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Highlights of 2010 E3 Expo

Tweet The 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has set an impressive standard for expos to come.  World-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony met in Los Angeles in June, all displaying their new products and highlighting their features. The event was said to have ‘rocked’ the gaming world with the innovative ideas that have been showcased. Look below to see the biggest... Read More »

FTC Has Cleared Twitter For The Incident Of Obama Hacking

Tweet It has been announced by the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday that seven of the security vulnerabilities had been addressed by Twitter which had allowed the hackers to gain access to many of the accounts during the previous year. The accounts to which hackers got access also included that of then-candidate Barack Obama. The agreement has ended the probe which could lead to the fines... Read More »

Verizon teams up with Apple iPhone

Tweet According to two valuable sources that possess knowledge of the field, Verizon is going to sell iPhones starting in January. This will apparently signal the end to AT&T’s exclusive rights to sell the iPhone is the US. According to the two who declined to be named, the phone will be sold by Verizon from January onwards. The two didn’t want to identify themselves because the information... Read More »

iPhone and Blackberry to Benefit from Obama’s Wireless Expansion Plan

Tweet President Obama announced on Monday that he will try to double the size of broadcasting bandwidth for wireless devices. He said this is a priority work and its utmost required for making it easy for iPhone and Blackberry users in Major American cities. The users of Smartphone are increasing day by day and so is the congestion on the network during the peek business hours. Michael Calabrese, director... Read More »

Thunderbird 3.1 Announces its Arrival with a Thunder!

Tweet Mozilla Messaging has just delighted its users with the release of the new Thunderbird 3.1. The new version has some notable changes that not only enhance user experience but also make life a lot easier for those busy people whose requirements were not being fully met with the older version of thunderbird. Some of the important changes that are worth mentioning can be found below. Migration... Read More »

New Updates Released From Adobe

Tweet Finally Adobe released a fix on last Tuesday for numerous critical vulnerabilities that arose in Acrobat and Reader products. These security holes have already been exploited in attacks.  Adobe Systems Inc has issued a critical and emergency update to its Acrobat and Reader applications, repairing two serious vulnerabilities that could have been used by attackers to crash the program and... Read More »

Ban on Google, Yahoo and Hotmail in Pakistan

Tweet Nine websites committing blasphemy and hurting sentimental feelings were banned in Pakistan by the court. The websites include especially Hotmail, Yahoo and Google, who allegedly posted blasphemous material on their respective websites. But, companies’ officials were not aware of any such instructions and being banned in Pakistan. According to the media reports, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority... Read More »

Microsoft Talks up Novell Linux Deal

Tweet There were big expectations among customers when the first deal between Novell and Microsoft was struck in 2006, the deal offered complete guarantee of interoperability between SuSE Linux and Microsoft. Following the deal, there were some bitter experiences seen by each other, but determined to defend their own respective succeeded in every exam. But most of the folks and industry partners seem... Read More »

Microsoft and Mediabrands Announce Advertising Coalition Led by 4A’s

Tweet It was announced recently that Microsoft Advertising and Mediabrands have reached such a position in the development of (MOMS) Media Operation Management System, which is unique and unmatchable in the market. The development is considered a milestone in connecting marketing ecosystem and has been explained as an agency agnostic enterprise level structural design and architecture. Deep research... Read More »

Looming Threat of Kraken Botnet

Tweet The Kraken botnet, is amongst Internet’s largest and the most difficult virus to identify in 2008,  which is now raising its dreadful head once again. According to Paul Royal, who is a research scientist at GTISC (Georgia Tech Information Security Center), old security adversary was reported taken apart last year, has cooperated in excess of 318,000 systems which is almost half of 650,000... Read More »

Revamped Features of MSNBC.com

Tweet The old interface of the site MSNBC is changed with a great modification in it. The old style was outdated as well there was less scope to share news briefly and share good number of photos. But MSNBC now claims that this change will enable the users to enjoy more detail news and updates. New presentation format emphasizing photos Among the changes is a new presentation approach that departs... Read More »

Now Find Web Addresses in Chinese Language

Tweet Until recently China did not have an internationally standardized way to input web addresses in their native language. ICANN approving three sets of Chinese country-specific domains has virtually increased the number of potential Internet users by 1 billion. Previous local solutions Prior to this Chinese have been using alternative methods to incorporate web addresses in their native languages.... Read More »

