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Sony® and Toshiba® to demonstrate TransferJet at Mobile World Congress® 2012

Sony and Toshiba will be demonstrating their latest products at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. TransferJet technology works on the principle of combining the speed of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Near Field Communications (NFC) to enable high speed data transfer.

Sony and Toshiba to demonstrate TransferJet at Mobile World Congress 2012

TransferJet is the latest in technological arena that has been doing rounds recently. This is a new mode for transferring data between any two devices like camera, tablets, smatphones and PCs. It requires the devices to be in close proximity with each other. They just need to be touched together to enable quick exchange of data without taking aid from any physical mode for connecting. The maximum transmission rate depends from 375 to 560 Mbit/s. This is dependent on the wireless environment, in which the system is. It utilizes the bandwidth of 560 MHz. Around 50 companies, including Sony and Toshiba are participants of TransferJet Consortioum, which was established in July 2008.

The Mobile World Congress 2012 will see the demonstration of TransferJet technology on prototype and devices like tablets, PCs, smartphones and cameras. While Sony is boasting its ability to transfer at a speed upto 560Mbps in a single tap; Toshiba is all set to showcase the first Single-Chip TransferJet solution (TC35420).

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