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How to Create an Application in Word or Excel

Microsoft Office has become the integral part for most offices from Home offices to Multi National corporate. The usability and result is so beneficial that no business owner can deny the importance of MS Office application. MS Office has different parts and application segments like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, etc, where MS Word is document management application and MS Excel is a spreadsheet application which is majorly used for data mining and analysis. MS Outlook is a mail client where you can configure multiple web emails and manage all your email inboxes from one place.

Although, there are various applications available in the market which can be purchased and used for your specific but is you are comfortable with MS Word and Excel, then you can create your own customize application for your need.

Here are some of the simple steps to create an application in MS Word and Excel and the application is to be created to collect information from new employees:

Microsoft OfficeCreate an application in MS Word


Open the Microsoft Word, either by selecting it from the all program lists or by opening it from the shortcut. Go to ‘File’ menu if you are using MS Office 2003 and in case of Office 2007, go to ‘Office Button’ and then click on ‘New’.


Now under the “Templates on Office Online” search box type the search string as “Employment Application” and then click on “Search”. This will bring a search result and you need to select the option “Employment Application 2-pp Online Form” from the list. Now download this template and this will bring a new Word document on your computer.


At this time, you can enter your company’s logo if you want by inserting the picture of the logo.


You will need to change the template examples to the actual data and you can do that by simply typing the text over the existing data. You can also change the properties of the template and to do this you need to click on the gray field area where you will see an option “Form Field Options”. From the dialog box, select the option “Add Help Text” which provides more help.


Now you can save the application once it is finished. You need to save the application with different name so that it can be recognized easily.

How to create application in MS Excel


Launch Excel from the Start Menu and open a new and blank workbook. Click on “Insert” Menu if you are using MS Office 2003 or select “Picture” and then “From File” in case of Office 2007. This step will be used to inset your company’s logon onto the application. Locate the logo from the computer and insert it appropriately.


You can type-in the list of desired questions and then leave the adjoining cells empty. Now you need to create a drop-down list with values of “Yes” and “No” in it. This can be done by selecting the “Data” tab in Excel 2007 and “Data” Menu in Excel 2003.


Now choose the “List” option from the “Allow” drop down and then type “Yes, No” in the “Source” field. Click on “Ok” and the drop down list is created.


Start entering data in the “Source” field on the Data Validation box which is used to create a custom lists. Now once you click on the cell, it will be available with options to fill in.

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