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Connect all household electronic devices to Internet with Electric Imp

Tweet Soon you can connect every electronic item in your household to the Internet with the help of a tiny card named Imp Card. Former iPhone engineering manager Hugo Fiennes, former Gmail designer Kevin Fox, and firmware engineer Peter Hartley have founded a company named Electric Imp whose mission is to turn every product you own into an Internet-connected device. How Imp Card works? Imp Cards are... Read More »

Facebook® unveils its own app hub

Tweet The popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its own app store named App Center from where users can browse high-quality games and other useful apps for their Android or Apple’s iOS-based mobile device. Facebook will only host the apps, to download them the user has to go to either Google Play or App Store.   Launch of App Center The new App Center, which... Read More »

Internet TV on rise in the U.S.

Tweet According to the recent survey of Nielson, around three million Americans had cut their cable television subscriptions last year as an increasing number turned to the Internet. The Nielsen survey released last week found that some of those getting rid of cable moved to packages from telecom provider or satellites, but overall subscriptions fell by 1.5 million, or around 1.5%. Findings of survey But... Read More »
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Google+™ Hangouts on Air offers Live Broadcasting

Tweet Google+ is making the live Hangouts broadcasting feature available for all its users. The feature was till now available to a limited number of professional broadcasters only. With Hangouts on Air, the user can broadcast live video publicly from a Google+ stream, a YouTube channel or embed it on a website. Is this simple video streaming? Hangouts on Air is more than simple video streaming.... Read More »

Google™ Play and YouTube® to rent 600 MGM® movie titles

Tweet Google has joined hands with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to offer 600 of the studio’s movie titles to rent through online video sharing service YouTube and its Android app store Google Play. The deal will apply to the U.S. and Canada regions, and will include blockbusters such as ‘The Terminator’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘Robocop’, with more titles to be added gradually in the coming weeks. The... Read More »
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Google™ Drive with 5GB Storage Space: A Week Away

Tweet If you make use of cloud-based storage services like Dropbox and Box, then you are going to get another wonderful service at your disposal in a week’s time. The most-awaited cloud-based storage service from Google is now just a week away. The service actually came into notice in February 2012 when Wall Street Journal reported that the search engine company is going to launch a cloud-based service... Read More »
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Google™ and Twitter® reject UK censors

Tweet Google and Twitter have jointly refused to comply with the calls from the British parliamentary committee to filter their services and follow the court orders intended to protect individual privacy. According to both the leading web services providing companies, it would be impossible to censor the material on the Internet effectively. “Requiring search engines to screen the content of... Read More »
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Enjoy Kit Kat® break with its latest application “Break Time Friday”

Tweet How about taking a Kit Kat break? Kit Kat has always reminded us to take a well needed break amid anything (to quickly have a Kit Kat). Now Kit Kat is offering to take a fun-filled break and enjoy their latest application “Break Time Friday”. Happening every Friday on Facebook, Kit Kat’s “Break Time Friday” application has been produced by an agency called JWT Italy. This event invites... Read More »

Google™ plans to share Google™ Wallet revenues with Mobile Network providers

Tweet Google is on the way to plan to gain the favor of mobile network operators for promoting Google Wallet. In order to pursue this goal, Google has decided to give a cut of Google Wallet revenue share. Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that offers mobile payment system. It can store credit cards, loyalty cards, and other service provider cards. Based on NFC (Near Field Communication), it can transfer... Read More »
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Google™ Earth 6.2 arrives on Android™

Tweet Normally, it may sound weird when someone wants to envisage the entire globe from naked eyes. Wait, it is rather possible and that too using a handheld device. Google Earth, an application used on Windows-based computers to virtually look for maps and earth locations, is now available for Android and iOS platform. Google Earth 6.2 is packed with exciting features, such as an accessible Earth... Read More »
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Yahoo!® sues Facebook® over patent infringement

Tweet It’s a clash of big titans with two major technology companies entering into a legal battle for patent infringement. Yahoo!, a leading search engine company, sued Facebook on Monday on account of patent infringement. In the lawsuit filed in a U.S. court, the company claimed that the social media giant has violated 10 of its patents concerning advertising, privacy controls, and social networking. This... Read More »
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SNW Spring 2012: A Major Event on Information Infrastructure

Tweet In today’s world, information technology has become the backbone of every major organization across the globe. To emphasize and discuss more about this growing technology, Dallas city will be hosting one of the biggest events related to information infrastructure. SNW Spring 2012 is a major global event dedicated to highlight the leading technologies that manage and optimize information infrastructure... Read More »

