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Microsoft to introduce Kinect support for PCs

Xbox 360 is a very popular play station developed and launched by Microsoft. There are number of games that can be played on Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is an extended version of Xbox. One of the famous video game is the Kinect Sports; it uses the Kinect peripherals. this game was developed by Rare and it was launched alongside the peripheral. It is really exciting game for gamers. It allows single player as well as multiple players to engage in six different motion-controlled sports. it also let you experience many challenges. A Kinect sport also includes a sports party mode; it will allow many players to play in a tournament or series of tournaments. There are free downloadable contents available that offers additional challanges at no extra cost. it is easily downloadable at Xbox LIVE.

With Kinect, you have 15 games available which include “Kinectimals,” “Kinect Sports,” “Kinect Joy Ride” and MTV Games’ and Harmonix’s “Dance Central” will available at a retail price for $49.99 (U.S. ERP). When you will start playing these games,, your living room will become more as a fitness club, dance clubs and sports stadiums. This is a really exciting product from Microsoft and you can just begin a movie by simply saying, “Xbox, play,” or you can browse pictures with a wave of hand. Kinect is a major leap forward in the gaming experience in the gaming experience that will appeal to bother mainstream and casual gamers.

There are also content available at free of cost for “Kinect Joy Ride”. In this package, you will easily get a Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette and Cruze at no cost by downloading new contents for “Kinect Joy Ride”. You can modify your new cars by choosing a new color or you can paint them using Kinect sensor. After modifying go for a joy ride in “Kinect Joy Ride’s” six game modes. If you want then you can also use these cars in online races in Xbox Live. You can unlock the Chevrolet cars for “Kinect Joy Ride” when you select the Chevrolet ad in the Xbox LIVE marketplace. There is one more option available to unlock the car’ you can visit Xbox.com and unlock.

The Winrumors website is claiming that Microsoft officials have told that the software development kit will be available soon in the upcoming months. There are also some who claims that Microsoft will launch its drivers with beta released version. Microsoft is also planning to incorporate support into community technical preview of the company’s XNA game studio tools.

Some websites are also claiming that this kinect support will be integrated to the upcoming and latest Windows 8 operating systems. This initiative will be supported by 3D gesture experts like Canesta and the previous purchase of 3DV systems. This is also one of the company which is specializing in 3D gesture recognition.

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