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Nokia Shares Plummet due to delays in N8 release and Stiff competition

Tweet Nokia has once again delayed the release of it N8 model, due to final tweaks in its technical aspects.  Originally, Nokia was poised to deliver this flagship smartphone in June, but it got rescheduled to September.  With news of a delay and stiff competition, Nokia’s shares ended 14.7% lower at 9.47 Euros. According to Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s chief executive, “Competition remains... Read More »

RIM in damage Control over Apple and Android

Tweet The much-awaited BlackBerry tablet may soon come to fruition and the most interesting news would be the implantation of RIM on the software front. BlackBerry is popular among people for its easy interface and web support applications but in the race with Apple and Android it lags. The co-CEO of RIM explains how BlackBerry will survive and compete with the Apple and Android attack. Apple, Android... Read More »
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Netflix and Twitter Apps released by Microsoft

Tweet These days the launch of Windows Phone 7 is a hot discussion on the Internet. Since it is being launched by Microsoft so the anticipation is high and people are waiting to see what it will carry within itself. So far we don’t know a lot but one thing is for sure that this phone will support a number of applications and will pave the way for developers to create more and more applications. Windows... Read More »
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Verizon and Samsung get in Exclusive Deal

Tweet Verizon’s online store pages are the only store to sell its products. As for product promotion and advertisement every manufacturer has its own strategy: Some offer flat discount on their product, others offer free products along with their purchase. These are the common business philosophies and  Samsung is also fascinating its product along with an unusual sweetner, for the online Verizon’s... Read More »
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3 New Symbian based Mobile Phones announced by Nokia

Tweet Nokia, which is known for connecting people is the pioneer in the field of the mobile companies and has surpassed all in terms of its performance. Nokia is the company that is known for its outstanding features, flawless performance and pious reliability. Nokia has delivered some wonder struck masterpieces in the yesteryears’ and continues with its contemporary trend. Nokia is known for its... Read More »
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HTC’s G2 Will Have Quick Keys for Accessing Google Shortcuts

Tweet After a long wait finally T-Mobile unveiled its much awaited HTC G2. The unveiling of HTC G2 set foot on the rumors which filled the air about its specifications. It is officially the first HSPA+ Android based phone to hit the US markets. HTC unveiled the phone on 15th September on its official website. Then new HTC G2 features the “powerhouse processor” built specially for the 4G speeds... Read More »
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Developer toolkit for Windows Phone 7 released

Tweet The Windows Phone Developer Toolkit has been launched in English. It will be releasing in French, Italian, German and Spanish language versions in the next two weeks. This news comes as a big surprise for Windows 7 apps and games developer as the expected release would have been much later, probably even six months from the launch date of the Windows 7 phone. In order for developers to create... Read More »

Nokia N8 official release

Tweet Finally an official date for the release of Nokia’s N8 flagship Symbian 3 handset is declared. Users have been waiting from a long time for this model of Nokia to be launched. It features the two major Symbian updates and that means to bring the Nokia’s Smartphone division with the line of competition. It will be available till the “last week of September” at Nokia’s... Read More »

Verizon and Samsung Galaxy S-variant Smartphone silence critics

Tweet Time never stops or fall behind. We already have witnessed the fascinated realm of wonderland. Samsung has always been on the front and leading the charge on. This week marks the occasion of Samsung Fascinate. It is coming to Verizon’s network with handful of options available. Industry experts have been eagerly waiting to check the handset in real physical form. A lot of hype has already been... Read More »

SK Telecom joins hands with Google

Tweet Recent years have witnessed a boost in the Telecommunication industry. The Mobile phones have become an integral and the most essential part of our lives. With the development in this sector, different countries have seen lots of turnarounds in their telecommunication era.  SK Telecom (South Korea Telecom), an ace provider of telecom service in South Korea, is controlled by the SK Group. It... Read More »
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HTC’s “I am Legend”, full Specs and Review

Tweet HTC Legend has durable aluminum body which is designed to make the HTC legend compact and shock proof. Not only does it looks great, but enables an easy ergonomic handling of the phone in the hand. Being a bar shaped Smartphone; the Legend enables you to take a call in an instant at the touch of a button. Apart from its looks the HTC Legend comes packed with various features and specifications... Read More »

ARM Introduces New Cortex-A15 Processor for Smartphones

Tweet ARM has introduced a new processor, the Cortex-A15 which has a processing speed of 2.5 GHz. The new processor represents a 5x performance improvement over the previous-generation technology, which is keenly being looked as a technology multiplier for smartphones. ARM is a leading company in the smartphone processor market, in which the company hopes that smartphone companies will take advantage... Read More »

