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T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant Android Phone

Tweet In the ever increasing competition of Smartphones it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide which phone to go for. Whether you decide to go for Apps, Social Networking, Gaming or any other parameter that you are looking for in a Smartphone; you are bound not to get all these parameters in a single Smartphone. With the Samsung Vibrant Android Phone this is where the buck stop, as it is an... Read More »
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Sony Ericsson Boosts Niche With Android Smartphones

Tweet If there is any company that is greatly benefiting from the android phone smart phone design, it is Sony Ericsson. We can actually say that Sony Ericsson is the kind of company that knows what it needs and how to get it. Due to its capability to make use of opportunity, the Sony Ericsson product is surely getting some cool measure of popularity in the mobile phone world. The addition of this... Read More »
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Early lineup by customers for Droid X

Tweet The Droid X smartphone went on sale at 12:01 am on Friday July 16. The smartphone, which is currently iPhone’s toughest competitor had eager customers lining up outside Columbia, Md., Verizon wireless stores to have a chance to be counted as some of the first to purchase it. Word from clients. According to some of the early buyers who were interviewed, most of the features contained in the... Read More »
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Galaxy Phones From Samsung are Worthy iPhone Rivals

Tweet After the launch of Apple iPhone 4 there are many smart phones being launched which have quite similar features and interface. This war for smart phones is continuing and the major players are Apple and Google with their iPhone and Android operating system phones. The main company which is using Google’s Android operating system to power their smart phones and compete with Apple’s iPhone... Read More »
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Windows 7 Phone will only Use Bing

Tweet Microsoft has once again decided to play the big brother by making Bing the only search engine for Windows 7 phone. Shedding more light on the feature of Windows 7 mobile, Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft mentioned that the search engine would be integrated with the OS and it will be difficult to change it without some risk of the OS crashing. Features of Windows 7 mobile The... Read More »
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InNova Patent Struck Smartphone creaters

Tweet Apple and nearly three dozen other companies were slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit. The suit was filed in one of the friendliest courts for pursuing the patent infringement cases the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Taxes in Marshall. The suit was pursued by the apparent patent troll InNova Patent Licensing. This action was taken over technology used, which is used to... Read More »
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Sudden Stoppage of 2G, 3G and Call diversion in AT&T

Tweet AT&T and Dell Relationships There has been a smooth relationship going on between AT&T and the Dell . Both these companies have proved themselves in the international market with some of the amazing products on store. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of users in the recent past for both AT&T and Dell services. There was some years back the introduction of the Dell... Read More »
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Windows Phone 7 and Cloud Steal the show at WPC

Tweet Microsoft’s week mainly revolved around its Worldwide Partner Conference popularly known as Microsoft’s WPC, which was conducted in Washington D.C. between 11 to 15th of July. The Worldwide Partner Conference is a meeting which is conducted annually by the Microsoft. This conference acts as a platform for the partners to meet with one another and also with the staff of Microsoft giving... Read More »

Broadcom Revenue Increases on Smart-Phone Chip Demand

Tweet Whereas some giant phone makers are experiencing low sales and subsequently low profits, others are celebrating increased sales and overall profits. There in falls Broadcom Corp that is celebrating higher quarterly revenues. Impressive Quarterly Results On Tuesday last week, Broadcom Corp reported an increased quarterly earning and revenue attributing it to robust and strong demand for its chips... Read More »
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Android Phone Sales Beat iPhone Market Share

Tweet It looks like Android phones have made a “kill” in the Smartphone market. This has effectively nosed down the iPhone in the top ten Smartphone ranking  for the 2nd quarter ending. With Android phones sales gaining momentum each month since 2009, it might be possible that the Android phone’s reign over iPhone might not be just for this quarter. A recent survey from the Nielsen Company shows... Read More »
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LG Smartphones Cause Profits to Decline

Tweet LG Electronics had a poor second quarter performance that subsequently gave it low profit returns courtesy of its poor sales in TV and Handsets. In what could only be termed as a failure to compete favorably in the market place, LG’s smart phones such as the LG Ally were outperformed by tougher competitors such as Google’s Android smart phones. Competition In the face of competition from... Read More »
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Study says Verizon Smartphone Users Average more Data Usage than AT&T’s

Tweet The new study is a shocker by any means if you have always thought your buddies were using their iPhones too much. I have always thought people kind of tend to use their iPhones all the time seeing as it is that each time I spot an iPhone user, they always seem to be engrossed in using their phones. Well, if you think you have seen too many people using iPhones, think again because a new report... Read More »
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Microsoft Plans to Tweak Windows Phone 7 before It Is Launched

