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Nintendo revealed a few game titles for Wii U

Tweet Recently, Nintendo showed off a slew of interesting game titles for its new console Wii U. From brand new intriguing series to improved version of some previous games, every single game is primarily addressed to Nintendo’s new game controller. Check out the list of a few major titles unveiled by Nintendo: New Super Mario Bros. U With a few twists to its previous version, the New Super Mario... Read More »
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Wii gets Pounded by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Tweet Gaming consoles are getting more popular these days; you have many options for buying gaming console and to play your favorite games on it. Microsoft Xbox, Sony playstation and Nintendo’s Wii are the most famous gaming consoles in the world. Nintendo Wii is a home video game console developed by Nintendo in 2006. Nintendo Wii competes with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3. It states... Read More »

Reports Suggest Nintendo Wii to be the Most Sold Gaming Console

Tweet According to a study by market research firm NPD released recently, the Nintendo Wii gaming console is by far the most sold gaming console globally. Even as it is currently, the American gaming console is still the most selling, despite having clocked record sales to stand out as the most sold gaming console to date, surpassing even the Xbox 360. Sales in the US As of January this year, about... Read More »
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Will Google Search Support Sony Playstation 3?

Tweet Playstation 3, successor of the very successful Playstation 2 is already a huge hit in the market. Launched in 2006, Playstation 3 or PS3 comes with alluring add-ons like upgraded gaming experience and online browsing as compared to PS2. The console is now available with 80 or 120 GB hard disc space against the previous versions of PS3 that offered 20, 40 or 60 GB hard drive. PS3 is undoubtedly... Read More »

Trailers of Wii Zelda, Portal 2 Showcased in E3

Tweet E3 is the name which has always been associated with showing some of the very exciting and wonderful games. It included many great classic franchise games, such as, The legend of Zelda, Rayman and Kirby and at the same time there are many brand new games like the Child of Eden and Shank. E3 had an annual show of its games. The first day did not have enough announcements of the games as well as... Read More »

Gaming, Parenting, Baby Sitting and Family time on Wii

Tweet This is in regard to the newly launched Baby Sitting Mama game on Wii which is a sequel to the Cooking Mama range. The game is developed by Majesco Entertainment. Slip in your Wii remote, tuck in your nunchuk and you’re ready to babysit. Cooking Mama was a game when launched on Wii became an instant hit as a family game and was a profitable venture. Cooking Mama introduced new Wii accessories... Read More »

Nintendo Wii: Discovering the Off-beat Path

Tweet The Nintendo Wii is one of the most famous gaming consoles that are operational today and is also one of the most affordable consoles in the market. The gaming console has become quite popular with grownups and children alike because it sports a powerful distinction if compared to other gaming consoles. The Nintendo Wii has surpassed the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 in sales as of 2009... Read More »
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Wii Launches New Classic Controller

Tweet Nintendo has a tradition to launch peripherals along with the release of its own software. Plastic wheel was launched with the release of Mario Kart Wii and balanced board was launched with the release of Wii Fit. Nintendo also introduced Wii MotionPlus along with the release of Wii Sports Resort. But this time Wii has gone to Capcom for the release of the new Classic Controller Pro. Nintendo... Read More »
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