Where Microsoft Stands on Cloud Computing

Tweet Microsoft is gambling on the concept of cloud computing for providing the next generation innovations to consumers, businesses and technologists. According to Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, cloud computing has a potential market of $3.3 trillion. But to measure where the cloud computing platform actually stands today, just explore the latest news, reports and user stories. The technology... Read More »

Microsoft Donates ‘Internet Fraud Alert’ Program to Financial Services

Tweet Cyber Crime has rised much above the accepted level today. Banks and other websites that process financial and other secured transactions of mammoth proportions on a day-to-day basis, find it extremely challenging to protect and preserve highly confidential data of their customers. Thanks to the advancements  of the Web Technology, cyber criminals pose a great threat to the confidential data... Read More »

Communication Watchdog’s Close Door Meeting With Big Bugs Of Internet

Tweet Connectivity is the most important deal in the current world. The world becomes a village when any computer signal  reaches to millions within a fraction of second. This fast connective world is a result of the connectivity through Internet. Thus Internet is evolved as the most powerful media in the present scenario. But as we all know “more power comes with more responsibility”, this may... Read More »

Adobe Becomes Part of Apple/Google War

Tweet Google, Verizon and Motorola have gone up to the stage on the 23rd of June for announcing next generation of the Droid Smartphone which would be having the hanger on Adobe in tow. The Droid X is also expected to be seen really soon. It has a touch screen which is like the 4G and has a display of 4.3 inches. The camcorder of this is also very powerful and has high definition. The Droid 2 is also... Read More »

Mozilla Strikes Users with Encryption

Tweet Inspired by the Web search option of Google, EFF, which stands for Electronic Frontier Foundation, along with the project they called the TOR, which actually decided to release last Thursday a new public beta version of an add-on of Firefox. This add-on can allow the browser’s users to encrypt information and other communications data with famous websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The... Read More »

Partnership between VMware and Novell

Tweet The emergence of the new partnership which was recently announced, clients who opt to buy vSphere licenses will be able to avail a subscription to use Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) patches and modifications for SLES case distributed in vSphere virtual devices. VMware, along with its commemorate partners, will also give SLES technical reinforcement. Furthermore, VMware and Novell said that they... Read More »

Motorola and RIM Finally Settled over Dispute

Tweet Motorola and Research in Motion (RIM), two of the largest telecommunications and mobile communications companies in the world, have finally agreed on a settlement over their heated dispute regarding the patents of wireless technologies. The settlement terms included that both companies will have a cross-licensing agreement and patent transferring over technologies which involved cellular data,... Read More »

HTC Acquires Abaxia

Tweet HTC, the Taiwanese Smartphone designer and maker, has just confirmed that it has successfully acquired Abaxia, the company based in Paris France that develops mobile phone applications and software solutions. Abaxia has over 22 million deployments across 36 countries on 60 different phone models for different network carriers and manufacturers of handsets. They design software that would allow... Read More »

Case Closed

Tweet Long days of trial are finally over between the SCO lawsuits against the Linux. The Judge between the legal match with Novell defied the request of the SCO to open a new trial and ironed an April jury judgment that resolute Novell, not SCO, is the soulful proprietor of the copyrights of UNIX. SCO reason out that it is entitled that the decision of the judgment as a composition of the law because... Read More »
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The Important Role of Cyber Wars in Creating National Security Issues

Tweet The former White House advisor Richard A. Clarke recently wrote a book named Cyber War: The Next Threat To National Security And What To Do About It. In the book, he mentioned that Microsoft was a successful business organization with low quality products. According to him, Microsoft built their billion dollar empire with market dominance and poor standard of goods. Clarke has been well known... Read More »

AT&T iPad 3G Data Breach

Tweet The news of investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the recent data breach on the new iPad with 3G connection by AT&T has been released. The release of this information has taken the world by storm because of the implications of this news. The news was confirmed to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday by the FBI. However, according to FBI, the case is still in its primary state.... Read More »

AM Radio Wattage Issue

Tweet Is a tenfold wattage zoom needed for AM radio to survive? Well, the Federal Communications Commission does not think so. However, in the opinion of some people, it still has some chance of getting the required boost and it will serve better if all the American AM radio stations can increase their signal power several times. According to Richard F. Arsenault from the commission, the AM stations... Read More »

Google Concerned With Vietnam New Internet Restrictions

Tweet Google Inc , the American online titan, issued a statement on June 10 questioning the new Internet regulations imposed by the Vietnamese government. According to Dorothy Chou, Policy Analyst at Google, these new restrictions raises disturbing concerns that the government may be working to block access to websites and track user activity. The statement, posted on Google’s Public Policy blog... Read More »
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