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Google introduces new link preview feature

Tweet If you have been searching for information on Google lately you might have noticed that once the search results display, you can get a preview of links by hovering over them. This is yet another enhancement by Google in terms of making the search engine user-friendly, after the introduction of the Google instant feature.  The link preview displays a separate window on the right side of the link,... Read More »

Rockmelt- Social networking on your browser

Tweet Well it seems that nobody has the concern of getting an overdose of social networks. Yet again, why should one when you have third generation web platforms and technology embracing the buzz of social networks with spiraling ad campaigns. In light of this, Rockmelt has engineered a new browser that doesn’t only boast about its performance or security, but gives you an advantage to connect to... Read More »

Web Privacy leaves EU and UK undecided

Tweet Internet piracy is a big issue these days. All the information given by consumers on Internet is not secure, moreover IT companies should make better effort to protect the information. After a spate of controversies on social networking sites, users are demanding some steps to avoid any irregularities regarding Internet piracy. Now, EU is taking UK to court for not implementing EU’ rules of... Read More »
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Twitter CEO calls it Quit

Tweet Evand Williams has decided to step down as CEO of Twitter and focus on Product strategy of the company. Evand has been the first CEO of Twitter and was primarily responsible for gearing Twitter to one of the leading social networking websites on the Internet. Dick Costolo who is the current chief operating officer, will be replacing Evand. In the past two years Twitter has grown tremendously... Read More »
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New Features of Internet Explorer 9

Tweet Ever since Google Chrome’s release, last year, various Internet browsers have been scrambling to stick to their market share. Chrome has significantly reduced the loading of pages and the navigation in between the websites in the browsers tab. Besides Google chrome stands for simplicity, as the basic navigation toolbar remove other icons that are present on top of most browsers. Microsoft has... Read More »

Wikileak’s poignant technical support

Tweet Since the modern era longs for everything to be done instantly, we see swarms of users heading towards the Internet. From interior decoration to recipes and from social networking to e-book, everything we get on just a mere click of our mouse. Nowadays, we see an online book giant emerging which is not propelling for a proficient but also for a novice. We have “Wikileak” named website which... Read More »
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System Specifications of Galaxy Tab

Tweet With the price tag looming around $200-400, Samsung has rolled out its Galaxy Tab to put up a stiff competition to Apples iPad. It’s almost as if Samsung increased the screen size of its Galaxy Smartphone and encompassed all the details in terms of application and navigation to that of the Galaxy Tab. However the Galaxy Tab seeks to plug in the holes of the Apple iPad in terms of have flash,... Read More »

Developers get new lease of life with Apple iOS 4.1 Gold Master

Tweet Often there comes an occasion where the applications developers would like to create a user-defined platform for applications rather than wait for the version release of applications  from consumer electronics company. In yesterday’s annual event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a newer version of Apple iOS 4.1, which gives hands on experience to developers to develop user-friendly Apps. This... Read More »

Skype set to come into Online Music distribution

Tweet Skype was founded in 2003 and it is located in Luxemberg and  other offices in Europe. It is mainly cateringing to Internet telephony services and holds 12% of global international calling minutes, which is phenomenal. Skype is already enjoying the attention of 3.1 billion users but now it is planning to expand it horizon. Skype is planning to come into the online streaming music market and... Read More »
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Hack Revealed, that can Target most Protected WiFi Standard

Tweet WiFi networks are on the rise right now, the comfort of not being tied to the cable is really strong argument, especially if you own small sized communication device, a nettop, or a laptop. ISP’s also benefit from WiFi – they do not have to pull cables all around the city, to be able to deliver their service to the end-user. But this comfort comes at a price, as cables have a key security... Read More »
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Skypekit: Expansion of Skype users

Tweet Skype has been the leading source of communication through internet base connections. It has been the first choice of almost the majority of networks users and from consumers to business people. With its wide range and popular features like video calling, instant messaging and file transfer, many have guaranteed its service as well done on the making. It also caters to the needs of its users... Read More »
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WiFi Connection during Flight

Tweet Given the fact that today’s era has been into computer centered economy and day-to-day life, people have considerably enjoying the technology as it is today. Computers, a good example of growing technology, have provided so much since its first invention. Heretofore, it is still evolving year by year to adjust into our needs. And with those network connections to add up the computer’s main... Read More »
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Skype over 3G could be allowed by SK Telecom

