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Facebook® smartphone may come by 2013

Facebook may release smartphone in 2013Facebook is being reported to launch its own smartphone by next year. The newly public social networking giant looks to boost its revenue in the mobile Internet market by releasing a smartphone of its own.

How Facebook is going to launch smartphone

Facebook has hired more than half a dozen software and hardware engineers who have the experience of working on Apple’s bestselling iPhone, and one engineer who has iPad experience, reported New York Times, citing employees and other unnamed sources. The company has also expanded a group working on a partnership with Taiwan’s HTC to create a smartphone code-named “Buffy” – a project first unveiled last year by technology blog All Things Digital.

What Facebook has to say on launch of smartphone

The social networking giant refused to comment on this. Facebook neither confirmed nor denied the report. “Our mobile strategy is simple: We think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social,” it said in a statement e-mailed to AFP.

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News source: New York Times

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