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iYogi Reviews Top Issues

Computers and technologies associated with it are extremely vulnerable. Every other day we hear about new findings, threatening computers and its survivability. Computers are getting easy to use and hard to maintain devices.  iYogi Review’s current topics-ongoing threats, products with flaws  and products with great features. So, that a user get complete information he/she is looking for.

In this column iYogi reviews live issues faced by consumers, iYogi reviews team research and publish things needs to be done when you encounter these situations. Be it a latest virus or a product review, everything user need to know is mentioned here in detail. iYogi reviews are done in a simpler manner so that a layman without complete information or knowledge of computers can understand and use it in day-to-day life.

iYogi reviews is an open public forum, here consumers are encouraged to share their experience, ask queries? Anything t related to computers be it a good or a bad experience with computers, our technicians will be more than happy to revert back with answers. iYogi reviews on various topics and provide detailed information, what customer should know. iYogi review makes life better and technology  simpler.


‘iYogi Reviews’ highlights the top five Black Friday apps for smartphones

iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, has recently released a report in ‘iYogi Reviews’ series that provides list of top five Black  Friday application for smartphones. This extensive list  Read more>>


iYogi Reviews 5 most commonly used Halloween Apps for Smartphones

Halloween is a time of celebration and is a much awaited holiday for kids. In a number of countries around the world on October 31, when days are shorter and nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, Read more>>


iYogi reviews: Keep away from computer infections

Today all computers are vulnerable to malicious programs. Viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and spyware are the top five among those infections. Some threats can cause damage to data, while others take the whole computers Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: ‘How to protect yourself from fake Wi-Fi hotspots’

Most Wi-Fi users are not aware about hackers and cybercriminals who steal their personal information. Whether you are using Wi-Fi hot spots at airports, hotels or cafes, you may be under attack from these cyber criminals.  Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Find out difference between laptop and netbook

iYogi has released its latest review on laptops and netbooks so that people understand the common difference between the two devices. According to iYogi Reviews, netbooks are smaller, lighter, cheaper and easy to use.  Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Laptop issues likely to confront users on the move

The technology used in laptops is evolving very fast. There are many things that users need to know when they use their laptop while traveling. A mobile laptop user can face many issues which could be related to security, Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Windows® 7 loaded with amazing features

Windows 7, the latest OS from Microsoft, comes with many advanced features that make your everyday tasks simpler. Pin and Jump list is one of the new features in Windows 7 that helps you access things more quickly.  Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Things One Must Know Before Buying a Laptop

Before buying a laptop, one has to consider many things. Always look for a wide-screen display that gives a sharper and a smoother picture quality. A good memory space or a good RAM capacity allows you to run many applications like Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Solving your Digital Camera Issues

iYogi has come out with its reviews on digital camera concerns to help you in solving the common problems that users face while using digital cameras. This review provides you solution for common camera problems like Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Security Measures to be Taken while Using Social Networking Sites

The rapid development of social networking websites has helped the companies and customers to connect, thereby decreasing the communication gap between the two. This development has also introduced new dangers and risks to corporate networks.  Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Beware and Succeed the Pitfalls of Online Banking and E-Commerce

Despite of tremendous growth in the field of e-commerce, not all e-commerce developments are successful enough because of a particular set of issues. Inadequate security could result in the loss of customer confidence or the non-availability of e-commerce site. Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Computer System Backup Destinations

iYogi helps the computer users in selecting the right backup destination, and resolving the software and other backup issues. In digital world, protecting your computer and files from harmful software is an important task. Read more>>


iYogi Reviews: Five Major Issues with MP3 Players

When using an MP3 Player, it is important to know what could potentially go wrong. The 5 most common sources of problems are: Read More>>


50 Responses to " iYogi Reviews Top Issues "

  1. Tony Clarke says:

    I was shopping for a netbook but was confused whether a laptop would be a better bet. Then I happened to come upon iYogi reviews and the problem took care of itself. I got great support and finally made up my mind which one to buy!

  2. Jill Dubois says:

    My expensive digital camera developed a queer frosty coating on its lens which no amount of rubbing would take off. I was frantic and had decided to take it to the manufacturer when I read about iYogi reviews. The friendly technician took immediate care of the problem and now I can click happily ever after!

  3. Taylor, Wichita says:

    I was travelling to Boston and when I tried to access my data, I found nothing. Then I knew all my data had been hacked. I read iYogi review on how to keep your data safe from hackers and cyber thieves and regretted not taking precautions.

  4. Yates, Seattle says:

    I was frustrated as no song was being transferred from my system to my MP3 player. I had reached a dead-end but then came upon iYogi review and was able to perform the operation successfully.