Tweet With the increasing technological inventions, the demands of the users have also increased a lot over time. This trend keeps encouraging companies to always come up with new upgrade offers. Recently, South Korea’s SK Telecom company had 3G calls available to their clients. With this feature, users are allowed to make phone calls using a lot of services offered by different companies like Skype... Read More »
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Free news Applications from CNN

Tweet After the launch of CNN’s application for the iPhone and iPad touch in the US in the year 2009, CNN has now come out to announce the release of the international version of the CNN App on its stores. Available for free to its users outside the United States, the international version is purpose built and designed to provide a “Visually-driven news experience” for the iPhone and the iPod... Read More »
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Several China Blogs Go Offline

Tweet Internet users of China have been reporting about a whole lot of blog shutdowns. In what some of the bloggers say, seems to be the latest effort of the government to further tighten the controls on free expression and exert greater authority over the country’s rapidly growing Internet, which is simultaneously growing more and more complex. The situation was further aggravated when the... Read More »
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Suspected Cable Break Affects Hawaii Internet, Phone and Cable TV

Tweet If you live in Hawaii you must have been shocked by a sudden shortfall of cable services in the city as of Tuesday last week. Even though it was soon corrected, about 400,000 Oceanic Time Warner Cable customers are estimated to have been affected by Tuesday’s cable disaster that saw Internet services, cable TV and phone services halt for some time before being temporarily fixed as reports emerged... Read More »
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AT&T upgrades the Boy Scouts with high-tech in Jumboree

Tweet The largest provider of phone telecommunications in the U.S., AT&T Inc, who also offers its costumers internet and television services once again have interest in the Boy Scouts of U.S. Not long ago the boy scouts were all about surviving in nature with a knife and compass, but today they are full with technology like laptops connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi, cell phones and other... Read More »
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Needham can enjoy AT&T’s fastest 3G network

Tweet AT&T once again invested in their network because of the growing demands of their costumers. In July 21 AT&T announced the activation of their new 3G cell site that is in Needham, Boston. Thanks to the upgrade AT&T customers can surf in the Internet, download videos and music faster and enjoy other mobile applications like maps and guidebooks. About  the AT&T Inc. AT&Tcommunications... Read More »
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WikiLeaks Gets Lifeline from free Servers and Hosting By Swedish Pirate Party

Tweet In the recent months, whistle blower site WikiLeaks has gotten itself into trouble with American authorities over the content it has published such as leaked classified Iraq combat videos and documents. In the first case, the website released a video depicting an Apache gunship killing innocent civilians and just recently, WikiLeaks was at it again with the release of the dossier with about 90,000... Read More »
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Google and China Reach Compromise?

Tweet Google began its invasion of China few years ago with big compromises. It agreed to filter specific topics out of the search results. The measure was requested by the communist Chinese government, so they could have better control over the nformation flow within China, and block access of progressive Chinese people to unfiltered by government sources information. Such compromise was widely... Read More »
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Senators Limit FCC’s Regulation Ability

Tweet Net neutrality regulations are one of the upcoming plans that are in the pipeline from the Obama administration now. The administration is now trying to impose this even when it is one of the controversial issues in the United States. There were a total of six GOP senators who came up with the legislation that will limit the role of Federal Communications Commission’s ability to regulate broadband... Read More »
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How to Build a Website for Free to Get Business

Tweet With each instance passing beyond you, it’s time that you start thinking of a website for your business if you don’t have any. Perhaps, website and online content for your business has become more of something essential to make sure that you have the content available on the online world for your clients around the world. This creates more opportunities into your business and gives you liberty... Read More »
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Now have Wifi Hotspots in the Air

Tweet Apple has always done an excellent job when it comes to providing ease of use and the most simple and friendly user interface in their operating system. And this time Apple has reached another milestone of simplicity in user interface with the provision of this specific app. FaceTime is video calling app that works perfectly on the WiFi and 3G networks. The usage is one-tap simple, the specialty... Read More »
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‘Fiber for Communities’- A Website for the 1GB Fiber Internet Plan’s Deployment

Tweet Google has announced to transform the current broadband structure in the country with something quite a lot more quality and high speed network. The initial installment of this network will be for experiment purposes off course. By far, there has not been any community or location that was supposed to provide Google with the testing space for the promised network. Fiber for Communities Google... Read More »
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Facebook:The Future of Web Advertising

Tweet If you are into Internet surfing and a fan of social networking, then Facebook is nothing new. Although we knew Facebook as a social networking site, we should also consider a bit more of how this popular and big-time site had started and how its popularity has grown this big. History Originally, Facebook is a term that stands for particular books given to students at the start of their school... Read More »
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