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Sony® Brings Stories to Life with ‘Wonderbook’

Tweet “When you sell a man a book you don’t sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue – you sell him a whole new life.” -Christopher Morley And to let you experience an entirely different and life-like world while reading a storybook, lately at E3 2012 conference, Sony unveiled a novel interactive storytelling peripheral for PlayStation 3. Wonderbook, as the device is dubbed,... Read More »
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Sony® PlayStation Vita Challenge: Design your own Portable ID

Tweet Sony wants you to be a part of the grand celebration of its successful launch of PlayStation Vita. You have an excellent opportunity to associate yourself with the unique gaming system by creating your own original portable ID design. Sony has launched an open challenge to explore and express your creativity and come up with the most imaginative portable ID design for PlayStation Vita. For taking... Read More »
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L.A. Noire review — A Must-try For Gamers

Tweet This is truly a fascinating and engrossing game title from Rockstar Games that would go on to become one of your favorites in no time. As always, Rockstar Games has yet again interwoven fun, agony, and thrill into one action-packed title. L.A. Noire would get the best of you as soon as you delve into its highly stimulating gameplay. The game is an awesome delight for all the seasoned gamers... Read More »
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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for Sony® PlayStation 3

Tweet Unleash Prince Edmund from skeleton Deadmund through his pursuit for the healing Gatestone in this adventurous game Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for PS3 is an entertaining action game developed to be played with the motion-sensing device PlayStation Move. The game unfolds in an old time setup with Prince Edmund as its central character. When Morgrimm (a sinister warlock) attacks his... Read More »

EyePet & Friends on Sony® PS3

Tweet Christmas Season is still going and bells are ringing aloud. Festivities are on and it’s time to make the best out of holidays. While you indulge in your favorite holiday pastimes, don’t ignore your children. Give them something exciting that they would love spending time on. How about EyePet & Friends, the popular PS3 game title for kids? You children will love it and so will you. You... Read More »
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First look at Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for Sony® PlayStation 3

Tweet Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the third in the series of the award-winning game Uncharted was released in the US on 1st November, 2011. It is one of the most talked about video game of 2011 for PlayStation 3. Players get to control the character of the main hero Nathan Drake, also known as Nate. His friend and mentor Victor Sullivan (also known as Sully) and Elena Fisher (Nathan Drake’s... Read More »

Portable gaming on a budget

Tweet PSP, or the PlayStation Portable is a handheld game console marketed and manufactured by Sony. The latest version of the console, the PSP Go, was released in November 2009. It was recently announced that Sony PSP Go would soon be sold for $150 in the US. Previously priced at $200, Sony quietly decreased the price of its portable gaming console, thereby making the UMD-less portable PSP Go game... Read More »
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Sony® PlayStation phone

Tweet Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available... Read More »

Sony® to Launch Networked Portable Game Player, Smartphones

Tweet A revamped and updated PlayStation handheld gaming device will be unveiled by Sony followed by a smartphone with gaming capability. Sony is planning to use its networked entertainment services to share data, media and games among handheld devices, TVs and other media enriched platforms. Sony will unveil the new portable player and a Sony Ericsson Touch enabled smartphone. The company seems to... Read More »

New launches from Sony® in Smartphone Arena

Tweet As has been announced, the CES Show 2011 saw the references made by Sony for all the products showcased with a common content shared across all products like the Play station devices PS3, PSP, PSP2, and the PS phone. Microsoft being ahead of Sony with regards to tying the new Window Mobile Phone 7 handsets into the live providing a live login. Gaming is already made available by Microsoft. Sony... Read More »
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Wii gets Pounded by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Tweet Gaming consoles are getting more popular these days; you have many options for buying gaming console and to play your favorite games on it. Microsoft Xbox, Sony playstation and Nintendo’s Wii are the most famous gaming consoles in the world. Nintendo Wii is a home video game console developed by Nintendo in 2006. Nintendo Wii competes with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3. It states... Read More »

