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An Increasing Strength of Cyber criminals

Tweet Cyber criminals nowadays have increased their strength in harming computer systems. For in the past years, cyber criminals were associated with distributing viruses and spam. But all that has now changed, as Cyber criminals are resorting to various other techniques of getting into personal and institutional computer systems. As technology develops, cybercriminals  also have  strengthenend... Read More »
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China Prefers Nokia Over Google for Digital Mapping Rights

Tweet Reports have emerged that Nokia may be getting a License for the provision of online digital map services in China. According to the sources, Nokia had had succeeded in talks with the Chinese government that will see it granted an official license for the provision of the online mapping services to the big Chinese market. If the reports are to be believed, then Nokia might as well be on its way... Read More »
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VoIP Service over SK Telecom

Tweet Innovative technology has been the greatest make up of today’s era. It has grown much well that offers our lifestyle with much ease and convenience. A good example of this innovative technology is the internet source of network as for communication. Although a few had kept the traditional ways and are still are in doubt about this widely spread technology, there were countries who have adopt... Read More »
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Should ISPs Open up on Crucial Information?

Tweet It has been indicated by broadband providers that the public may have access to trade secrets if they access the information provided to government agencies. Thus, they have argued up that there should be no disclosure of such information. The Harm Broadband providers think that allowing the public to access information provided to public agencies may give an advantage to competitors who may... Read More »
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Price Of Rising Costs Of Broadband Politics

Tweet The amount of funds being spent on political contributions by cable and phone companies shows their distaste regarding the extension of regulatory oversight by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in view of access to broadband internet. A letter was sent to FCC’s chairman, Julius Genachowski demanding that a single legislation be passed rather than bridging their oversight authority... Read More »

Importance of Networking Software

Tweet In today’s world if you ask someone to imagine the world without Internet, he would probably laugh at you and say that it is simply not possible to run this world without Internet. This  indeed is true, as today right from a layman to huge corporate businesses and even governments have become so computer and Internet savvy that everything is computerized and now everything is Internet-ized.... Read More »
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US Spreads Chaos Through the Internet: China

Tweet There has been a new claim heard from a Chinese government think tank that not only U.S but some other or most of the Western countries use Facebook, YouTube and other social networks just to create and sow unrest in this world and political atmosphere. It is not for the first time since many years such comments have been passed by Chinese government and different think tanks about USA. This... Read More »
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Now Internet in your Pocket

Tweet The next step is to activate your Subscriber Identity Module and subscribe for the mobile broadband service. Your service provider can effectively guide you through the process. If the data card is external, ensure that it is prperly connected to your system and the wireless network switch if any present is turned ON. It might be present if you are using a laptop. Usually it is found on the front... Read More »
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Understanding Your Mobile Broadband Better

Tweet Mobile broadband also known as Wireless Wide Area Network refers to the portability of high speed Internet. A mobile broadband can be accessed remotely from any place where one can get a cellular service provider this helps you in being connected to Internet moving place to place. This technology is supported by 2G, 2.5G & 3G network providers. There are various terminologies that are used... Read More »

Sheils Contests the Statement that “the US is ruling the mobile world”

Tweet News telecasted on BBC claimed that US was ruling the mobile world. This story was reported by Maggie Shiels .After going into detail, it was clarified that the reporter was actually contesting this claim as she was in disagreement with the statement. This story was in response to the Chief Technology Officer working at AT&T, John Donovan. He stated that the US comes first on the list when... Read More »
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Turkey Supports Internet Censorship

Tweet Turkey took Internet insult very seriously after blasphemous remarking from the President. After the bitter incident happened, Turkey threatened to do offensive attacks against Google, Google owned websites and YouTube, which will result in the ban. It has been reported that Turkey is doing so in response of these websites which has been responsible for tarnishing the image of country’s founder. Communication... Read More »
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E-mail – A Threat or a Treat to its Users

Tweet Today world has become a smaller place due to technological advancements. Everyone close to you is just a phone call or an email away. The convenience of writing to any person sitting at any corner of the world and them getting the message within seconds of it has made almost everyone addicted to it. However it is said that every coin has two sides and so even though it is convenient it may actually... Read More »
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Intel Supercomputers Predict the BP Oil Spill to Spread Out Across the East Coast

Tweet BP has been in a lot of trouble with the oil spill being one of the most major ones that has ever happened. The fact that it has been under the sea and the company has only been able to stem the flow of oil into the oceans has caused a great environmental disaster. Over the past few months, a lot of oil has escaped into the vast oceans. As time goes by, the oil is spreading far and wide. Recently,... Read More »

