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Microsoft’s Kin re-branded for release on Verizon

Tweet Microsoft’s brand pseudo smart phones are back at Verizon, this time sporting an M appendage to their names and what looks like better pricing across the board, the Kin ONEm will set you back a cent under 20 $ with a two year contract whereas the TWOm costs just under 50 $ but it is also subject to buy one get one free offer. Some of readers will remember the Microsoft Kin one and Kin two smart... Read More »

Is QWERTY overtaking Touch Screen?

Tweet Touch screen phones were very much a matter of imagination until Apple released the first series of its iPhone five years back. You might be able to easily navigate through the phone menu using touch screen, but typing a message is still tedious on a touch screen phone as it does not have an “ergonomic “advantage as compared to QWERTY keypads. Blackberry incorporates QWERTY and touch screen... Read More »
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Release and Specifications of Palm Pre 2

Tweet If you would like to give the Palm Pre another chance then you would certainly be looking forward to the next release of Palm Pre 2.  With more features then the previous launch of Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2 seeks to offer a more applications which will enalbe you to connect to social networks, browse the Internet and utilize hundreds of other applications. Palm Pre 2 will be releasing by the end... Read More »
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Microsoft’s New Windows Phone 7: Novel But Lacking

Tweet Finally Microsoft is also entering the smartphone market by releasing its own Operating System (OS) into the smartphone market. It has already been sometime since Apple launched its iPhone and Google showed Android phone to users. The latest Windows Phone 7 will be sold by AT&T and T mobile from 08th Nov in US and by Orange in UK and Europe. The testing has been  done on two major phones;... Read More »

Review of Palm ‘Mansion’

Tweet Palm is an American mobile handset company which manufactures high end mobiles. As the smart phones are growing bigger in the handset market, Palm is innovating new technologies. The first Palm phone was launched in 1996 and the model was Palm Pilot. From the starting and now Palm handsets are popular with professionals, consumers with WebOS software. You can buy Palm smart phones through Internet,... Read More »
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HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7 Leaked

Tweet Microsoft came into the Mobile operating system development in the early 2004. The development was initially very slow and there were some project, like Windows Mobile “Photon” was put on hold as well. But in 2008, Microsoft understood the profit and future of Mobile operating system and started putting extra effort to develop high class mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s... Read More »

Nokia Ovi Store

Tweet Ovi is a Finnish word which means door in English. Nokia Ovi store is popular among Nokia hand set users; they can download applications from Ovi store. You can use Nokia Ovi store from computer, mobiles or from Internet. You can visit Ovi.com to use it from internet. The main aim of Nokia is to enable third party interaction with Nokia Ovi store. For example, you can use Yahoo Flicker from Nokia... Read More »
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Windows Phone 7 handsets to be on sale on November 8th

Tweet Windows Phone 7 is a mobile device capable of running the latest Windows Mobile platform. This device will be launched in Asia and Europe on October 21, 2010, and in US on November 8th, 2010. With Windows Platform 7, Microsoft is going to offer a new user interface that integrates the operating system with all other services and plans. The actual date of release of Windows Phone 7 is September... Read More »

Steve Ballmers take on Windows Phone 7

Tweet Microsoft is a software giant and they are famous for Windows operating systems. Now they are moving from computer to phone and plan to launch smart phones.  Microsoft’s smart phone will be powered with Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 is highly popular operating system among computer users and Microsoft is also planning to launch Windows 7 family pack again. There are several operating... Read More »
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Review of Samsung Wave II

Tweet Samsung is known for its new innovations in technology. Now in the specific mobile handset and computer market the competition is really high and we have seen lots of products launched in recent times. We have seen launch of Blackberry’s smart phones in last weeks and now the Korean giant has decided to launch new models. There is a great competition among the cell phone manufacture companies... Read More »

Sharp ISO3 Android Phone based Smartphone with Retina Display

Tweet The market share of Android is growing day by day and you can see new models in every week. There are several features in Android Smartphone which attract consumers, like it can integrate with a number of applications, Android is an open source environment and it offers developer to innovate new functionalities. You can integrate with 70000 applications available for Android and it make it second... Read More »
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Review and Specifications of Sony Ericson Xperia X8

Tweet The Sony Ericson XperiaTM X8 offers a 3 inch touchscreen display. The X8 is based on Android Operating system which enables you to integrate greater number of multimedia apps for your day to day use. The Sony Ericson X8 is similar to the X10; however it is not available in a mini version. The Xperia X8 can be connected through 3G or Wi-Fi and also has an easier navigation through QWERTY keyboard.... Read More »

Thumbs Up for Nokia N8’s 12 Megapixel Camera

Tweet Though Nokia may have taken its time in releasing a “stupendous” smartphone that has been the talk of the smartphone world in the past few days, it has brought a smile and cheers from a great section of photographers that are looking towards a smartphone device that offers HD quality pictures@ 12MP. The 12 MP camera is made from a Carl Zeiss lens that features a Xenon flash. Unlike the Vivaz,... Read More »