  5. Alex Dominguez says:

    Lately I bought a new webcam and I was curious to use it to see my distant friends. But when I tried to install it on my PC, I couldn’t. And while I was looking for a solution, I came across iyogi reviews to install it. Believe me iyogi reviews really helped me to install the webcam adequately. It was such a relief.

  6. Jeremy V. Farmer says:

    My PC is powered by Windows 7 operating system. I am very excited to learn more and more about the upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft. I found techgenie the right place on the Internet to keep myself updated with the latest developments related to Windows 8. The iYogi reviews on the apps that will be supported by Windows 8 too is of great help for prospective Windows 8 users like me.

  7. Matthew Ares says:

    I came in touch with iyogi when one day I discovered that my hotmail account had been blocked. To add to my troubles, the email recovery address was also the old one; one to which I had no access. I had many important mails in my hotmail account and I did not wanted to lose them. On my colleague’s suggestion, I contacted iyogi. Though the initial wait time was more than I expected, the technicians were very helpful and unblocked my account within few minutes. Since my problem was fixed, I have no complains. Will surely use you next time as well.

  8. Simon says:

    Iyogi reviews keep me posted with the latest technical news and updates. I find the site really useful. It’s a complete package and helps me understand the most common technical issues, reasons behind them, their solution, preventions as well as all the latest happenings in the tech world.

  9. Austin Beck says:

    I am very much delighted the way techgenie gives information on various gadgets, technologies and tech products. Whenever I wish to buy any new tech gadget, the first thing I do is to visit techgenie and read iyogi reviews to know in detail about it. Keep on writing informative content.

  10. Brenda Cohen says:

    my fathers computer was having heat up issue… day while looking for solutions on the internet i came across iyogi reviews. Through these articles, i got to know about the actual problem that causes heat up problems. called up iyogi and at the same time they fixed the issue. i have to face accent problem of technician, however his technical knowledge impressed me a lot. I’m happy that now my father can surf internet without any problem.

  11. Chris Stryder says:

    This is a very cool site… I always find iyogi reviews helpful.. they help me gain knowledge about various tech problems. Moreover, the DIY steps are also quite simple and easy to follow… I was able to fix my digital camera through the steps mentioned in the article.. keep up the good work iyogi!!!

  12. Heather Lawver says:

    Fantastic! Got on this web page accidentally.. I was looking for something else… but I really found iyogi reviews very informative… will definitely revisit them in the need of hour… have added your site to my favorites… pretty cool…

  13. Sheree Cobb says:

    I like reading iyogi reviews.. they provide potential information… I also like their site. it helps me provide some easy DIY solutions. Now I can solve many of the simple computer problems on my own…

  14. Scott Liss says:

    After reading reviews on usefulness of Windows 7, I was convinced of upgrading my system. I confidently started off with the process of Windows 7 installation. But got struck in the middle of the process. That was when iyogi team came to my rescue. The technician installed Windows 7 and gave a brand new look to my desktop… I’m much happy. Thank you iyogi!

  15. JAK FICK says:

    Techgenie provides some great articles and useful advices. It keeps me updated about various releases and updates. Iyogi’s article on fake wi-fi hotspot was very interesting and a great read. This fake hot spots was something I was not aware of. Now I am very careful while connecting my laptop to Wi-Fi at public places…

  16. Jonny Wolohan says:

    In spite of having AVG on my computer, it picked up a nasty virus. It made my hard drive crash and burn. I called iYogi at 12 in the night. The friendly technician soon took over my problem. He helped me restore my data; God knows how he managed it. He explained me whatever he was doing. His accent was bad, but I am pleased with the results. Thank you!

  17. Marya Figueroa says:

    My business compels me to be on the move most of the time. To stay connected with my friends, family and business clients, I always remain online on my various social network platforms. I use the 3G connection of my smartphone to stay connected or while on the airports or public places i get connected through the Wi-Fi hotspots. The article on techgenie ‘How to protect yourself from fake Wi-Fi hotspots’ was quite informative and educative for me. Thanks a lot for such wonderful piece of information.

  18. Khianna Parks says:

    When I purchased my first smartphone, which was powered by Android, I thought of getting some apps on it. However, I was not finding any particular place on Internet where I can find a comprehensive review of the apps. When I came across iyogi reviews, I found many reviews on Android apps. Whatever was written in the review was exactly as i experienced later on after installation. Now whenever i want an app on my smartphone, i first read the review on iyogireviews and then proceed. Keep it up iyogi.

  19. Terron Davis says:

    Supercool app!!! This will definitely help me save a lot of cash for my wedding dress. I’m going to download this one right away. Thank you iyogi reviews team for putting up such useful reviews that help shopaholics like me save big bucks…

  20. Selenita says:

    The article on top 5 Black Friday apps is really nice and interesting. For long, I had been looking for such applications for my new smartphone. They save my time while shopping as well as help me stay connected with my friends all day long. I have added iYogi reviews in my favorites. Will keep reading your posts…

  21. Eliza M. says:

    I contacted iYogi for servicing all the computers in my office. I own around 50 computers that are a bit old. The company assigned its technicians who completed the job in just one day. This was quick and was possible only because they have a huge work force. All the computers are working perfectly now.

