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YouTube® to Join VIZIO® Internet Apps Family

Tweet VIZIO Internet apps will shortly see a YouTube widget. At the commencement of CES 2012, it got clear that technology is really moving at a rapid pace. The entire show revealed an exciting line of products all ranging from mobile phones, computing devices, digital cameras, and some luxurious televisions. VIZIO, an American television manufacturer, showcased several impressive TV models. But, the... Read More »
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LG Planning 3D Technology without Glasses

Tweet LG is planning to unveil a Smartphone with 3D viewing and recording capability. And an added benefit of viewing 3D videos without the bulky glasses. Named as Optimus 3D it is planned to unveil at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this year. The phone touted to be the most advanced and running on innovation will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording and a LCD screen for displaying the visual... Read More »

Toshiba to offer 3D LCD TV Glasses for free

Tweet LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display which is used in almost all kind of display devices like monitors, television, motor display panels, digital instruments etc. LCD is very flat and thin visual display and it uses the light modulation attribute of to provide crisp and clear display from liquid crystals. Earlier computer monitors and television were dependent on CRT (Cathode Ray... Read More »

LG 47LE5500 Presents great Visual Acuity

Tweet LG 47LE5500 47 inch screen presents great picture quality in terms of HD video playback. With a mega contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, you can watch movies on this LCD screen with greater clarity. If you are thinking of having more space in your living room or bedroom then the ultra slim design will give more prominence to your interiors. Some of the specifications of LG 47LE5500 LCD TV are... Read More »
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Bose releases new VideoWave LCD TV

Tweet Recently Bose has broken it’s tradition of releasing sound based products and now has released its LCD TV  called the VideoWave which 46-inch LCD in length. The LCD TV also contains an enlarged Wave Radio speaker which has been attached to the back of the TV. If you seen the advertisement in which Bose has quite spuriously shown a layered understanding of the TV, then it looks quite like a... Read More »

Review and Specifications of Panasonic TC-P65VT25

Tweet The Panasonic TC-P65VT25 is a large screen plasma panel which has a superior black-level performance with great shadow detail. One of the greatest plus points of the Panasonic TC-P65VT25 is its precision based primary colors in THX mode with good color saturation. In terms of the screen features the Panasonic TC-P65VT25 has an effective antireflective screen that has the capability to produce... Read More »
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Review of Toshiba’s CEVO-Engine

Tweet Toshiba is happy about its upcoming CEVO-Engine, which is going to launch in the beginning of next year in a price range of “sub-€5,000”. So, CEVO-Engine in a nutshell is a bunch of those multicore processors stacked on top of each other and that allows more picture processing. The Cell of these microprocessors are capable of converting 2D to 3D but the CEVO-Engine is capable to... Read More »
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Corning Inc. Notices Excellent Raise- Increasing demand of LCD TVs

Tweet Corning sales have been on a serious hike lately as the company is facing strong demand from the market. Corning Inc. has come up with a real high sales and profits because of the fact that the glass that is being used in mobile devices, LCD screens and telecommunication equipments is in a high demand because all these different products are in a high demand around the world. The company defines... Read More »
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Gome-Sharp Sign 6 Billion Yuan Contract

Tweet LCD TVs are on a hike these days as the technology has been well acknowledged around the world. There has been several moves from the manufacturers around the world in the field of LCD TVs in order to cater more and more attention from different parts of the world. Many of the top notch manufacturers around the world are moving ahead in this arena with the LCD TV technology advancing every minute. Gome... Read More »
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Predict TV niches coming from the top Manufacturers

Tweet TVs have undergone serious transformation in the recent years where the companies manufacturing them came up with overwhelming yet exotic devices to attract more and more people towards their brand. The competition started with simple slim LED models and then moved on to the plasma TV models that provided better quality compared to the LCD ones. The race then moved on to 3D world and it seems... Read More »
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LG Launches New Concepts for 3D TV

Tweet When the technology raises its standards then catching up with becomes extremely important. You cannot sit back and use the same old gadgets that have become outdated with time. Same is the cause for people running after the high end three dimensional televisions which are amazingly relishing. In case you are an ardent television freak then what can be better for you than the amazing TV from... Read More »
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Talk via Your TV through Skype

Tweet Skype took up the market share for voice calling and then later video calling for the quality services that it has been providing since August 2003. Skype has been the destination for all those who are addicted to chatting all the time through their computers or even mobiles later on. The smartphones these days have specialized applications authored by Skype that lets them talk with each other... Read More »
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Samsung Introduces LN46C750 LCD HDTV

Tweet Samsung has recently introduced a new 3D LCD HDTV. The new Samsung LN46C750 is a 46 inches LCD HDTV that delivers 1080 pixels high definition video output. The ultra stylish Samsung LN46C750 is 3D enabled LCD HDTV that gives you a lifetime high definition video experience. Samsung LN46C750 comes with an exclusive black “Touch of Color” design that combines texture and color of the new Samsung... Read More »

Sharp Announces Eight New LCDs

Tweet Sharp has announced that it will be introducing eight new LCD models. The Japan based organization will be adding eight new models in the DX Series of its LED AQUOS TVs. These eight models will feature one model of 52 inch, one model of 46 inch, three models of 40 inch and three models of 32 inch and all the models will have an in-built Blue-ray disc recorders, along with next generation UVA... Read More »
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