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Google faces problems by Microsoft after purchasing ITA

ITA is a software company which develops software for the travel industry. It has got tie up with many airlines for facilitating their reservation process, seats availability, inventory and many other airport operations. Google has intended purchase of ITA for around seven hundred million dollars. This is just another move by Google in dominating the world by acquiring big names and brands and bringing them down under Google’s roof. This intended acquisition is not welcomed by many other companies which have been using ITA’s service and they do not want Google to take control of the same for obvious reasons. Microsoft is one of the companies which are not in the favour of this acquisition because Microsoft and Google both are serious competitors in various fields and the number one competition is between their search engines- Google and BING. Microsoft is not in the favour because BING has been using ITA’s service for displaying travel related results and now Google taking hold of ITA will certainly make a difference the way BING works. To demonstrate the seriousness of opposing the idea of Google’s ITA acquisition, Microsoft has joined the Fair Search coalition. Fair Search is a group of independent companies and other technology partners who wish to have a fair competition, transparency and innovation in the field of search engines. All the Fair Search companies are not in favour of Google’s intentions of acquiring ITA and Microsoft has boosted their coalition by getting into it. To name there are many big players who are part of this coalition. Companies like Foundem which is a UK based search engine, Travel companies like Zuji, Level and other companies like Expedia, Farelogix, Kayak and Sabre Holdings are all a part of this coalition.

GoogleGoogle on the other hand has promised that it will not make any changes in the existing ITA agreements and will honour them all. Google says that agreements will continue to work the same way they were before Google’s acquisition however Fair Search is not in the favour of this and they think that Google’s interference in ITA will hamper the innovation and can also push the ticket prices high. Google is considering the ITA acquisition a very golden chance for taking control over most of its closest rivals in the field of search engines. This will also help Google in manipulating and dominating the air travel market place. The Fair Search coalition has issued a written statement against this intended acquisition and they have clearly mentioned that this will result in high air travelling prices, fewer travel choices for customers and less innovative online travel search because then only Google will be controlling the ITA and will certainly not welcome the ideas and innovations from others. As a reply to this statement Google has also issued a statement with its intentions and has refuted all the claims. This acquisition is now in the hands of a department of justice review and we still need to wait for the result to come.

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