Review of Nokia E5

Tweet The keypad rich Nokia E5 comes with the latest updates of a Smartphone. With access to the Ovistore you can easily download your own widgets. Some of the features and the specifications of the Nokia E5 can be seen as follows: Features Messaging: With a QWERTY Keypad you will be able to easily get hands on experience on e-mail through IBM® Lotus Notes® Traveler. You can also access up to... Read More »

Features and Specifications of Nokia N8

Tweet Nokia N8 seems to be the latest Smartphone release of Nokia in the HD category. It’s a compact and slim phone with a wide TFT touch screen, which enables you to view the photos and videos with greater clarity. Some of the features and Specifications of Nokia N8 can be seen as follows: Features HD: HD viewing is not new to Smartphone technology as Sony Ericson’s Vivaz has already ventured... Read More »
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Bad news for Microsoft: Verizon returns all Kins

Tweet In the second half of July it became clear that the partnership between Verizon and Microsoft has ended regarding the sale of the Kin series smartphones. Verizon decided to return all unsold units back to Microsoft after having already pulled out both Kin One and Two from its online sales. The beginning of the end This latest turnout is the logical end of what is thought as one of Microsoft’s... Read More »
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AT&T Sets Plans to Increase its Software Sales with Smartphone Apps

Tweet AT&T is a large multinational company, which has been developing and utilizing different types of services of many software service vendors. For example, Connect Mobile, another new product launch by AT&T has just hit the market and spread immensely. The service allows its users to participate in conference calls. Similarly, AT&T workbench makes it a lot easier to manage large corporate... Read More »
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Nexus One Goes Into Complete Hibernation

Tweet Subsequently facing a tenacious and dreadful receding, Google accepts to ultimately Subsequently facing a tenacious and dreadful receding, Google accepts to ultimately anesthetize its android cell phone, the Nexus. Google purely plans to do this to bring an awesome device out of its wretchedness. its android cell phone, the Nexus. Google purely plans to do this to bring an awesome device out... Read More »
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OTA Updates Announced for the DROID Incredible

Tweet Android has grown up much powerful than ever before. There are devices that are using Android for extreme power boost and ultimate user experience. These include the EVO 4G from HTC and the Galaxy S from Samsung. The computer that once used to fit in the building of MIT, now fits in Pockets. Possibilities with New Phones The possibilities with these pocket computer phones are endless. They now... Read More »
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Mobile Barcode Services – AT&T’s new look

Tweet Mobile technology has found the maximum growth in the recent quarter which ended in the year 2010. There is also a tremendous amount of research that is going on in the same field. There are several companies which are involved in the same. AT&T is one of those companies which have dedicated its resources for the performance increase every week. There have been continuous results that are... Read More »

The all new BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 Limited

Tweet Blackberry is a remarkable invention in the range of smart phones. Over the last decade, the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) has designed some unmatched blackberry phones with unique features. Blackberry can also be termed as Personal Digital Assistant. It is known for its unmatched capabilities of the address book, to do list, calendar, media player, push internet e-mail, Wi-Fi connectivity,... Read More »

Blackberry is all set to Launch Live Blog

Tweet Blackberry has recently launched its new product, Blackberry Torch with some unique features and latest technology. It is a touch screen phone which is expected to compete with several smart phones like Apple’s iPhone. It is said that this new handset would be the first one which would use Blackberry’s Operating System 6. The product is already in news all over and is expected to give a tough... Read More »
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Latest Blackberry 9800 Slider

Tweet Blackberry 9800 or Blackberry Torch is the latest launch from the company. It is a slider phone with full qwerty keypad. It is a wonderful handset with powerful features. This phone is very responsive as compared to other models. It has fluid interface, new browser for universal search, enhanced multimedia, integrated social feeds, etc. You can view all your friends’ updates at one spot. You... Read More »

Blackberry Services are blocked in Saudi Arabia

Tweet According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission has asked the mobile companies to block Blackberry service with effect from 5th of August. The Government finds it as a threat for their security because the data of Blackberry is accessed on remote servers. According to an extract the Saudi government claims that “It will be applicable to both,... Read More »
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Blackberry’s Answer in Smartphone Wars

Tweet Blackberry Torch can also be called an iPhone killer, as it is expected to give Apple’s iPhone and Motorola Droid a tough time in the market. The new Blackberry 9800, known as the Torch has some unique and powerful features to outshine its competitors. Blackberry 9800 will be out for sale from 12th August. It will be first sold in USA and then in other international markets in the following... Read More »

All new Motorola Sage can be launched with AT&T

Tweet Motorola has been pioneer for so many services and products, and company’s main vision has always been providing innovative and quality products to its consumers. They have been developing eco friendly policies and product which will help to protect the Mother Nature as well. Motorola has also entered into Smartphone market after understanding the popularity and usability of this field. Market... Read More »
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