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Internet TV on rise in the U.S.

Tweet According to the recent survey of Nielson, around three million Americans had cut their cable television subscriptions last year as an increasing number turned to the Internet. The Nielsen survey released last week found that some of those getting rid of cable moved to packages from telecom provider or satellites, but overall subscriptions fell by 1.5 million, or around 1.5%. Findings of survey But... Read More »
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Google™ TV for EDU offers education through web and TV

Tweet Google is and has always been known as an innovative group of professionals, who even within their organization promote creativity and lay maximum stress on education as a culture. Trust Google to enter the education field with their Google Apps Education Training Center and their 5 billion dollar education project for schools. The websites of Google provide the foundation for sharing and displaying... Read More »

Internet TV devices: A comparison

Tweet The CES 2011 demonstrated several products and technologies for gadget geeks, book publishers, entertainment providers, computer manufacturers, smartphone manufacturers, TV manufacturers, gaming manufacturers and more. The one most common product used by billions of people around the world, the TV, is also getting an interesting transformation with the interfacing of the same with the Internet. According... Read More »

Google TV and Apple TV Faceoff in Fall

Tweet Google CEO Eric Schmidt, at the Berlin IFA show, confirmed the company’s plans to launch its new product Google TV in fall this year. He further added the product will be launched internationally in 2011. He said the company will be communicating with content providers to get some entertainment on the device. Though he dismissed any plans of Google getting into content production. Google is... Read More »
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The All New Apple TV: Maximize Your Entertainment

Tweet Apple TV is 80 percent smaller than the previous generation but that doesn’t mean that it is smaller in entertainment. The stylish design and sleek looks of Apple TV makes it an adorable product. Some of the specifications of Apple TV can be seen as follows: Size and weight 0.9 inches X 3.9 inches X 3.9 inches (H X W X D) Weight 0.6 pounds Processor Apple A4 chip Processor System requirements AirPort... Read More »
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Sigma Designs Unveils First Low-Cost Microsoft Mediaroom(TM) Compatible Set Top Box Platform

Tweet Microsoft Mediaroom™ is a platform that has achieved great success in the establishment of the premier solution for the IPTV deployments of the variable sizes. Mediaroom is considered to be the world’s most deployed IPTV platform that has got the ability to deliver the services to more than five million subscriber households with the global customer base. Mediaroom is also having great experience... Read More »

Apple Says New Apple TV to Offer 99-cent Rentals

Tweet There had been reports recently insinuating that Apple was keen on securing deals with major TV networks but had neither succeeded nor made any meaningful steps. What began as a rumor that Apple was keen on luring major TV networks into lowering the costs of their shows on Apple’s iTunes from the existing $1.99 per episode to a low of 99 cents per episode might actually be true.  According... Read More »
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Can iOS Boost Apple TV?

Tweet Apple TV Platform It was announced few years ago, that Apple is designing new STB, mainly for online access to multimedia content. When it was finally done, it was named Applet TV, and it could be integrated in TV, or be purchased separately as STB (set-top box). Chances are you have never seen one – mainly because it never reached the success of iPhone for example. It was not cheap, and the... Read More »
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A new Apple TV in 2010 to compete with Google TV?

Tweet Apple is on the verge of launching a new Apple TV this year to compete with the Google merchandise. For those who believed that Apple would stop innovating with the entertainment industry after the launch of Apple TV box, here is the answer to all, the new Apple TV based on cloud computing to give a run for its money to Google TV also. Earlier Apple had launched Apple TV which was an unprecedentedly... Read More »
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