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SNW Spring 2012: A Major Event on Information Infrastructure

In today’s world, information technology has become the backbone of every major organization across the globe. To emphasize and discuss more about this growing technology, Dallas city will be hosting one of the biggest events related to information infrastructure. SNW Spring 2012 is a major global event dedicated to highlight the leading technologies that manage and optimize information infrastructure across data center and remote offices.

The event is co-owned by Computerworld and Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). It will be a four-day conference, which will be attended by many executives in the leading public and private sector organizations to have comprehensive discussions on the latest challenges, products, services, and training related to information infrastructure. In addition, an SNW Expo will be held to showcase the breakthrough products and solutions by the major vendor companies.

There will be many prominent keynote presentations in the SNW Spring 2012. Some of the notable ones will be from Charlie Feld, CEO of The Feld Group William Flowers; Tarek ElHadidi, vice president, Freescale Semiconductor Theresa Meadows; Kayoor Gajarawala, GM Storage & Enterprise Service Delivery, and more.The attendees at the event can also participate in sessions, tutorials, and workshops to have practical knowledge on the dynamic technology behind Information Infrastructure.

SNW Spring 2012 will take place from April 2 to April 5, 2012 at Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

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