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Google Does a “U-turn” on Homepage Issue

Tweet What They Thought Happened On June 10, the online community discovered that Google’s iconic, stark white search page have been replaced by a series of colorful images and photographs from a collection which was later discovered belonging to respected artist like Dale Chihuly, Jeff Koons, Tom Otterness, Polly Apfelbaum, Kengo Kuma, Kwon Ki-Soo, Tord Boontje and Yann Arthus Bertrand. Fearing... Read More »

How to Find Android Apps for FIFA 2010

Tweet The time is upon us once again and the greatest sporting spectacle in the world is back. After the electrifying World Cup Kick Off event in Johannesburg, attended by luminaries and global star, The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa officially commenced the following day on June 11 with a match between the host country and Mexico in Soccer City, Johannesburg. It will draw to a close exactly... Read More »

Skype plans to increase user base: Focuses on Asian Association

Tweet What is Skype? Skype is a software application that lets users all over the world to communicate with each other to make voice calls over the internet. The calls to other Skype users are free. But calls made to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged a very small fee where the user creates an account and the charges are automatically deducted. Skype is used by millions of users everyday... Read More »

How to Find Classic Radio Shows On the Internet

Tweet Most of today’s sources of leisure and entertainment are found over television and Internet. We can find every interesting visual show on TV genres from comedy to action, from drama to fantasy. The Internet, however, offers a wider source of entertainment from social network sites to live video streaming, from blog sites to photo storage sites. We can’t run out of anything to do with Internet... Read More »

How to Create a Website

Tweet A website is one of the most important needs these days for any business to be conducted on line. Every organization likes to have a presence on the Internet because the future of the world seems to be the Internet. There are many other reasons for companies and individuals to want to create and also own a website. There are various steps that are involved in the creation of a website and they... Read More »

MSI and ASUS Showcase 3D PCs

Tweet Avatar has indeed revolutionized the world, and paved the way for 3D revolution; now, one can find 3D television sets, PCs, laptops, and even projectors in the market, though the demand is still fairly low; nevertheless growing day by day! New Trends Asus and MSI have been really serious about changing the way things in the world of computers, and they’ve already announced several 3D PCs capable... Read More »

Qualcomm’s Dual-CPU Snapdragon Chipsets reveled

Tweet Qualcomm Incorporated, a giant company known worldwide for the establishments of not only wireless technologies but also efficient wireless products and services has grandly made announcement on sampling of its prime dual-CPU Snapdragon Chipsets popularly called Mobile Station Modem [MSM] MSM8260 and MSM8660. Mr. Steve Mollenkopf, the Executive Vice-President of Qualcomm and President of Qualcomm... Read More »

The Joint effort of IBM and Microtek reveals 60 GHz Chipset

Tweet The joint venture of IBM and Microtek, the two gigantic figures in the market introduced the new IEEEE’s chipset for personal wide area network. Even though there were vibes in the market on the chipset however when the debut was made by the both the companies together, things got more apparent.Undoubtebly the new standard would help enormously to overcome the snarl of cables, control signal... Read More »

How to Get Backlinks to Your Articles

Tweet Enhancing traffic to your website is one of the most primary requirements for you to picture your business, services or interests across millions in the globe. It is here that Backlinks act as one of the most supreme methods supporting you and your websites. Backlinks are simple links to your website directed from other more powerful and well recognized websites on the web. They divert considerable... Read More »

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

Tweet In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the... Read More »

Blackmail Made Legal?

Tweet It was only on the twenty sixth of January of the year 2010 that Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall of the United Kingdom stood up for himself and announced to his fellow title holders within the House of Lords, that the new products of anti-P2P brainstorming were primarily serving as a travesty of justice. When attended to in a civil standpoint, the situation seems a bit closer to blackmail.... Read More »

BT and Cisco’s Breakthrough in UC

Tweet BT and Cisco announced only recently that they have just released their new product that aims to make a fine breakthrough in the industry of UC, or unified communications. Working together, these two technologically inclined were able to come up with a cloud-based IPT solution from the Onevoice UCC portfolio of BT. Their collaboration successfully brought about a highly scalable globally hosted... Read More »

AT&T’s announces Early Termination Fee

Tweet In what is termed as an “open letter to our valued customers”, AT&T announced that consumers willing to terminate their connection before the set date in the contract will be liable to pay a hefty sum of $325 as an early termination fees (ETF). Adding further onto its point, AT&T has decided to divide the ETFs it charges on the cheaper or subsidized phones. For consumers dealing with... Read More »

