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Godaddy and Network solutions pull out of China

Tweet With the recent strict censorship rules posed by China on Internet searching, domain names registrations and website ownership, many companies have now started to stop their operations in the country. Google, which is the first one in the list, is being followed by many other US online companies. Godaddy and Network Solutions are now standing in the list to pull their services out of China. China... Read More »

What makes Apple Different from Microsoft?

Tweet Few years ago we were talking about many differences about these two giants of the electronic industry, but now, what are the real differences between them? Should we ask this question directly to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? What will be their answer? Both have a long history in personal computing and business success. However, unlike Apple, Microsoft lacks the brand innovation. It is through the... Read More »
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Cloud Computing-Explained

Tweet Cloud computing is definitely the way everyone seems to be heading. Google has long pushed for it and now with the launch of Chrome OS; it has made it clear that local computing is a thing of past. People who upload photos through the Internet to small and medium business enterprises (SMBs) are appreciating the ease and comfort of accessing data from anywhere. The advantages of cloud computing... Read More »
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