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AppShopper app for iOS keeps you updated with new releases

Tweet AppShopper is an online application store for mobile devices. It is an all in one application solution store for the users all over the world. And what more this is all in one and very handy and easy to keep and handle. Here are all the apps for your device to make it more interesting and to make it friendlier. For your convenience it is categorized in different groups. Like there are applications... Read More »

RealPlayer® makes its Android® media player much better

Tweet For the Android operating system, the RealPlayer application has been launched. It has many improvements and new features, including support for playlists. This download is now fully configurable with mobile devices. One of the improvements is the addition of a new widget to control the playback of tracks. Finally, the application interface has been redesigned. In addition it now supports the... Read More »

Windows® Phone 7 update for Samsung®

Tweet The Windows Phone 7 update for the Samsung Omnia and Samsung Focus smartphones was launched in January 2011. Certain issues have been reported regarding the new update. Microsoft has advised Samsung phone owners to avoid repeated installation attempts till the next update and patch are ready. Microsoft seems to be working on this issue seriously and trying to resolve the said matter to the fullest... Read More »

Next-generation smartphones from Samsung®

Tweet Samsung has launched many smart phones in the market for CDMA and GSM users. Recently Samsung also launched the Galaxy Tab. Many of the smart phones runs on the Android operating system. This is also the main reason for the fast growth in the market for Samsung. Many of the phones are equipped with the latest features like Wi-Fi, 3G, cameras, touch screen, and lots more. Samsung provides the... Read More »

Google™ Nexus S coming to South Korea

Tweet The CES 2011 and the CES 2010 saw the launch of many products. One of the major players and smartphone debutants was definitely the Android-based Google Nexus One. Google and their Android open source project teams have definitely done wonders. After the Google Nexus One, Google introduced the Nexus S. The Nexus series of phones are now heading towards the Honeycomb OS. As we all know, Android... Read More »

Motorola® Atrix

Tweet Motorola Atrix 4G is powered by the NVIDIATegra 2 SoC dual core processor with 1 GB RAM. It has the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. Motorola and Lenovo have introduced products which defeat the concept of mobile phones, in light of their introduction of tablets, which, when connected to their docking stations perform like laptops. It is definitely an interesting concept of the smart phone... Read More »

LG® Ally, Samsung® Galaxy S GT-i9000 get Android™ 2.2 updates

Tweet It is well known that Samsung has had many a problem sending updates for the Android 2.2 Froyo for their smart phones. The LG Ally from Verizon is preparing to receive the updates. It brings with it a wipe for a remote device and added security measures for passwords, voice dialing from Bluetooth, much better browser performance as well as faster download of Java Script pages, quick reconnection... Read More »

Google™ Remotely Wiping Malicious Apps on Android™

Tweet Security is the prime concern for any organization or a person. It is applicable here in case of mobile phones also. We all know that the mobile phone market is being flooded with new and never before models each day. It has gone a long way from the initial stages of the mobile phone industry. The operating systems on mobile devices are prone to several security threats. To combat the situation,... Read More »

Sync Your Smartphone Notes to the Cloud

Tweet A smartphone is one of the most popular gadgets these days. While taking notes by hand, you may have to scan the page. If you want, you can also send yourself an e-mail. There are a couple of smartphone applications available to take quick notes. You can check out these applications on your handset. The first one is the Nebulous Notes. It is a smartphone text editor application. It is very simple... Read More »

LG® Ally Gets OTA Update to Android™ 2.2 Froyo

Tweet In one of the recent news update from the world of electronics, LG has actually beat its rival Samsung in updating to Android system 2.2 Froyo on the LG Ally smartphone. Verizon has actually begun to push for over the air (OTA) system for the LG Ally to 2.2 Android Froyo along with other significant improvements. The update of the software is called LB VS40ZVD and it is far better than other... Read More »

LG® smartphones with 3D display coming soon

Tweet The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple and HTC. They have some of the most popular and sought after models like iPhone 4 and the Desire HD. LG has released Optimus X that is getting very popular. The company will launch smartphones with 3D display soon. 3D technology is also in much demand and with TV and other devices, it is getting bigger day-by-day. At the Mobile... Read More »

Nokia ditches plans for X7 smartphone on AT&T

Tweet The mobile phone industry has long been dominated by the Finland-based company Nokia. The company of Nokia has always managed to come up with devices that have served the world in a brilliant fashion. The company has developed mobile phones which have met a wide variety of user expectations. Another great feature about the company is the fact that it has always thought of handsets which people... Read More »
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Microsoft® tracks down ‘phantom data’ bug in Windows® Phone 7

