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Santa Tracker for your Blackberry®

Tweet For all those Blackberry users out there, here is a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas. You can track Santa every moment till he reaches your home. It’s an amazing app for children, whose first question in the morning during the season is: “When will Santa come?” With this app, all your answering blues will be over. Santa Tracker is an app from Lahrs Apps that allows you to see Santa... Read More »
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What day is it Rebecca Black? — An App for Android™

Tweet Nowadays, you don’t have to be a professional artist with contracts signed with specific labels to be known as an artist. If you have talent and a sufficient amount of money required to make a video, you are ready to take the first step to stardom. And many have already done so and are popular all over the world through their videos uploaded on YouTube. There are many names in this list,... Read More »

Galaxy Jet Game for Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Author: Tomas Slavicek Version: 1.10.0 Download Size: 1 MB Operating System: Windows Phone 7 or higher Price: Free Galaxy Jet is the latest space shooter survival game for Windows Phone 7, which is available for free. This app uses the motion and direction sensor of the phone to control the movement of the space jet. You can tap your fingers to shoot laser at the incoming asteroids to survive... Read More »
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Smartphones at one penny: Amazon® Black Friday 2011 Sale

Tweet After AT & T priced its phones at one penny as part of an offer for the coming Black Friday, Amazon too is following the suit. Now a single penny can buy you Samsung Galaxy S II Epic and Blackberry Torch. Amazon is also offering the same offer on all its smartphones from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. This offer is available as part of the “Penny Pincher Sale“. If you are a penny... Read More »

HTC® to come up with Android™-powered Facebook® phone soon

Tweet HTC is coming up with a Facebook phone, which will run on Android, to offer you a smooth and quick access to Facebook. The social networking fans are surely going to love this phone. Is Facebook your first love these days and accessing your account on the go your favorite pastime? If the above statement is true then you might be surely checking updates using your phone and other handheld devices,... Read More »
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FriendCaster Pro – The perfect app for Android™-based Smartphones

Tweet Platform: Android Developer: OneLouder Apps Price: $4.99 Are you a Facebook addict? Do you love accessing your Facebook account, no matter where you are? Don’t worry, you are not being accused for anything. Nowadays to keep your status updated on Facebook is a craze. It’s a sort of addiction that compels you to come back again and again to check updates from your family and friends. The... Read More »
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Smartphones Unlocked: Understanding Processors

Tweet The world of smart phones is spreading day by day. No matter what is the position of the market, but still Smartphones have their own positions. Everybody desires to have these but very few get this because of the price. The prices of these smart phones are generally very high just because of the features and facilities it provides to the user or customer having it. The Smartphones are able to... Read More »

Windows Phone 7 Challenge

Tweet The world is changing with a very high speed. This is because of the emerging technologies that are coming every now and then. But this leads to many useful and also many useless products. Some products that are in the race of being the best one in the market either achieve their goal or they just make a fool out of the customer to sell their product. The main products that are not good in performance... Read More »

How To Use Spotify In Offline Mode On Android Devices

Tweet Today the world is of Android devices. Every person wants to have it. This is because of the brilliant and amazing features offered in these devise. One of the best features of the Android devices is that if the user is a Spotify premium user then he can listen to Spotify’s 13 million tracks from his Android device. Even if the user is in offline mode, the user can create his own playlist and... Read More »
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How To Record Your Workouts With 1 Touch on your Android Device

Tweet In today’s world of comfort and level of facilities every person is becoming more prone to diseases and other harmful effects like fat and cholesterol. So to avoid these problems the only solution is to workout daily and be fit. But only working out is not the correct and authentic way to solve this problem. The workout carried should be in a proper way and should be completely safe in all... Read More »
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BlackBerry Messenger 6 Delivering Enhanced ‘Social Experience’

Tweet The well known Research In Motion team took decision to see some alternatives for the popular BlackBerry Messenger application named as BBM 6 as per the users .The new features will now add more social experience in addition to the increased application integration ,some of the social discovery for application and some of the modern social gaming facilities. According to rumors, the new BBM,... Read More »
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Windows Phone Mango RTM

Tweet Microsoft has finally announced that the new Windows Phone operating system code named “Mango” has reached the released to manufacturing stage. The operating system will now be available to carriers and handset makers. Users now have to wait for phone manufacturers to release new phone models with this new Windows phone updated OS. The announcement of release of manufacturing stage signifies... Read More »
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The Naïve Market of Android With All In One: Books, Videos, App lns.

