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Wii gets Pounded by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Gaming consoles are getting more popular these days; you have many options for buying gaming console and to play your favorite games on it.

Microsoft Xbox, Sony playstation and Nintendo’s Wii are the most famous gaming consoles in the world.

Nintendo Wii is a home video game console developed by Nintendo in 2006. Nintendo Wii competes with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3. It states that Nintendo Wii console targets a broader demographic that Xbox and Playstation. Wii has a wireless controller that can be used like a hand held pointing device and it detects movement in 3D. It has another determine feature that is Wiiconnect24 that enables it to get messages and updates over the Internet while in beta mode. Nintendo’s Wii console contains 512 MB of internal memory and you can use an SD card for external storage, you can use SD cars to transfer data and if you want to transfer games then you have to install an update which you can do by using Internet. You can also customized in game music from your stored mp3 files by using SD cards. In America Nintendo has launched dual layer Wii optical discs but it got some problems may have difficulty reading the extraordinary software due to a contaminated laser lens. The company is offering a free service of repair for owners who experience this issue.

Nintendo WiiGreenpeace guide reports ranked Nintendo on last on a list of electronics manufacturers. The reports show that Wii increasing carbon dioxide emissions and absence of waste management. The reduction of PVC usage in wining and the disclosure of carbon dioxide emissions,

Nintendo’s Wii has come down to earth, experts say that variety of factors in the Wii’s decline from the absence of high definition compatibility to an irregular flow of innovative games to competitors at Microsoft and Sony duplicating and surpassing the Wii pioneering motion controls and gamers who used Nintendo’s Wii, they also noticed the drop off as well, for the last many years Nintendo’s Wii hardware sales vanquish those of Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony playstation 3 in the critical holiday months end of the years. Nintendo’s sales were larger than the sales of Xbox 360 and Sony playstation.

But experts don’t expect that to happen in this year. NDP which is a market research firm release its tally of November sales and it shows that the Xbox 360 is on the first place because it sold 10, 75,000 systems and it grow 31 percent from the same month of past year. In that report, Nintendo’s Wii took second place and third place is predicted to come on third place.

Nintendo noted that Wii lifetime sales are 20 percent higher than Sony playstation 2, the PS2 was the best selling console of all time.

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