  22. Tania Kos says:

    This halloween, I was looking for some apps that I can use on my recently purchased Android smartphone. I searched a lot, but could not find any reliable app. While browsing the Internet, I came across this article. You won’t believe, all the apps suggested in this feature were very nice. When my brother saw these apps on my phone, he too asked from where i got these. I just told him to go and read iyogi reviews.

  23. Charles Jones says:

    I was planning to go on a long due trip with family last year. However, while packing the things, I came to know that the 2GB card that I have in my digital camera was not enough to store pics of the various places that I was planning to visit during the one week vacation. The iyogi article on troubleshooting insufficient memory space problem helped me a lot in clearing the memory of digicam. you wont believe on the same 2GB memory card, i was able to capture and store all my vacation memories. Thanks iyogi for such an informative article.

  24. Rachel Lium says:

    I recently purchased a branded laptop. You wont believe I difficult it was for me to choose the right laptop for me. However, the reviews section of iyogi made it easier for me. I want a laptop on which I can perform my daily Excel related work and to relax myself play some games. iyogi reviews was a thoroughly researched article that helped me a lot in finalizing the one that fulfills all my needs. Thanks iyogi for the review.

  25. Jeff McLane says:

    Last Halloween, I want to surprise my friends with something new. As I had just purchased my new iphone, I thought of using it to surprise my friends. I searched a lot on the Internet, finally I came across this article about Halloween apps. The feature helped me finalize some of the apps that i used on my iphone to enahnce the enjoyment of Halloween. It is a very nicely researched article. Thanks guys!

  26. Graylon Jefferson says:

    I love clicking pictures. I always try to capture small little moments that I can cherish later. And to accomplish my goal, I always make sure to take all the necessary precautions. And lately I came across top 5 digital camera pitfalls by iyogi. believe me, your points helped me a lot.

  27. Michael Grigg says:

    iYogi reviews helped me understand my digital camera problem, which I thought was too big for me to handle. The issue was actually with the procedure I was following due to which I was unable to upload the images properly. Many of my friends have told me that my camera is incompatible with my computer and had suggested me to buy a new snapper. Thank you iYogi for helping me save big bucks!!!

  28. iYogi helped me make a sound choice. I was confused between different models of notebooks and was finding it very difficult to decide as to which notebook to buy. iYogi technician carefully listened to my requirements and the options that in was considering. He then suggested me the names of top 3 models. I’m very happy with the choice…

  29. Mateo Vargas says:

    Phone based scams are on a great rise, especially during these holiday season, when people are shopping heavily due to Christmas. I remember last year during the holiday season my mom got conned through a phone call through with the scammer informed her of winning a free holiday trip through some ongoing lucky draw scheme in some mall. He took all her details and never called back. Few weeks later we got to know that she had been duped with $5000 from her account……

  30. Joe Alfonzo says:

    It was so tough to differentiate between laptop and netybook, until I read iyogi reviews. Also, the tech support provided by iyogi is just amazing. I have heard so much about your services. One day I may also get lucky to try your support services.

  31. Jade Dawson says:


  32. Jon Hendren says:

    Earlier i used to connect my netbook to the wi-fi anywhere, whether i am in a hotel, shopping mall, or coffee shop. But after reading your review article, i have become very conscious. I did not know about wi-fi hotspots that can be used by hackers to hack our devices. Thank you for posting such useful information.

  33. Lara Light says:

    I came across your top 5 reviews while I was searching for DIY solutions to repair my daughter’s MP3 player. Your article helped me understand the real problem and gave right resolution. I was able to fix all the problems myself.

  34. Eddy Delgado says:

    I was worried when my daughter announced her presence on social media. With so many scams and hackers trying to break open into your accounts to hack you, I was really looking out for tips and tricks to protect her online presence. Then I landed on iYogi’s review on ‘Security Measures to be Taken while Using Social Networking Sites.’ I must say that the article is very well written and gave me quite handful of tips to guide her toward securing her facebook account. Please keep updating your blog.

  35. Nicolette S says:

    With the help of iYogi reviews I was able to repair my MP3 player all by myself. The points mentioned very really nice and useful. They helped me understand the issue completely and I was finally able to resolve it completely. It was such a relief!!!

  36. Stan Martin says:

    I always find iYogi reviews a good read that help me clearly decide on the product that suits my needs. The reviews are straightforward and to-the point, giving a crisp and clear detail about the product in question. I purchased back Friday apps after reading iYogi reviews and must say I was not deterred by my choice… cheers to iYogi team!

