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iYogi Fraud Protection Alerts

iYogi Fraud Alerts Highlight Methods of Fraud Resistance

Tweet Online privacy and security is a major concern today, with people becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. Terms like phishing, identity theft, and many others have become synonymous with the Internet and are responsible for giving Internet users sleepless nights. Fallout of these threats is that, today we have to spend a lot of time and resources to secure our online activities. Today... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Alerts paints a grim picture of work-at-home fraud

Tweet E-mail messages that tempt people to earn money by working from home are being sent to users almost daily. The people who are searching for such jobs that pay good get tempted and provide their bank account details. They make attractive websites to fool users. The main intention of such scammers would be to separate people from their cash. iYogi has released an alert about such activities. Read... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection Alerts: Pay Attention to Charity Fraud

Tweet Internet users are now being cheated of large sums of money in the name of charity for poor children, disaster victims and the homeless. Sending e-mails and producing forged documents for confirming their registration and legitimacy are the steps that fraudsters take when they have to fleece money from others. Because of this, you have to keep several things in mind so that you aren’t hoodwinked... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: Steep Rise in Instances of Credit Card Fraud

Tweet When it comes to online shopping, credit cards play a major role. Those involved in such transactions run the risk of being scammed. Instances of merchants being deceived by credit card fraudsters are on the rise. After accessing the credit card details of genuine customers, the fraudsters place orders online with e-retailers. The merchants come to know of the scam only when the original credit... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: Be on your guard against Internet Ticket Fraud

Tweet Purchasing tickets online is very convenient for people. Some fake websites deceive people who prefer to buy online tickets. These people are either issued fake tickets or they do not receive any tickets at all. Those who fall prey to such scams include movie and music buffs who lose both their hard-earned money as well as the opportunity of watching their favorite shows. People who give out... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: On Harmful Effects of Online Automotive Fraud

Tweet iYogi has started releasing the alerts on online frauds and scams which would help the online users from falling prey of hackers and scammers. One of the latest alerts released is on online automotive fraud. In this fraud, the fraudster poses either as a seller or as a buyer, and sometimes even launches a website with unbelievable deals to offer. If you receive any e-mail related to a new website... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Alerts to Beware of the Dangers of Online Auction Fraud

Tweet iYogi Alerts about the large scale Internet Auction Fraud that has caused huge losses to online shoppers. Internet auction fraud entails 64% of all Internet frauds that are reported. Online auctions have been converted into a lucrative business. Internet auction fraud involves non-delivery, misrepresentation, fee stacking, multiple bidding, etc. You need to keep in mind many things before bidding... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Notifies Alert on Browser Fraud

Tweet iYogi Alerts provide information to prevent browser fraud. Most browser fraud occurs when spyware is inadvertently installed and enables the hacker to control a browser from a remote location. This causes the browser to display an endless stream of obscene or otherwise illegal pop-up windows. This type of fraud is usually committed by explicit websites and offshore pharmacy owners, who hope that... Read More »

iYogi Fraud Protection: iYogi Alert – Save Yourself from Internet Ponzi Fraud

Tweet Do not be fooled into losing your money through the illegal Internet Ponzi Fraud. This fraud plays upon people’s tendency to go in for easy money, throwing caution to the winds. The fraudsters cleverly trick investors with marketing strategies and online communications. Those operating the Internet Ponzi Fraud promise very high returns on investment; and follow through on the initial pay-offs ... Read More »