Cellular Networks to Gather the Developing World On-line

Tweet Families living outside big cities or in rural areas got Internet access only 7-8 years ago. They used to have satellite Internet, which was expensive. Some of the companies providing satellite Internet services used to cover parts of their areas with cell service for a while. The situation is quite common now in developing and rural areas all over the globe. The omnipresence of cell service... Read More »

Phishing Attacks on Your Browser Tabs

Tweet “Tabnabbing” is the new term in the directory of phishing attacks says Aza Raskin who is the creative lead at Firefox. It is one of the phishing attacks which work in the reverse way by not asking the user to click on anything but it would automatically open one of the fake pages in the inactive tabs of the browser. Let us consider that the user is working with multiple tabs open and few... Read More »

Three Strikes & You are Disconnected from the Web in Ireland

Tweet The long lasting feud between the piracy doer’s and big music brands like EMI, Warner , Sony and many more is seen in the light of a solution, which can be termed as harsh. A case was filled against Ericom by Irish branches of EMI, Warner, Universal, and Sony brands. The companies accused Ericom of providing the efficient infrastructure for piracy by giving away unlimited downloading schemes... Read More »

This week’s tech information: Quantam teleportation and Axis of P2P Edition

Tweet Scientists have been able to gain a successful venture in being able to teleport quantum states between the uses of photon over a free space that is a distance of over ten miles. As the US copyright group begins to the proceedings to sue several thousands of file swappers in the federal court, Time Warner Cable has asked the judge to stop the group’s subpoenas. TWC has stated that at the maximum... Read More »

RapidShare did not violate any copyrights as declared by the US court

Tweet The US District Court of California has not agreed on an injunction that was asked by Perfect 10. This injunction was declared against the RapidShare by the adult entertainment company perfect 10. The US court mentioned that it was dismissing the request made by Perfect 10 on the basis of insufficient evidence or proof that RapidShare had violated and breached any infringement norms. This lawsuit... Read More »

Google acknowledges Apples contribution in the $750M AdMob deal that has been approved

Tweet The Federal Trade Commission also known as FTC of the United States has shut down its probe into the $750 million Google/AdMob buyout and given it a go ahead for the deal. There is a very simplistic reason to it, which is the contribution of Apple. The official document that was released by Federal Trade Commission in a PDF statement mentions the word Apple ten times within a page and a half.... Read More »

Indiana agency, IBM sue each other over $1.3B deal

Tweet Agency of Indiana, previously the partner of IBM Corporation in the past has sued IBM for almost $1.3 billion. It includes the denying of Medicaid to nun and dying patients of cancer. On the other hand IBM is asking for $52.8 million for its unresolved payments and equipment costs. The company claimed that state still has to pay for their abandoned 10 year old deal worth of almost $1.37 billion... Read More »

Juniper rolls out multi-product attack on Cisco

Tweet Juniper Networks, a leading information technology and computer networking multinational company presented the technology world with its all new multiple products which included hardware and software sets and services. Juniper claimed to be the future of the technology world, when it presented the latest techno-based equipment. The company has taken a step ahead of Cisco as claimed by the Juniper’s... Read More »

Law suit in between IBM the computer giant and Indiana state

Tweet Indiana states entrusted IBM (International Business Machines Inc) to act as a private partner to start its welfare eligibility system. This system included a program to pay medical bills for low income families which is also known as Medicaid. In addition, the state agency also coupled with food stamp system that also supports the low income earning families to buy a monthly allowance and to... Read More »

Would you want to reconsider your decision about hosting with GoDaddy?

Tweet When you come across this specific concern with GoDaddy, is when a whole lot of clients asks for their Wordpress installations to be cleaned of hacks and infections. However, when more than normal number of users comes to you with a concern then it is certainly something to worry about. Last month the same concern was with Network Solutions and this time round with GoDaddy. The initial bit... Read More »

Web Servers Newest Sites consisting DDOS attacked

Tweet Imperva, an online security firm has unrevealed an astounding fact that they are being breached in a new manner by the release of large amount of bandwidth DDOS attack. This attack can take place because of experimental botnet. The way it works is that a 40 line PHP script is sued to infect the servers. This attack can infect about more than 300 servers but only those that have some kind of vulnerability... Read More »
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The latest news from Dell-The business cycle is up and running

Tweet Michael Dell spoke about the huge opportunity that exists in the update of infrastructure and the server cycles, cloud security and the iPad. The corporate IT sector is being driven into high performance zone by new chipsets and far better and more robust operating systems. This in turn expects corporate to renew their hardware as mentioned by the Dell’s Chief Executive, Mr. Michael Dell. Mr.... Read More »
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