God of War 3 launches on PSP and PSP Go

Tweet If you have been avidly waiting God of War 3 release in your PSP or PSP Go console, without even playing it on the PC or Playstation 3, then your wait has paid off as Sony Santa Monica Studios (GoW3’s developers) have launched the new version of the game on PSP and PSP Go on November 2. GoW3 has had a huge success on the PC and and Sony Playstation 3 console. This has been particlulary due... Read More »

Sony Squashes Jailbreak, Releases Patch

Tweet Are you one the user of Sony PS3, who have taken advantage of the PS3 and want to carry on using it, then this news may shock you. Sony has declared new mandatory update for Play Station 3. You can’t expect any new feature. Sony gave a quick response to PS3 break, since last month Australian court grated Sony for complete control over an inventory of PS3 jailbreak devices. But for this console... Read More »
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Watch You-tube and experience Blue Ray movies in 3D from your Sony PlayStation 3

Tweet 3D is the new in-thing, it is everywhere and you cannot avoid it. It is also extremely awesome and the effects and feeling of having to watch and experience any video in a three-dimensional format, captivates both young and old alike.  You Tube, who will introduce in twelve months and Blue ray movies, next month will be inputting 3D video which can be played and seen using Sony’s new 3D enabled... Read More »

Developers to Play key Role in Next Playstation Release

Tweet Play station is nothing but a video game console which is developed by renowned electronics company Sony. Sony has released three models of play station till date. Play Station 3 is the latest gaming console which is available in the market. It has many advantages over the old models and has become quite popular in the market. But many developers state that playstation 3 is not developer friendly.... Read More »
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Would you like to play your PS3 With an Xbox 360 controller?

Tweet Nyko has been a manufacturer of different gaming accessories for various gaming consoles since 1996. It has produced a number of gaming remote controls like “Wand”, a replacement of Nintendo Wii remote controller (also known as a Wii-mote). “Wand+” and “Kama” are also made by Nyko for use with Wii. The charge station available for Nyko could replace the ordinary batteries of Wii controller... Read More »
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Sony Playstation3 (PS3) Event Release

Tweet Are you a computer game freak? Do you like high graphics games? Do you dream to play 3-D games? If your answer is yes then definitely you have got the device what you are looking for. The most popular gaming tool of the world of ‘Play station’ has been the buzz of the games industry. Sony has recently released the newer version of Playstation3 with eye lashing offers and facilities. The gaming... Read More »

HDD Upgrade Service for Japanese PS3 Users

Tweet There are various versions of the Sony PS3 which have had different hard drive sizes, and configurations. Those who’ve not got the 250GB model have started feeling cramped with lower capacity hard-drive; but, unfortunately, Sony PS3 is not a PC that you can simply upgrade the hard drive. It takes much more than purchasing a new hard drive in order to replace a low capacity hard drive with a... Read More »
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Nintendo Wii: Discovering the Off-beat Path

Tweet The Nintendo Wii is one of the most famous gaming consoles that are operational today and is also one of the most affordable consoles in the market. The gaming console has become quite popular with grownups and children alike because it sports a powerful distinction if compared to other gaming consoles. The Nintendo Wii has surpassed the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 in sales as of 2009... Read More »
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Sony Sued For Firmware v3.21 Release

Tweet Looks like Sony will have a rusty time with its latest firmware v3.21 release in March, which disabled Linux support from PS3. Consequently, users will not be able to install Linux OS anymore on the Sony PS3. Customers Lose Either Ways! This firmware update was not mandatory; however, those who chose not to do this upgrade were cut off from several existing functionalities, including the capability... Read More »

PS3 Becomes Portable

Tweet Japanese peripheral maker, Hori has released a new accessory for PS3. The Japanese firm has launched a new HP3-87 portable screen for PS3. The HP3-87 is 11.6-inch screen that can support maximum resolution of 1366×768 pixel. The HP3-87 can be attached on the top surface of the PS3 slim. The HP3-87 offers 720p video along with the stereo sound. Users can also play Blu-Ray disc with the help of... Read More »
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