Tweet The market for Android was opened by Google especially for the Android devices. On most of the Android devices, an application program is built-in, which helps users to go through as well as download applications which are issued by any other developers held on Android Market. Users can get elaborate information about the applications from the website of Android Market. The Naïve Android Market The... Read More »
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Top 5 Android apps

Tweet Android has been in market for over a year now and it has already captured a mass user share in terms of App use. Android market is full of app sand games where some are fee and for some users have to pay. Here are top 5 Android apps: Layar: It is considered to be most practical application as in contains most of the Social media and blog information. User can view articles and Wikipedia subjects,... Read More »
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Samsung: Galaxy S II Coming To U.S. In August

Tweet In the press conference Shin Jong-kyun, president of Samsung’s mobile business and digital imaging, said that company expected to release the Android device in the world’s largest smartphone market. Samsung Company is planning to launch the highly-anticipated Galaxy S II smartphone in this August. The Samsung Galaxy S II is getting so much attention is because of its remarkable hardware,... Read More »
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Apps beat browser and voice in mobile device usage survey

Tweet There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets will break all records when it comes to the downloading of apps. Surveys by Zokeim, a mobile search firm, indicate the same. Apps are definitely popular and are many times more in use than voice or browsing. While Gartner reports 33 percent Android usage, 31 percent Symbian usage, 16 percent Apple iOS, 14 percent RIM, 3 percent Windows and 3 percent... Read More »

Motorola® won’t update Charm or Flipout beyond Android™ 2.1

Tweet Motorola handsets are the ones that have gained prominence and importance over the past decade. Starting from the very basic models, the brand has introduced a variety of apps and services through its upgraded handsets and a variety of models. The latest news doing the rounds in the technology circles is about the decision of Motorola to pull back its plans to update the Charm (T-Mobile) and... Read More »

BlackBerry® Messenger Due for Android™ and iOS®

Tweet After rumors speculating on the portability of applications on Research In Motion’s (RIM) Android system QNX, some websites released reports that a version of BlackBerry Messenger is being developed for iOS and Android. In recent years, the BlackBerry Messenger has evolved somewhat beyond the standard features of an e-mail client. It is thus possible to create groups of conversation, to... Read More »

Half of Verizon Wireless® smartphone users may switch to iPhone®

Tweet According to a research report regarding Verizon Wireless and AT&T customers, fifty four percent of the present BlackBerry and Android users on the network of Verizon Wireless are most probably to switch over to the Verizon compatible iPhone 4. The same research report also reveals that twenty six percent of present users of AT&T iPhone will switch over to Verizon. The news became available... Read More »

Motorola® Atrix 4G review

Tweet The Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone is actually one of the best Android-based devices available in the market. Motorola Atrix 4G is an innovative product, which actually redefines how smart, a smartphone can be. Motorola has very intuitively offered a wide range of accessories, along with this powerful Android 2.2.1 Froyo-based smartphone. Motorola Atrix 4G has a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor... Read More »

Nokia® Said to Cancel Smartphone Launch With AT&T®

Tweet X7, Nokia’s new smartphone that it had planned to enter the market with partner AT&T, has been cancelled. Nokia had planned to make a comeback into the US market with this phone in partnership with the wireless carrier AT&T. AT&T is at the second position in US in terms of market presence just behind Verizon Wireless. This is another aborted attempt by the Finnish mobile giant... Read More »

HTC® ThunderBolt is available on Verizon Wireless®

Tweet Verizon Wireless has launched the HTC ThunderBolt and the new Samsung 4G LTE smart phone. HTC ThunderBolt will have a 4.3-inch display using a 1.2GHz processor. It will come with Gingerbread, Android 2.3, Qualcomm MSM8960 dual-core processor, an eight megapixel camera as well a front-mounted camera. ThunderBolt from HTC will have LTE connectivity with a 4.3 inch touch screen. The Samsung 4G... Read More »

Nokia® C5-03 review

Tweet Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company makes a range of phones for CDMA and GSM networks. Nokia is also developing mobile applications like music, games, videos, and maps. All these applications are available on the platform called Nokia Ovi store. Nokia has a major presence in the smartphone market and they have launched so many models which have attractive... Read More »

Gadgets launched at CES 2011

Tweet At the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several new gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, televisions, operating systems, and more, were launched. Acer introduced the innovative dual touch screen ICONIA notebook. The Acer ICONIA notebook has the Windows 7 operating system, virtual keyboard, SocialJogger, Gesture Editor, and many more advanced features. At... Read More »

Android™ app from VMware® separates business and pleasure

Tweet VMware at the Barcelona World Mobile released a solution to separate the use of an Android enabled smartphone into separate entities that would not overlap. This mobile virtualization solution will help people to have separate profiles on the same Android enabled smartphone for both work and personal usage. The technology was unveiled on the LG Optimus Black phone by VMware’s Chief Technology... Read More »
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