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How to Extract an ISO file from WinRaR

ISO simply stands for the disk format version which is used to store information in a CD-ROM. An ISO file is the exact image or replica of a copied CD-ROM. A software application creates the image of the ISO file which contains the files and menu. The file contains the exact file structure or library similar to the CD-ROM. The only difference to copying or burning to a CD is that ISO is a quick way to extract files which enables easier access to storing the structure of the CD-ROM directly on the hard drive. In fact, you can rip the ISO file into a hard drive itself e.g. F:\E:\ etc. So the next time you want to access content from the ISO file you just have to click on the drive folder.

Some of the steps of extracting an ISO file can be seen as follows:

Step One
During WinRaR installation make sure that you have selected the ISO file type so that WinRaR automatically detects the file type to be unzipped.

Step Two
Click on the ISO file. You will now be able to see the ISO file name in the main menu pane.

Step Three
In the menu tab you will be able to see an “Extract” button through which you will be able to extract the contents from the ISO file

Step Four
Define the path of the ISO file in which you want to extract the contents of the ISO file.

This the complete process through which you can extract an ISO file without any hassle.

Tip- If you want you can define the ISO file to a drive e.g. F:\E:\

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