  37. Great apps and great reviews! Guys you are doing a splendid job by posting such reviews and articles, it really helps in making a right decision while purchasing any electronic item. Whenever I get confused with the features of smartphone or other application, I immediately log on to TechGenie and read about the features and other related information of gadgets. It helps me in knowing my product better.

  38. Sam Arther says:

    TechGenie is one of my favorite website and I always make sure to read reviews of various tech products before I purchase them. It helps me explore the features of the product and also guide me through ways to keep them sturdy and fine. I am a subscriber of iYogi technical services and if at all I face any difficulty in dealing with any of my technical product, I immediately call iYogi to seek support. iYogi is a great company and I am really happy that I choose to be its subscriber.

  39. Eric says:

    You are right; the Halloween Apps is so much fun. I have downloaded Zombiebooth 3D and you know it’s fun to turn your friends into zombies. I have transformed the images of my friends into zombies and tagged them on Facebook, they loved it completely. I have asked them to refer to your page in case they need more information. Thanks.

  40. Bosko says:

    Hello! I simply enjoy your articles TechGenie. It is full of latest technical buzz and it provides important gadgets and gizmos updates. I hardly leave any article on this page and I have even bookmarked this and share the exclusive articles with my friends and colleagues. I am from technical background therefore I find these pieces of articles really informative. Thanks for thinking about the tech freaks people like me. I don’t know what I would have been doing without you people. Thanks iYogi.

  41. Crimson Kaul says:

    Hey TechGenie you are my favorite technical site. I have taken help from your how to’s and articles several time and I completely rely on you for every technical support. I am a computer student and I have even prepared my computer notes taking help from your computer related articles. I came to know that you guys even provide technical assistance over phone. I face so many problems while using computer and I hope you can help me solve the technical problem with my computer and laptop.

  42. Clark says:

    iYogi, I must say you have the solution to every problem. Whenever I am stuck with any issue or require any information on technical thing, you guys help me fix the issue instantly. TechGenie is my favorite website and I make sure that I access this site at least once a week. The informative articles and DIY solutions available at this site help me in fixing so many issues very quickly.

  43. Erik Rico says:

    My camera was making a lot of noise while I was clicking picture at a family event. I thought it’s a regular sound but soon I realized something is wrong with my device. I tried repairing it myself but failed. Later I contacted iYogi by searching its number online and the technicians helped me repairing my camera. I am thankful to iYogi to help me repair my device so easily.

  44. Richard says:

    I always rely on iYogi reviews about the newly-emerging tech gadgets ruling the digital market. The reviews provide a really helpful insight to the technical specifications of the gadgets/products. I always consult them before making a buy. The reviews page is a great platform to offer everyone’s take on a particular gadget. Thanks iYogi for being there!

  45. Debbie says:

    Lately my PC started responding in weird ways so I thought of going for a full format. I did it myself and its condition improved at that very instant. But after sometime, it started freezing randomly. I couldn’t figure out what’s going on. So I called up iyogi and sought their assistance. After 3 calls, their technician responded and took remote access of my PC. He helped me get my PC in normal condition again. It was a great relief.

  46. ELIHU says:

    I am very much impressed with the way techgenie provides information on the latest gadgets, security threats and measures on how you can keep your PC safe. The column by iyogi is really helpful. Whenever, I feel to buy any new security software or a new gadget, I do not forget to visit techgenie and read the iyogi reviews to get a better idea about the product.

  47. Cyril says:

    I am quite lazy if it’s about searching online for latest security threats or about the launch of any gadget or smartphone. I just check out the iyogi reviews page as it provides good reviews related to technical errors happening in your PC, their solutions, and of course about the launch of any new gadget in the market. It’s simple and easy for me to check out iyogi reviews than searching online for the same.

  48. Didn’t know that a chance stumble upon this website would leave me glued to it… I am quite benefitted by the different posts up here on the site as I have applied the fixes as mentioned here and have seen myself that they work and they work pretty well. If you guys are also looking for 5 minute fixes to your technical issues, do not hesitate to check out this site for help. Quite possibly you will find something interesting and helpful.

  49. Lyre says:

    I used to take my activities on social networking sites casually. But, after going through the ‘security measures to be considered while working on social networking websites’ on iyogi reviews, I have started considering security checks before posting any photo or publishing any content on the Facebook. It is safe to follow such security measures. Thanks iyogi!

  50. Aiken says:

    I was planning to buy a laptop for myself, but since I am not a tech savvy person, so I had a very little knowledge about the features to be considered before buying a laptop. Thanks to iYogi, when I came across one of its articles about things to consider before buying a laptop, it became really easy for me to get the best laptop.

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