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Mobile World Congress® 2012: Cisco® plans for better Mobile Internet

Cisco disclosed its plan to provide a better mobile connectivity at the Mobile World Congress 2012, which is currently being held at Barcelona.

The CEO of Cisco Brian Dunn told that the Internet providers for mobile and smartphone should do a better job to give seamless wireless services over the world. The Internet connection should be able to reconfigure itself to the new network when a traveler or a business person changes its location.

Cisco to Improve Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet can be understood as a browsing facility that can be accessed via a smartphone or laptop/tablet. Mobile Internet has been continuously growing in recent times. Mobile Internet connectivity has been showing exponential growth. Cisco has plans to evolve Internet service for enhanced experience by users. This approach according to Cisco will not only provide faster service but will also bring in high profits.

To know more about Cisco plans for mobile connectivity, read the following webpage

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