones for the ones who are outdoing the feature phones in the market share over the past five years. The other two phones, the Android and iPhones have seen the biggest growth in leap in the market share. If... Read More »

Microsoft and Nokia alliance Mobile device Released!

Tweet Microsoft and the Nokia’s alliance for mobile devices is finally here and aptly called the Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia devices. This new collaboration is astounding as it not only connects on its own to the communication system of your company but also helps you to streamline mobile partnerships. If you are a proud owner of Nokia E-Series Symbian smartphone then you can directly... Read More »

WebM from Google not for current smartphone users

Tweet The H.246 format has ruled online services for the longest time now. Being an open standard, the H.246 has been preferred by most companies and organisations alike but as it is a paid service, people will always welcome a free format to replace it. Google probably has cashed in on this very same idea by coming up with the WebM video format. Designed by On2, this format seems to have worked well... Read More »

Cisco WebEx unveils web conferencing service on smart phones

Tweet Ever wondered how it would be to sit in your office in New York and communicate not just through voice but also with video through a small device in your hand to an entire group of individuals in an office in Tokyo? Seems like a science fiction idea doesn’t it? But not anymore! Cisco WebEx has launched Web conferencing services for smart phones which are equipped with 3G/Wi-Fi facilities.... Read More »

Dell LIGHTNING- The Ultimate Windows 7 Mobile Device

Tweet DELL Computers became the first company to launch a mobile based on Windows 7 platform. DELL Lightning, a Windows 7 phone is all set to launch in the second quarter of this coming year. It has been tagged as the most awaited and most critical mobile of the decade by some of the Internet geeks. This mobile is important and critical for the software giant Microsoft, as its future in mobile computing... Read More »

Smart phones will never harm Personal Computers

Tweet DELL’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Dell contends that mobile devices shall never harm the personal computers. Instead he visualizes a future were more and more number of handy mobile devices shall incorporate. They shall sync more easily and swiftly with the personal computers. With more and more network interpretation along with cloud computing. And to that point one shall always agree.... Read More »

LogMeIn Ignition – Beta Version out for Android

Tweet After the launch of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone, in February of this year, a Beta version of the Ignition has been launched for Android OS. As the name suggests ‘LogMeIn Ignition’ is a remote access application through which you can login to your office computer or your home desktop even when you are away. With LogMeIn Ignition, you can go mobile without worrying to leave anything behind.... Read More »

Acer unveils new Android and Windows based Smartphone: Acer neo Touch P400

Tweet Acer had recently announced their future launch of 4 mobile phones. Two would be of Android and two on Windows Phone. The sleek and slim look of Windows Mobile 6.5 based neoTouch P400 would floor you for its unique style and is powered by Qualcomm 7227 processor. It is of TFT type HVGA resistive touch screen with a slide-out QWERTY keypad. The features are amicable and user friendly but gives... Read More »

Rogers to release Acer Liquid E, Soon

Tweet It was already in the news that Rogers was planning to enter into the Smartphone market by bringing Acer Liquid E with the most demanding and user-friendly operating system Android into the market. The news had been confirmed when Rogers officially announced that they are actually bringing this gadget into the market. Smartphone market is already expanding due to the increasing competition with... Read More »

Jon Stewart Mock’s Apple’s lost iPhone

Tweet It was hot and sarcasm filled in the air when the America’s most popular newscaster labelled Apple as “Appholes”. In his show, the Comedy Central, Jon Stewart raised this comment thinking that it is a subject worth discussing and worth his comment. In his comment, he was concerned about Apple becoming an unbearable hound, from the position of an underdog. In the comedy show, the word “Appholes”... Read More »
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HP debuts into the Mobile Phone Market with Palm

Tweet HP is a company which is cash rich or can be called as a cash cow but totally with a nil presence in the mobile phone market. Given this background, purchasing a company which owns an excellently developed operating system for mobile phone is a wise and smart decision. Through this decision, one can say that HP has plunged into the mobile phone business by picking up a holistic strategy which... Read More »
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Tweet Competitive market is always who is eating who. Who is snatching the market share from you? The best will survive and become popular leader in the market place. Google, as a company has seen much fluctuations. A few of its products roar high in the market place and no one has beaten or dared to beat it till today, for example, its search engine. But there are also a few products or services... Read More »
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The Growing Nexus of Apple and Siri

Tweet There is good news for Apple iPhone users because Apple has acquired a brand new application. It is called as the Siri. I am sure most of you would know what exactly a Siri application is. Well, this application is nothing but voice recognition software that responds to the tasks given through voice commands. Just imagine yourself speaking to your phone and getting the answers and results from... Read More »

HP All Set to Harness the WebOS Potential

Tweet Looks like a new competitor in the smartphone market is about to emerge soon enough; and, it’s not a new name – indeed, you guessed it right; it’s Hewlett Packard. Prologue HP had recently proposed $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm, which is most likely to be materialistic in a matter of couple of months. HP has tried its luck in the smartphone arena with its iPaq devices, but what their... Read More »
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Latest Apple Leak: Apple 4G to Hit the Markets

Tweet There is good news for the Apple iPhone lovers. After the stupendous success of the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, Apple is going to launch its latest version in the smartphone series i.e. the iPhone 4G. This phone is expected to have new and improved performances than its older version. Apple will unveil this version in the first week of June this year; June 7 to be more precise. The phone will be... Read More »
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HP Beats Out Bono for Palm

Tweet U2’s Bono had invested hundreds of millions of American dollars in Palm. However, Bono is going to end up losing money off of the recent sale of Palm to Hewlett-Packard. This is a move that is going to end up hurting his private equity investment. It will also work to get HP to get into the mobile device market. When Palm first came around in 1992 it was the leader in the mobile device industry.... Read More »
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Google’s APIs are Preferred By Developers of Mobile Apps and Add Ons

Tweet A good application programming interface is vital for all mobile apps and adds ons. This is especially the case for cloud computing processes where a number of resources are shared between all computers in a network. Google’s API services work as cloud-based services. This is something that is proving to be popular among many developers of these apps. A recent study shows just how valuable... Read More »
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