How to Avoid to Google Ban in SEO Strategies

Tweet Common complaints of webmasters or web-makers are the sudden disappearance of their own sites when search in search engines like Google. Some does not know any formal reasons why does a thing like that happened to their self-made sites. To avoid such occurrence, we might need to first know important things that would lead us to a complete understanding of the issue. Knowledge about SEO SEO (Search... Read More »
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M86 and Microsoft Seal the Deal

Tweet M86 Security, a global leader in the field of real-time web and email threat protection, recently announced that it would be renewing its Gold Certified Partner status under the Microsoft Partner Network, as well as the success of new and advanced competencies within the Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Forefront and Cloud based Services. ABOUT M86 SECURITY M86 Security is one of the world’s... Read More »

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7

Tweet You might have encountered instances where you Windows Internet Explorer might have crashed because of some files associated with it damaged or the registration information missed. In such cases, you will be required to reinstall or repair the Internet Explorer to get it working back to normal. This is the only way that can help you repair the damaged files or get the missing registry information... Read More »
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Yahoo’s Hadoop and Its Elephant Keeper

Tweet A beta version of Hadoop has been released by Yahoo! With built in security. It has also open sourced the latest version of its in house workflow engine for the number crunching platform similar to Google. At the Hadoop summit organised in Santa Clara, California sponsored by Yahoo! Eric Baldeshwieler said that the Hadoop having security beta and the Oozie workflow engine have both been... Read More »

How to Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Tweet What is TCP/IP? TCP/IP is a protocol which is used for communication over the network by Windows and is one of the most essential components of Windows.  At time this protocol might get corrupt or damaged and since it is a core component you cannot uninstall and reinstall it, but you can repair/rest it. Repair/Reset is done by the NetShell utility. This utility has several tasks and each task... Read More »

Obama Administration Promises Broadband to Have 500MHZ Spectrum

Tweet Anyone who has attempted to connect a whole office complex or a university campus to a wireless router will definitely know how difficult it can be getting a clear signal. Almost all the time, several routers that are close to one another, get tangled with one another, thereby reducing the quality and distance of each other’s signal. It is estimated that within the next 5-10 years, the... Read More »

Intel and Nvidia “Quarrel” Over Processor Claims

Tweet The ongoing war due to the speed of the processor   between the 2 big names INTEL (CPU Manufacturer) and NVIDIA ( the GPU Maker) got some air conditioning when the engineers belonging to the company released a paper regarding the argument  of GPU. It said that the fast working feature of the GPU has been highlighted to greater extent than it should have been. NVIDIA stated that the parts... Read More »
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Global Homeland Security Market – Microsoft Partners with AGT

Tweet Microsoft partners with AGT, a $7 billion private firm leading in providing security services, to produce integrated technology solutions for homeland security market. It also specializes in providing unique prediction capabilities, modeling the hypothesis and sense making systems in supporting the urban management, intelligence and law enforcement. With the globalization of world economy, the... Read More »

Near Ending of Google and China Spat

Tweet The Chinese authorities have expressed their negative opinion on Google’s practice of redirecting Chinese searchers their uncensored search site from Hong Kong. In order to prevent any further downfall of business the search engine has decided to terminate this redirection. Google started this activity in the month of March after a decision it made that stopped censoring of search results... Read More »

Speeding Up the Internet 100 Times Over

Tweet The Internet is today reinforced by a network of powerful optical fibers across the globe. Yet the optical which transmit better than the electrical signal are not easily controlled. With the help of routers handling internet traffic, optical signals are processed in electrical mode before being returned to its optical form which can be exhausting and time consuming. Over time researchers... Read More »

Google Versus Newspaper Media

Tweet There’s a worldwide debate on whether or not and how Google affects the business of the print media. Some people support the newspaper, people who are mostly running one, and others believe that Google is nothing to be blamed for. Google being the best search engine is becoming a problem for the business of print publication industry. Google is no doubt the best information provider worldwide.... Read More »

Microsoft Sued by Salesforce.com

Tweet Patents are one of the most important yet ambiguous parts of software and technological innovations that are existent in the present. Different people are applying for patents so as to have the full and only right of using the said method or technique in the field of web functions and the like. The importance of the said patents were greatly seen in the latest sues filed by Microsoft and Salesforce.com with... Read More »
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