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How to Uninstall a McAfee Antivirus File System Filter Driver

Anti-virus programs are like a security guard for your computer and they help us to prevent your computer from any possible harm. Everybody is very concerned to give their computer the best security for which you skim through different websites just to find out the best “security guard” for your computer. After searching through the websites and going through the reviews of existing users you end up with software like McAfee, Norton, Kasper Sky and Panda anti-virus.

Once you have this software in hand, you will be required to install it in your computer.  However installing these software is quite easier, but when it comes to uninstalling there arises many problems. Especially software like McAfee are really difficult to uninstall, once it has been installed. It leaves its trace in the registry and task processes, which are difficult to delete from the memory. These viruses can even remain when the program is removed from the PC. The McAfee Antivirus file system filter driver is seldom found on computers of users. But, when you run Kaspersky Internet Security, it can detect it. To solve this bug, McAfee has developed an automatic removal and cleanup tool to remove any traces of it fully from your computer once you uninstall it.

McafeeInstructions for how to uninstall a McAfee Antivirus files System Filter Driver?

Step one

Access your desired web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla fire fox, Opera and Google chrome etc. Type in the web address and type (, which will take you to McAfee support page and aid you to remove its products from the computer.

Step two

Download the “MCPR.exe” removal tool from the link you have opened as mentioned above to download the tool.

Step three

Access to your web browser’s download directory and find the downloaded removal tool can be found in it.

Step four

To launch “MCPR.exe”, you must go for double-clicking the removal tool application being displayed on the download manager of your web browser. A Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, can right-click the tool and in the drop menu must choose “Run as Administrator” by clicking on it.

Step five

Once you are done with the above step, click on the removal tool to install and run it on you system. You will be required to wait until the removal tool shows “Clean up Successful” and to apply the settings & save the changes you will then required to restart your computer.

Step Six

Once you have re-started your system, you will be confirmed that you have successfully removed all the bits n parts of the McAfee products and thereby, must have given the McAfee Antivirus File System Filter Driver is permanent place in the trash can.

Thus, bear in mind that with certain antivirus softwares like McAfee it is really easy to install them, but quite difficult to un-install. But, since every problem created has a solution, you need not worry for that. But, follow the above instruction precisely and with complete attention.

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  1. I have been asking my brother to help me uninstall the mcafee antivirus file system filter driver from last two days but he is not helping me because he is busy. Thank god I got the solution online, now I will only prefer your website for such queries and I am sure you guys will always help me and other users with such important and relevant information.

  2. Thanks for this piece of information guys. I could uninstall my mcafee antivirus system filter driver in one attempt by following this article. Now I realized it wasn’t that difficult, the steps are relatively easy and I would have done it on my own if somebody would have helped. Anyways, thanks for the solution guys

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