Tweet Recently there were complaints on websites from users of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 claiming that their handsets were often sending quite large downloads of data overnight. Now over increased outrage expressed by a percentage of users, Microsoft has acknowledged that some Windows Phone 7-based smartphones are sending anomalous phantom data. Many of its users had claimed that their smartphone was... Read More »

Samsung® reveals GT-S5260 Star II smartphone

Tweet After the launch of Samsung Star GT-S5230, the company has till date sold over 30 million units of the same. After this roaring success, Samsung released the GT- S5260 Star II smart phone. This new product is almost the same as Star GT-S5230, barring a few changes in terms of more advanced touch screen features, Wi-Fi connectivity, integration of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The... Read More »

Mobile Malware That Can Remotely Control Your Android™ Phone

Tweet We have all been caught in using technology so frequently in our lives that we sometimes turn blind towards the hazards that continually threaten our security. Earlier there was threat to the security of our house, valuables etc. Then that threat shifted to the security of our computer. Slowly and slowly we moved on to using laptops and notebooks. Finally the operating system came down to rest... Read More »

HTC® Thunderbolt Coming with Simultaneous Voice & Data Over LTE

Tweet HTC and Verizon are in the news once again in the smartphone and tablet markets. According to sources, HTC could be launching 3 tablets in the coming few months with the HTC Flyer expected to hit the market as early as March 2011, that too running the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and the feature of being able to upgrade to the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, as and when it is launched. Verizon made news... Read More »

LG® Optimus 2X smartphone

Tweet The smartphone market is largely dominated by companies like Apple, Nokia and HTC. LG has decided to make its presence felt with their new model, Optimus 2X. It has several new features and an attractive design. LG Optimus 2X has a glossy black finish and a large 4’’ screen. It is powered by the Android operating system. The phone weighs just 139 gm and has dimensions of 123.9 x 63.2 x... Read More »

Smartphones can contribute to spread of viruses in 2011

Tweet Smartphones are getting very popular and with its advantages, there are some disadvantages also. These devices are vulnerable to cyber threats. Antivirus makers are speculating that smartphones will contribute to the spread of viruses in 2011. Keeping these threats in mind, one of the antivirus companies, Trend Micro, said cyber crimes will increase as smartphones become more widespread in 2011.... Read More »

Top 5 Windows® Phone 7 based smartphones

Tweet With rapidly changing technology, several new smartphones have been launched. Remember the launch of color mobile phones? It was really a great thing to talk while moving along. After that it has been a long time and there are different gadgets that have made it possible for you to get the picture of the person you are talking. Since then has been getting more advanced in terms of specifications.... Read More »

Picplz Updates Android™ App With Live Thumbnail Previews

Tweet In the last couple of years, smartphone manufacturers along with social networking sites and app developers, have introduced a new feature called as social location service. It allows users to explore the world around the vicinity, connect with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, and check into a location they are at, informing the others they are there. This is updated on Facebook or Twitter.... Read More »

iPhone® and Android™ apps from The Baltimore Sun

Tweet The mobile revolution has created immense interest and growth from various sectors worldwide. The cloud computing sector, has taken the lead in the dynamic Android market. Several new Android apps have been introduced such as games, financial calculators, picture sharing, multimedia, location based services, e-readers, and more. The Baltimore Sun, a leading print newspaper has gone mobile. The... Read More »

LG® Optimus Black P970 Android™ smartphone

Tweet Earlier the concept of smartphones was not there, people were content with the cellular phone itself because of the fact that it helped in easy access to the near and dear ones. Cell phones have had a tremendous impact on the mode of communications, making it highly efficient and smooth. The mobile phones are portable, hence you can carry it to places. You can always keep it with you and use... Read More »

Lenovo® will start making smartphones for the worldwide market

Tweet China based Lenovo announced in January 2011, its plan to start a new business group for the manufacturing of mobile Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets. Lenovo later also entered into a joint venture with NEC, Japan enabling Lenovo to make inroads into the Japanese market. Lenovo unlike other leading manufacturers is working on low margins in this venture, in the quest of achieving... Read More »

10 Mobile Shipping Apps for iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android™

Tweet Well to start with we can say that Android-based phones, Blackberry, and Apple iPhone have single handedly revolutionized the way telecom market used to function. It has added a sense of style and class to the cell phone usage. Along with the style and looks these phones have, they also has some great features. These features are useful and can help people in several ways. FedEx Mobile: This... Read More »

Samsung® Omnia 7 review

Tweet Samsung is reportedly keeping its Europe-bound Omnia 7 smartphone under a tight veil of secrecy until mid-summer this year. The new device has an attractive design with its macho looks. Omnia 7 has a 4-inch super AMOLED display with Tyrian purple aluminum garnishing on the back side. It has dark gray polycarbonate at the top and bottom. Samsung Omnia has features similar to that of Samsung Galaxy... Read More »
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