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Waiting For Windows® 8 To Play Xbox® 360 Games?

Everybody will be aware of the Xbox 360 games, which are a list of games that are proclaimed by the people of Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console. These list of games involve about 812 games totally, with 108 games ‘exclusive’ and 81 games which are ‘console exclusive’ application and those which are cross platform comes about 623 in number in the list. Some of the games that you have heard about like Xbox Originals, Xbox Live Indie Games and Xbox Live Arcade Games as well as Xbox Live games which are played in Windows Phone7 are not in the list of 360 games.

The field “Exclusive” points out whether the Xbox 360 is the only platform which is usable. This won’t involve games which are handheld with the help of console or any mobiles which usually execute a fully different versioned game with the same name. “Console” for exclusiveness tells-though the title is under the name of arcade game which executes on computer with the help of Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X etc., it’s not usable on any other console application in its primal mode.

According to gossips and news spread across, Windows 8 OS will help in executing Xbox 360 games. Thus the requirement for a console can be avoided completely.

But there is another loophole for the above function, as of now Microsoft will call for more money and it will be in the form of subscription fees, if you are playing the game on 360 titles on your PC. You can also execute the game separately in another network with the help of Xbox Live. This equipment does not need more than one cross-game player because of the controller indifferences.

Being platform independent does not serve the need

If you wish to play Xbox 368 games on your computer instantly, then you need to migrate through all types of hoops like emulators and many others which is not actually the ideal solution to the problem. But, as per the sources or talks inside- whenever the naïve version of Windows is released, all these flaws will disappear.

According to the reports obtained, Windows 8 will help to execute Xbox 360 games without any need and loopholes with the devices like emulators. A multiplayer will only use Windows Live service provided, instead of Xbox Live.

As thousands of people are behind Windows and are using mainly Windows applications and though not every user would like to play it, but still it has got the ability to massively enhance the install fundamental for 360 games. Microsoft recently come to an end with the games which was provided for Windows Live site through  Xbox.com, which may be anything from this news or the news which has something related to it.

But still Microsoft has not given confirmation on the release date of this new Windows 8. As of now, it is supposed to release by October 2012.

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