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How to get Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard on Android™

Tweet Now presenting, the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard! If you are an Ice Cream Sandwich fan, here’s something you would love to get your hands on. The latest addition to the offerings from Android is the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard. When compared to the “Gingerbread”, this keyboard has brought in a lot of improvements. Though there are keyboards in the market that have a voice-to-text... Read More »
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Turn your iPhone to QWERTY-thanks to Boxwave

Tweet Now listen to this, you can actually have an add-on like a QWERTY keyboard which enables you to key in data with the iPhone touchscreen attached. The Boxwave keyboard Buddy acts like a slider phone, which is similar to the Blackberry Torch. The greatest benefit you may ask is that you don’t have to spoil your touch screen with “butter fingers”. Moreover the keyboard is attached... Read More »
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Solar powered Logitech K750 keyboard

Tweet Logitech has released a new solar powered keyboard K750, which is not only sleek in its presentation, but connects to your PC wirelessly. It uses minimum amount of light e.g. light bulb in your room or sunlight from your room’s windows, which is certainly the lowest amount of light source that is required for the keyboard to function. The key feature of the keyboard is that it is extremely... Read More »

BTC 5100C Mini Keyboard

Tweet Keyboards are one of the most important components of a computer. Keyboards are input device; when you press any key on keyboard, it sends information to the computer. Keyboards are very useful for typing an e-mail or to browse the Internet. There are different kinds of keyboards available in market today and it is not a tough task to choose a good keyboard. In general, all keyboards layout is... Read More »
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How to connect the Logitech Bluetooth PS3 keyboard with a PC

Tweet Logitech makes various types of keyboards; it also makes Bluetooth PS3 keyboards. The mini keyboards are compatible with USB connectivity only. The Logitech PS3 keyboards are also available with track pad but these keyboards have less key than the standard keyboards. These mini keyboards usually lack the number pad. These keyboards are compatible with laptops and if you have Bluetooth connectivity... Read More »
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Matias keyboard: portable and bluetooth Enabled

Tweet With evolution of time, technology has surpassed all barriers and has succeeded to create such masterpieces that were once a user’s dream.  The word “Computer” has not only given a definition to our lives but also has made our work simpler, easier and least time consuming. The huge computer setup earlier got abridged to Laptops. Laptops are actually called as “portable computers”.... Read More »

Computer Keyboard: An Inevitable Part of Computing

Tweet It is impossible to believe, but is in fact true that the concept and design of the modern day keyboard can be traced back to the mechanical typewriter. Over the years the technology used for keyboard has advanced in a great ways. These days you get ergonomic keyboards that are very different from the traditional flat and rectangular keyboards with square keys. Some keyboards today, can be folded,... Read More »

Xynergi Keyboard: A Big Step towards Home Multimedia System

Tweet In 2007, Fairlight, an Australian company invented a new type of digital audio production device- Xynergi keyboard. After its launch, Xynergi Keyboard created a revolution in the world of audio and video editing technology. Overview Xynergi, which looks like any ordinary keyboard, is actually a desktop media production unit. It is mainly designed for meeting the media editing requirements of... Read More »

Thanko Unveils Pocket Size USB Keyboard

Tweet The Japanese gadget giant, Thanko has come up with a full size USB keyboard that can fit into your pocket. Apart from other portable USB keyboards, the interesting feature of the Thanko keyboard is that it can fit in your pocket. This full size USB keyboard can be broken into quarters of segments that are connected together, these quarter segments when folded take the shape of a rectangle.The... Read More »
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