Mobile World Congress® 2012: Cisco® plans for better Mobile Internet

Tweet Cisco disclosed its plan to provide a better mobile connectivity at the Mobile World Congress 2012, which is currently being held at Barcelona. The CEO of Cisco Brian Dunn told that the Internet providers for mobile and smartphone should do a better job to give seamless wireless services over the world. The Internet connection should be able to reconfigure itself to the new network when a... Read More »
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63% People Spend more on Technology Bills than Utilities

Tweet The increasing influence of technology has changed the priorities of households. People nowadays prefer to spend more on technology than on basic necessities. iYogi, a leading provider of online subscription-based technical support services, has thrown light on this recent trend in our modern-day lifestyle. According to a customer survey conducted by iYogi Insights, 63 percent of nearly 1100... Read More »
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Google™ is ready to launch a cloud-based service named Drive

Tweet After much anticipation, Google is all set to come up with a cloud-based storage service like Apple and Microsoft. No doubt, Google is really expanding its horizons. There was a time when the company was only known for its search engine. Today, you can easily make use of its numerous products all ranging from a secure web browser, e-mail service, chat client, and online apps to manage computing... Read More »
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US govt. withholds implementation of anti-piracy measures

Tweet The US Government has halted its anti-piracy legislation for now. The implementation of two key anti-piracy measures has been withheld for wider agreement. The implementation of two anti-piracy bills viz. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) has been stalled by the legislators of the US Government. This development must have offered immense relief to all the big Internet... Read More »
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BT® Openreach arrives at Bourne, Lincolnshire

Tweet The BT Openreach recently arrived at Bourne — the market town of Southern Lincolnshire, situated in the East Midlands of England. Around 4,800 homes and business establishments are expected to reap the benefits from the ambitious broadband project that is committed to deliver an ultrafast network infrastructure for more than 18 million households, covering two-thirds of the UK districts by... Read More »

D-Link® DIR-645 SmartBeam Router for Stable Internet Connection

Tweet A renowned name in the world of networking, D-Link has finally revealed its foremost wireless router DIR-645 featuring the company’s patent SmartBeam technology. The most interesting aspect about SmartBeam technology is that it frequently monitors the signal power of all the interlinked devices to offer a seamless, uninterrupted, and steady wireless connection from any corner of the home. With... Read More »
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Twitter® leaves behind TwitPic™ and yfrog®

Tweet From now onwards, 9 August will be known as the dark day for all the third-party Twitter photo sharing services such as TwitPic and yfrog. Twitter has itself released an official photo sharing service named Twitter images with the help of Photobucket as its hosting partner. Now, no third-party will be required to share photos on Twitter. Photobucket plays an important role in this new photo... Read More »
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How To Speed Up Your Home Network

Tweet Using wireless internet these days at home is just like home phones in 80’s. They are very important so much that even a slow internet connection makes us furious. Using Wireless internet is not always fast and can make interne to work slow. Today we will discuss something similar to that. We will discuss steps to improve the performance of the home network. Step 1: Please make sure you have... Read More »
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Stop Firefox from Opening on the Wrong Monitor

Tweet Many users prefer to use more than one monitor so that they can work on more than one windows or application. For example you are working on words, Outlooks and Mozilla Firefox together and want to view them simultaneously so what can you do is connect three different monitors or screen and then open the in their respective screens. But what if you open one of this application or software and... Read More »
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Microsoft making big speech bets with Windows 8, Bing

Tweet One of the leading firm and organization in the world today is none other than Microsoft. This is because of the yearlong service and quality product that the firm has provided to its customers. No other organization has stayed so long at the top most position in the international market. The reputation and the service speak its self. The main purpose of the company is to provide software to... Read More »
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Farewell To Free Access Through Internet

Tweet The exuberance was lost when the recent news from Hollywood came that the Fox Network which was handled by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation declared that the networks will commence specifying Web access of programs of TV to audience who subscribed to involving cable and satellite providers for TV of which Dish TV is the one which has been signed so far or readers to Hulu Plus which is the... Read More »

Yahoo!® accepts Google™ and Facebook® account logins

Tweet Last year, Yahoo! started using the Bing search engine of Microsoft to power its search results. According to recent reports, Yahoo! will now allow you to sign in with the user IDs and passwords of Facebook and Google accounts. For enabling this, the OpenID authentication protocol will be used. Analysts say that the move from Yahoo! is to increase its number of users by simplifying the login... Read More »

How to know if someone is really invisible in Yahoo!® Messenger

Tweet Yahoo! Messenger is the most widely used instant messaging tool available these days. The reason why Yahoo! Messenger is considered to be the best is because of its numerous user friendly features. This is the messenger which started voice chat for the first time and later was adopted by others. It provides an amazing interface and support for numerous icons. It provides interactive backgrounds,... Read More »
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