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Sony® PlayStation Vita Challenge: Design your own Portable ID

Tweet Sony wants you to be a part of the grand celebration of its successful launch of PlayStation Vita. You have an excellent opportunity to associate yourself with the unique gaming system by creating your own original portable ID design. Sony has launched an open challenge to explore and express your creativity and come up with the most imaginative portable ID design for PlayStation Vita. For taking... Read More »
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Sony® ships 150 millionth PlayStation 2

Tweet Since its launch around 150 million units of the Sony PlayStation gaming console have been shipped. It is a huge number since it was released somewhere in March 2000 in Japan. Research and development teams are working round the clock to develop more interesting games. These are more users friendly and offer a new atmosphere as compared to the older versions. The advanced features of PlayStation... Read More »
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Sony® PlayStation phone

Tweet Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available... Read More »

Sony’s PSP2 Delayed due to CPU problems

Tweet In the world of handheld game systems, Sony has hit a snag again when it comes to releasing. According to circulating reports, Sony’s PSP2 will be delayed due to issues involving the processor. It appears that the PSP2, a successor to the former PSP, will support an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU. This is according to Charlie Demerjian of Semi Accurate. Charlie was among those who attended a recent SEMICON... Read More »
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Which is Better Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move?

Tweet In 2006, Nintendo introduced a motion based controller to its Wii. But console companies like Sony and Microsoft as well as some industry analysts thought that such development was unappealing for gamers. They turned out to be wrong. Nintendo dominated the market in this area for four years until Sony and Microsoft changed their opinions about it and admitted that such technology is the next... Read More »

Sony’s Keynote Address at the E3

Tweet Sony has spent a great deal of time for its two hour long E3 keynote in which it discussed the upcoming move of the PlayStation. But still there is more to come in which it has to be revealed that what is the new plan for the subscription to the PSN, the brand new game called the Twisted Metal game as well as the release date for the GT5 (Gran Turismo 5). New Subscription Plan PlayStation Plus... Read More »

Shadow of the Colossus in HD: This is What it Could be

Tweet Shadow of Colossus, published by SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment) has been making everybody crazy and is widely believed that it would be provided with the same treatment as has been offered for God of War Collection. Rumors are on that Ico and Shadow of Colossus, the adventurous cum action oriented video game that has been published as well as developed for the PlayStation 2 would be receiving... Read More »

NIER: A game worth skipping…

Tweet It was definitely a good strategy for Square-Enix to release NIER after Final Fantasy VIII thereby making gamers to think of this game too as a highly fast paced action game. NIER possesses none of the superior story and the engaging gameplay Final Fantasy VIII had. NIER’s development had been outsourced to Cavia and frankly, they messed it up. The story begins as follows. You are a man with... Read More »
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