Review and Specifications of Nokia N8

Tweet Nokia released its new smartphone just recently, which is claimed to be the answer to its arch rivals like Apple and Google’s smartphone. Since the dawn of the iPhone, Nokia’s key revolution into the mobile market has now been dominated by smartphones that have been largely dominated by Apple. Google through the acquisition of Android a year ago launched a series of its Nexus smartphones,... Read More »

Motorola Droid Pro Review and Specifications

Tweet Often while purchasing a smartphone these days it becomes difficult to understand what apps are available, for the smartphone that you plan on purchasing contains. There a limitless apps available in all popular smartphone devices, however choosing the app depends on the type of OS that you would like to use in your smartphone device which may include Android, iOS, Symbian, etc. After launching... Read More »

First Hands-On: Motorola Droid Pro

Tweet Motorola is coming up with Droid Pro, a Smartphone that runs the Android operating system. Although it still hasn’t been publicly released, it is supposed to be in late October or early November. At a recent press event, Motorola unveiled the first look of this device at CTIA in San Francisco and it would be an understatement to say that the latest addition to the Droid family on Verizon... Read More »
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Motorola Bravo: Another Smartphone from Motorola

Tweet Motorola is one of the leading telecommunications company in the world and is known for its innovations in the field of communication. Being a manufacturer of wireless telephone handsets and involved in the design and sale of wireless network infrastructure equipment, its focus is on advancing the way the world connects. Its latest contribution in the market of smartphones is Motorola BRAVO,... Read More »
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Motorola Announces New Business Ready SmartPhone : Droid Pro

Tweet Motorola on Tuesday  announced its new Android Smartphone. At CITA Enterprise and Applications 2010 held in San Francisco, Motorola came out with a new Android Smartphone, Motorola Droid Pro. Motorola Droid Pro is said to be more secure as it is a business ready smartphone that addresses WiFi connectivity with more security. Some of thetechnical specifications of Motorola Droid Pro are as follows: Technical... Read More »
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LG Optimus GT450 loaded with Apps

Tweet If you have ever wondered about getting all the apps for your daily needs without even having to download them from a then LG Optimus GT450 is one of the ideal smartphones for you that is packed with s lot of apps including social networking. With a 3MP camera and digital zoom of 4x you can certainly get a lot out of your everyday life by recording the most beautiful moments. Some of the features... Read More »
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Specifications of Samsung I9000

Tweet The Samsung I9000 is one of the latest smartphones, part of the Samsung flagship of its latest releases. The Samsung I9000 boasts of a “smart life” is convened through its hallmark features that include; enriched media content, SUPER AMOLED screen of 4.0”and augmented reality. Unlike the Galaxy and Wave series the Samsung I9000 bolsters the budget buy-in for the phone as it is available... Read More »
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Microsoft in patent infringement case against Motorola

Tweet What better way to bolster smartphone competition then to file a suit of patent infringement. The smartphones business has become such a “dog eats dog” competition that new innovations are closely in check between rivals. In the latest saga Microsoft has filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in the U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington against Motorola. According... Read More »

Blackberry Torch Price and Specifications

Tweet Blackberry’s debut in the smartphones market has been eagerly awaited by many consumers across the globe. This is mainly due to the reason that Blackberry manufactures products for its business class consumers. This has resulted in a huge gap for Blackberry to be developing its QWERTY keyboard phones in comparison to touch screen iPhones. In order to bridge this gap Blackberry has introduced... Read More »
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After the Facebook phone, now comes the Mozilla Seabird

Tweet It’s raining phones this month. What’s even more is the fact that non-traditional phone makers are joining the bandwagon of smartphones. First you had the rumor of Facebook releasing two of its own phone, which Facebook it still vaguely denying that they would not venture into such a market. But we have news for you for sure that Mozilla in its blog has released a concept phone that will... Read More »

Galaxy S Captivate to release in Mid-October, Pre-order goes live

Tweet Samsung Galaxy S Captivate pre-order is now live on Rogers, for a price of $149.99 with is inclusive of a three year data plan. Just to hype up the sales of Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Rogers is also offering free Bluetooth headset online with the pre-order. It is also including those customers that purchase Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in its contest of $10,000. This certainly seems to be one... Read More »
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Two Smartphones from Facebook Under development

Tweet It has been confirmed that Facebook is developing two Smartphones in collaboration with INQ Mobile Ltd that will run on the AT&T Inc. networks. You can probably guess what would be the hallmark of Facebook’s smartphone. Yes, social networking. It would probably be the only smartphone in the world that will be exclusively dedicated to social networking. But that does not mean that it will... Read More »
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