Tweet Microsoft is actually planning the launc of the windows phone 7. This is one phone that will give you something more than the run of the mill experience that you have been having with other forms of technology in the same line with the window phone 7. Several features are very much on this window phone 7 and it is sure to take your taste beyond the ordinary. All you actually need is to lay your... Read More »
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Facebook Contact Sync Messes Up with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR

Tweet The problem of Contact Snyc is being caused by the presence of MOTOBLUR on the phone. There are two version of the android, the original one and the X. Motorola provides the download of the facebook app on both but here Motorola trashed up the whole thing. If you are using the original version of the droid, the regular facebook app provides an option to sync contacts all, existing or none. Whereas... Read More »
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The Dance of the Unwilling Partners: Microsoft, AT&T and the Windows Phone 7 ‘Premier’ Partner

Tweet Even after having repeatedly claimed that it is the “premier” carrier partner for Microsoft Corps latest Smartphone, Windows Phone 7, the software giant now says it is currently working with a number of other firms other than AT&T on the phone’s launch. AT&T has once and again claimed that it is the exclusive partner for the windows 7, being as it is that it enjoys an exclusivity... Read More »
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“Buzz” to come to Blackberry OS6

Tweet If you don’t know about it, then maybe you are not so interested in IT sphere news. But we will fix what you missed now. Buzz was introduced few months ago by one of the biggest player on the information technologies market – Google.  Its idea somewhat resembles Facebook’s idea of following your friend, keeping close track on their life and activity. There were also some new principles... Read More »
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Blackberry’s Marketing Strategy Against iPhone

Tweet iPhone has turned more like an inspiration now and this has turned the Smartphone industry into a competitive zone. There have been several sources that have been coming up with many different products and now the most exotic and the most widely corporate producer is coming up with a number of improvements to fight down the iPhone bonanza. Research in Motion is coming up with a new touch screen... Read More »
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Brand New Samsung Captivate from AT&T

Tweet The new astonishing Samsung Captivate, a Galaxy S smartphone has been released in many parts of the world and once again is a great achievement by Samsung. It took some time to get out in the market but now Samsung Captivate is all over the market with a very low price of $199.99 under a two-year with AT&T. You also have the option of attaining the phone without committing to any contract... Read More »
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The Harsh facts about Smartphone and manufacturers!

Tweet Smartphone market is an excellent venture these days with a lot of business opening altogether. There have been a number of entries into the market lately. You might come up with many interesting facts and figures unveiled to you with the members of the Smartphone community. The Apple’s models that were once considered to be obsolete are doing overwhelming business in the market. The model... Read More »
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Google’s Android 2.2 OS in Motorola Droid 2

Tweet All forms of phones that know about quality are really going for the best in terms of making their product one of the best in terms of communication. Not only are these high class phones interested in making the communication world something of note, they are also really interested in inputting entertainment into their phones. This ensures a lot of improvement in the communication world to the... Read More »

Finally Twitter Launches Official iPhone and Android Apps

Tweet Owned and managed by Twitter Inc., Twitter is one of the world’s best social networking and micro blogging website. It enables millions of users to keep in constant touch with their family and friends through instant messaging upload known as tweets. The symbol of the little blue bird is now synonymous with Twitter and is recognized the world over. In an effort to ensure constant contact with... Read More »
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Radio to Come up with a Beta Application that Runs on Android Enabled Mobiles

Tweet Music lovers would actually love to find their amazing music station on the mobile devices. There has been news around the corner that the famous music station Rdio is planning to come up with an application that would be running on the Android Operating System. The music station or service, Rdio in US has brought up its official Android application but the company has cautioned that it is very... Read More »

Droid X and iPhone 4 Havoc

Tweet It is general knowledge that the iPhone 4 have been hammered thoroughly because of a few reasons. One of them is the death grip. With Verizon’s major release for the Droid X, will it be causing turnovers? The issue with the iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 has been a rave when it was released. But apparently, like a majority of products out in the market, issues come out, and apparently, the developers... Read More »
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Microsoft’s Tablets and Smartphone OS

Tweet At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference this year, the company presented a lot of different and revolutionary ideas to the attendees. This year WPC has been the largest ever in Microsoft’s history with attendees of over 9500, in addition to 3000 of Microsoft’s employees. After a long time Microsoft is coming up with something new in it’s history. The main focus of the conference was... Read More »
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Blue Bee: The New Mobile Trend

Tweet Aside from highly computer based world, the communication is still enriched by this piece of technology that for the past years, have grown into a much more quality with great style. Others would focus on a trendier looking for the trend – setters and for the business people, a more elegant, simple and easy to handle with features compatible for their everyday busy use. This is somehow a great... Read More »
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