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L.A. Noire review — A Must-try For Gamers

This is truly a fascinating and engrossing game title from Rockstar Games that would go on to become one of your favorites in no time.

L.A. Noire review

As always, Rockstar Games has yet again interwoven fun, agony, and thrill into one action-packed title. L.A. Noire would get the best of you as soon as you delve into its highly stimulating gameplay. The game is an awesome delight for all the seasoned gamers and a fine title even for the newcomers.

The background story of the game is set up in Los Angeles in the year 1947, the period popularly known as the Golden Age of Hollywood. Cole Phelps, a detective from LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), is the protagonist of this game. The city is torn among the cases of murder, corruption, and drug-mafia. There are clashes, conspiracies and conflicts. Every single mess has to cleared, challenges have to be confronted, and deceit is to be overpowered. Would you indulge yourself as one honest officer and risk everything you have in order to set the things right? If yes, this game is for you in every true sense.

There are many crime scenes to investigate, witnesses to interrogate, and clues and links to look for. The innovative and exceptional animation technology incorporated in the game shows each facial reaction in great detail, be it a grimace or smirk or a poker face. Read each sign and watch every expression to unfold the mysteries in a place where everyone is too reticent to let you have the clue. The game would stay increasingly captivating till the end.

For further details on L.A. Noire, visit the official website of Rockstar Games.

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Windows PC
Genre: Third-person Shooter, Action Adventure

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