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The Gunstringer Game: A Diabolic Lover Adds more Action

XBOX 360 Kinect players have a new platform to sharpen their shooting skills. Microsoft is offering them a new shooting range set in the legendary cowboy-style environment of the Wild West. When gunshots of Colt and Remington pistols roar, you know that you have entered the dangerous world of “The Gunstringer”. Twisted Pixel Games and Microsoft Studios have announced a new installment of add-on content for the popular The Gunstringer game, where this time you get to play as a diabolic soul.

The new add-on content is titled as “El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure”, where Twisted Pixel Games has promised a lot of action. The fearful sheriff of the original title is now replaced by El Diablo, a ghastly soul, who is in search of true love. This paradoxical situation is complemented by gun throttling action filled with plenty of angry bandits and devious gunmen to shoot at.

El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure is available on XBOX Live for 240 Microsoft Points. So, put on that cowboy hat and enjoy shooting at the wicked scoundrels without any regret and remorse. Enjoy the video about the sinister El Diablo, who is all set to raise hell in the American Old West of The Gunstringer.

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