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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for Sony® PlayStation 3

Unleash Prince Edmund from skeleton Deadmund through his pursuit for the healing Gatestone in this adventurous game

Medieval Moves Deadmunds Quest

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest for PS3 is an entertaining action game developed to be played with the motion-sensing device PlayStation Move. The game unfolds in an old time setup with Prince Edmund as its central character. When Morgrimm (a sinister warlock) attacks his kingdom in the wake of overtaking it, the urgency arrives for the Prince to become the savior for his people. The game moves on thus, as Edmund has to fight with the dangerous army of skeletons all the way to the evil sorcerer. However, Morgrimm appears too strong to be defeated and turns Edmund into a living skeleton. Having become Deadmund, the skeleton prince has to get back the sacred Gatestone (stolen by Morgrimm) to be cured and the actual quest starts.

The gameplay involves sword fighting, archery, and sharp reflexes. Holding on to PlayStation Move is not going to be enough, as you would have to wield the controller device like a real saber and make quick moves. One torpid moment and your virtual life would be over before you know. There are cut scenes to let you understand how the game progresses. There are power-ups to aid you and milk to replenish lost health. You can use the Amulet power for short thrust of super-stamina. Cupping the Move device (screening it from the PlayStation Eye webcam) and making a tossing gesture would let you fire dynamites at the enemies.

All the amaze, action, and adventure begin right at your home. Join the hunt for Morgrimm and rive through the challenges. For further details, visit the Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest webpage.

Rating: E10+

Publisher: SCEA

Genre: Action Adventure

Platform: Sony PlayStation 3


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