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Thanks to Google: Now Get Missed Call Notifications in Google Voice

Google has come up with an amazing new feature for Google Voice. With the help of this new feature, you will be able to get a missed call notifications in a form of an e-mail. You can find this new feature in the settings menu.

You can easily turn on the notifications for the calls going to your Google Voice; however you might face problems to get this feature working with your mobile number.

To Get Missed Call Notifications on E-mail

You can enable missed call e-mail notification for your Google Voice number by simply logging in into your Google Voice account. In the top right corner of your screen, there is a settings link. Click on the settings link, you will get two options: Google Account Settings and Voice Settings. Now, click on the voice settings and then select Calls tab on the next page. Now, under the Missed Call section, you will have to put a check in the check box against the “Place missed calls in the inbox” option to get the notification.

You can also select “Send missed calls to my e-mail” option to get the notification emails into your attached Gmail account. After selecting the options, click on the save changes options to save the settings.

Google VoiceTo Get Missed Call Notification on Your Real Number

In order to receive notifications enable Google Voicemail for your real phone. To enable Google Voicemail, in the settings link click on the Phones tab and then locate the link to  “Activate Google voicemail on this phone.”

You will get a new pop-up window which will contain an activation code. After selecting the carrier, dial that verification code and press call or send that code as Google suggests.

If you want to disable this ink, repeat the same process by selecting the “Deactivate Google voicemail on this phone” option.

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