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The return of Halo 4

Tweet Microsoft Studios is celebrating the return of the Master Chief with Halo 4. Nearly five years after Halo 3, Halo 4 is all prepared to set the stage for the best first-person shooter saga. If you are obsessed with Halo, here’s a good news for you. Lately Halo 4 developer 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios revealed a $399 XBOX 360 console bundled with a number of features. Available for pre-order... Read More »

Microsoft® Update will let you control XBOX® with your iPhone®

Tweet Microsoft has released a significant update for its popular app, dubbed as My Xbox LIVE 1.5. This prime update brought along support to control your XBOX 360, right from your iPhone. Main highlights of My Xbox LIVE app The app will allow you to see all the latest console-related activities, browse and play any kind of media files, and even do fast forward or rewind accordingly. How you can... Read More »
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Stream Paramount Pictures on XBOX® 360

Tweet Since 1912, Paramount Pictures has offered us some really memorable and major blockbusters in cinema and TV shows alike. Titanic, Gladiator, I Love Lucy, Star Trek… the list is never-ending. Undoubtedly, Paramount Pictures has crossed all the milestones in terms of excellence and offered to us classics. If you are a die-hard fan of Paramount Pictures and own a XBOX 360, then here is good... Read More »
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New apps to dash on XBOX® 360

Tweet Microsoft is going to release a handful of new applications to XBOX 360s in the U.S. and Canada. For beginners, those of you living Stateside will now have access to Manga Entertainment and MUZU.TV. Manga Entertainment provides access to free video content from its catalog, while MUZU.TV boasts of around 40,000 music videos from current and classic artists ready for users’ viewing pleasure. FOXTEL... Read More »

XBOX® 720 to come with 16-Core CPU

Tweet The latest rumors making rounds on the Internet indicate that the upcoming Microsoft console i.e. the XBOX 720 is going to come equipped with a 16-core IBM PowerPC chip that was reportedly found in some early development machines. The finished version of the XBOX 720 is reported to come with a 16-core CPU, along with a GPU that will be equivalent in power to AMD Radeon HD 7000 GPU. At first instance,... Read More »
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The Gunstringer Game: A Diabolic Lover Adds more Action

Tweet XBOX 360 Kinect players have a new platform to sharpen their shooting skills. Microsoft is offering them a new shooting range set in the legendary cowboy-style environment of the Wild West. When gunshots of Colt and Remington pistols roar, you know that you have entered the dangerous world of “The Gunstringer”. Twisted Pixel Games and Microsoft Studios have announced a new installment of... Read More »
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XBOX® 360 Continues to Rule: The Best-Selling Console in February

Tweet XBOX 360 users now have another reason to boast about their favorite console. XBOX 360 has maintained its top selling title for yet another month. It’s the 14th consecutive month of unprecedented reign of XBOX 360 as the best-selling gaming console in the United States. Microsoft has announced that around 426,000 units of XBOX 360 were sold in the month of February, leaving other console competitors... Read More »
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Robots to play XBOX® 360 Kinect Games at FIRST® Robotics Competition

Tweet Video games are now no longer exclusive to humans only. Robots are also all set to make their mark and are joining in at the one of a kind video game contest at the FIRST Robotics Competition. The FIRST Robotics Competition will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. More than 60 robotics team will be participating in this unique competition, where they will be using XBOX... Read More »

SSX: Snow is not the Limit!

Tweet EA Canada brings the ultimate extreme skiing game that is going to pump up the adrenaline on your XBOX 360. Skiing could have never been better in the real or virtual world when you slide on the snow of SSX world. Yeah! SSX is undoubtedly the best skiing game ever with a deserving medal of Extreme Sports genre. The game combines all the extreme topographies of snowscape for you to not only awe... Read More »
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Harms Way — Action-packed race on your XBOX®

Tweet Harms Way is a thrilling racing game developed for XBOX 360 gaming console. The game title first appeared in the Unlock XBOX contest held in 2010, went on to secure its place among top three finalists, and has remained one of the favorites over the time. In the gameplay, you would have to start as a driver or sharpshooter and select from one of the three tracks. The background setup is similar... Read More »
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L.A. Noire review — A Must-try For Gamers

Tweet This is truly a fascinating and engrossing game title from Rockstar Games that would go on to become one of your favorites in no time. As always, Rockstar Games has yet again interwoven fun, agony, and thrill into one action-packed title. L.A. Noire would get the best of you as soon as you delve into its highly stimulating gameplay. The game is an awesome delight for all the seasoned gamers... Read More »
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Kinect Disneyland Adventures – for XBOX® 360

Tweet Microsoft has published yet another exclusive game for its XBOX 360 owners – Kinect Disneyland Adventures. As the name indicates, the game is based on the famous Disneyland Park and requires the motion sensing Kinect device in order to be played. You would find that the main attractions of the original Disneyland Park have been brought into the game with over 20 different themes, such as Alice... Read More »
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Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset, New Media Remote Set

Tweet Windows has recently announced that it has plans to roll out a new Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset and a new media remote set.  Both these accessories are intended to be used with Xbox 360. However, both these devices will also work with other compatible devices.   Last year, the Redmond tech giant had introduced an Xbox 360 coordinator equipped with a transforming D-pad. Users will be able to... Read More »
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Waiting For Windows® 8 To Play Xbox® 360 Games?

Tweet Everybody will be aware of the Xbox 360 games, which are a list of games that are proclaimed by the people of Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console. These list of games involve about 812 games totally, with 108 games ‘exclusive’ and 81 games which are ‘console exclusive’ application and those which are cross platform comes about 623 in number in the list. Some of the games that... Read More »
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Microsoft® demonstrates 3D display technology

Tweet The 3D display technology and Xbox 360 Avatar Kinect feature that will be launched by Microsoft are being talked by the people a lot and there is a lot of anticipation regarding them. In the modern times, the need for the latest technology is important and hence you have to understand that people have to embrace the latest gadgets in order to stay ahead of the rest of the people. Microsoft has... Read More »

Microsoft® preparing official Kinect drivers and SDK for Windows®

Tweet Well it is now official that Microsoft is preparing official Kinect drivers and also SDK for the Window based desktops. The Kinect device is used with Xbox 360 gaming console without the need for a controller. In a press release, Microsoft confirmed that they sold 8 million Kinect sensors in a matter of 60 days only. The success story of Kinect has been phenomenal and people have recognized the... Read More »

Microsoft: Demand and Supply Gap for Xbox 360

Tweet It had been rather disappointing to find out that Microsoft officials were rather speechless when they were asked about the low sales of their best selling products ever made which are the Xbox 360 and Kinect. Several people who are interested in gaming and do not want to play games on their PC due to the cumbersome tasks of installing the necessary hardware components and then playing a particular... Read More »
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Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect May go short of Production

Tweet Xbox 360 is a gaming console which is popular all over the world. It has come a long way since it was launched in the year 2001 in November. There is no stop for it as its demand is increasing with each passing day. The name given to it is because user feels a never before 3D environment , which delivers a live gaming experience it is just like you are in another world and living it up. The moment... Read More »

Gears of War Triple Pack to be Released

Tweet Finally Xbox 360 gamers have a moment to rejoice. Microsoft has announced that the Gears of War Triple Pack will be available at your nearest games store from Feb 15.  The prolonged wait and the rumors had added to the speculation of the latest release in Gears of War line up. Microsoft’s recent announcement has finally put all the doubts to rest.  Gears of War Triple Pack have nothing... Read More »

Xbox 360 sales increase in Japan

Tweet Home video game console Microsoft Xbox 360, released in November 2005, last autumn. According to  a published data  on the official Microsoft blog the Xbox 360 recorded  most successful  sales in the year 2010 in its entire five-year history .According to the NPD Group, in December 2010, Microsoft Corporation has sold 1.9 million Xbox 360 units that was the best indicator in the history... Read More »

New Xbox 360 Controller Released by Microsoft

Tweet Microsoft is the biggest software giant and they produce different types of software including online games also. Recently they announced the retail availability of its first cross-platform game controller and the latest addition to the Microsoft Game precision series. They launched the Xbox 360 controller for Windows, it delivers the precision and control that will set the standard for next-generation... Read More »
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Microsoft to introduce Kinect support for PCs

Tweet Xbox 360 is a very popular play station developed and launched by Microsoft. There are number of games that can be played on Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is an extended version of Xbox. One of the famous video game is the Kinect Sports; it uses the Kinect peripherals. this game was developed by Rare and it was launched alongside the peripheral. It is really exciting game for gamers. It allows single player... Read More »
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Microsoft Focusing on Kinect for $2 Billion Market Capitalization

Tweet Kinect is a gaming device which is specially made for the Xbox 360 gaming platform by Microsoft. The original name of the Kinect console was Project Natal, which was used in the initial developments of the console. Kinect is a console which allows the user to operate the Xbox 360 without game pads. It works via gestures and spoken commands. The purpose of the developing the kinetic gaming console... Read More »
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12.5 Million Subscribers for Microsoft Xbox Live Gold

Tweet Xbox Live, an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service is the only online gaming service on consoles on which users have to pay charges to play multiplayer gaming. It is created and operated by Microsoft Corporation. Xbox Live provides two kind of services to its users , one is called Xbox Live Free, which as the name suggests is a free service and other is called Xbox Live... Read More »

Wii gets Pounded by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Tweet Gaming consoles are getting more popular these days; you have many options for buying gaming console and to play your favorite games on it. Microsoft Xbox, Sony playstation and Nintendo’s Wii are the most famous gaming consoles in the world. Nintendo Wii is a home video game console developed by Nintendo in 2006. Nintendo Wii competes with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3. It states... Read More »
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