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Ricoh® expands its range of printers

Tweet Ricoh, the renowned name in the world of automation equipment, has lately introduced three novel printers under the SP 100e series, including SP 100e (RM299), SP 100SUe (RM499), and SP 100 SFe (RM669). All of the newly released models are capable of delivering printing speed of 13 ppm, which is ideal for small to medium size businesses and home users. Weighing 6-9 kgs, all the models in SP 100e... Read More »

Canon® announces release of high-tech home printers

Tweet Canon is proud to announce three high-tech photo-centric, multi-function printers, including Pixma MG4220 Wireless Photo AIO, Pixma MG3220 Wireless Photo AIO, and Pixma MG2220 Photo AIO. Each of the devices launched by Canon comes equipped with state-of-the-art features, making printing possible an easy and uncomplicated affair. More on Pixma MG4220, Pixma MG3220, and Pixma MG2220 Amongst all,... Read More »

HP uncovers new line of imaging and printing products

Tweet Recently Hewlett-Packard (HP) launched a couple of imaging and printing products, enabling various types of businesses to connect, capture, and communicate more efficiently and securely. Called as HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 and HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425, both the products incorporate solutions and services with advanced productivity tools and expanded mobility. Precisely, HP LaserJet Pro 400... Read More »

Kiaro! color inkjet label printer for labeled printing

Tweet A renowned brand of Astro-Med, Inc., QuickLabel Systems has announced the release of its fastest label printer, called Kiaro! color inkjet label printer. Made for businesses that require to print their own labels, Kiaro! color inkjet label printer comes equipped with Custom QuickLabel Omni labeling software, a USB 2.0 cable, a printer driver for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating... Read More »

Kodak® MAGNUS 800 Platesetter with new features

Tweet Kodak MAGNUS 800 Platesetter, renowned to offer outstanding stability and productivity to meet the high-end requirements of offset printers, has lately been released with an array of advanced features. Now Kodak MAGNUS 800 Platesetter comes equipped with improved remote support capabilities with remote off/on increasing operation flexibility. Its novel power save mode combined with support for... Read More »

Samsung® Wireless Printer to Make Printing Easy

Tweet SEWA- Samsung Electronics West Africa introduced a new kind of printer to let you access as well as print documents right from a mobile device. Connect with the printer directly Primarily the USB version ML-2165W allows printing documents through Samsung’s MobilePrint applications. With Samsung’s one-touch wireless feature, it is possible to set up the device in as less as two minutes through... Read More »

Ultra Compact Samsung ML-1666 printer

Tweet Finding a suitable office space for a printer can often be tedious. However, if you looking to purchase a compact sized printer; then the Samsung’s ML-1666 printer would prove a suitable option for you. The printer is specially designed to suit business needs that find it difficult to find a place for a large printer. Through the simple touch of a button you can easily give a command for printing. ... Read More »

HP’s Zeen C510 Android with its wild combination

Tweet HP’s has introduced its seven-inch Zeen Android tablet PC and that comes along with the PhotoSmart eStation C510 printer system. Apparently this unit of the tablet pc is quite closer to the final and unfortunately, the stock of Android home screen has been totally removed but still this action is in favor of the TouchSmart UI. As you must have guessed, there is also no Gmail application... Read More »

Printing methods in Windows 7

Tweet While printing a document you may have come across different options depending on your requirements. It includes variation in color like color or grayscale or size like portrait or landscape and method of printing viz. single or double sided. Printing options are basically decided by Software application and type of printers that are in use. Printing in Windows 7 is quite easy as it can be done... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Printer Installation

Tweet If you want to take a copy of your recent document with or want to show your photography skills to your friends then printing is the best way. With Windows you can print e-mails, photos and many other outputs. As it is quiet obvious to print any document you must have a printer. When you will go in a shop to buy it, the shopkeeper will introduce you to the three types of printers. All these three... Read More »

How to Optimize Your Printer

Tweet If you need print outs of certain documents stored in your PC, what is the basic machine you need to have? Aside from the papers you have to insert, you would definitely need to have a printer. A printer is very beneficial for putting inputs to outputs. Well, outputs are the things you usually need for the documentation and clerical works. But in the midst of hustle and bustle in work, what if... Read More »

How to Install Printer for Windows 7

Tweet Adding a printer perhaps is a single job once you are sure of the type of your printer. You can use a local printer along with its driver to use while there is another option of using a network shared printer. The local ones would certainly be used by your system dedicatedly while the network printers are usually shared over the network in order to make sure that you and other people on the network... Read More »

New printing Solutions from InfoPrint

Tweet InfoPrint Solutions Company, a manufacturer of digital printing and output solutions, has released a new model of inkjet printer, InfoPrint 500 MP. InfoPrint Solutions Company is a joint venture between Intel and Ricoh which started its journey 3 years ago, where Ricoh contained 51% share. The new model inkjet was unveiled in IPEX exhibition at Birmingham, UK. The new multi-purpose product has... Read More »

Dell storm in printer market: Five new brand unveiled

Tweet Technology and electronics device manufacturer Dell has come into the screen again with five new model of printers with extensive features. Recently Dell New Zealand has announced the release of new brands for the large range users of printers. With the flow of time, the modulation of use and function of printers is modified. To cope up with the change, Dell has come forward with faster printers... Read More »

How to Set Up Wireless Printing at Home

Tweet With the help technology it is very easy to print something by wireless printer at home. Suppose in your home, each room has a computer set then it gets really difficult and costly to provide a printer for each computer. Although a number of people also have a computer system hardwires using a laptop in their home. That’s why no one wants to use USB cables each time to print something. Also,... Read More »

How to Install an HP Laser Jet P2015D on Windows Vista

Tweet The HP Laser Jet P2015 is a huge printer which is perfect for an office setting . HP and its distributors ship this printer right to your doorstep fully assembled, unlike other printers where you only receive the parts and you need to have it assembled for you. Being fully assembled is such a good advantage, since you all need to worry about is installing it to your computer. However one cumbersome... Read More »

How Inkjet Printers Works

Tweet Printers have changed are lives a lot, and it very simpler. But the catch is whenever one thinks about publishing the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is an Inkjet Printer. People have simply associated printing with Inkjet Printers, as they have seen them all around. They are the best in printing. They are the cheapest. They make the least sound. They are very fast in the price range... Read More »

How Laser Printers Work

Tweet The technology in printing industry has advanced in leaps and bounds. There were days of type writers and then came the days a bulky and noise making Dot Matrix printers, which were slow and consumed a lot of ink and office supplies. Then came the inkjet technology, they were noisy and the resolution was not so high, even they were high on utilizing office supplies. And now comes the age of high... Read More »

How does a bubble jet printer work?

Tweet Printers and printing have both been long associated with our lives since a very long time. And we have always been puzzled on how they work, but they are pretty simple to understand. Firstly came he handwritten publishing of books and newspapers. Then the block printing pushed the publishing ahead. Then it was the era of typewriters to aid the printers. Then came the age of electronic printers,... Read More »

New Dell storm Printers Unveiled

Tweet Technology and electronics device manufacturer Dell has come into the screen again with five new model of printers with extensive features. Recently Dell New Zealand had announced the release of new brands for the large range users of printers. With the flow of time, the modulation of use and function of printers has modified. To cope up with the change, Dell has come forward with faster printers... Read More »

Dell 3115CN Color Laser Multifunction Printer Scanner Copier and Fax with wireless option

Tweet A multicolor laser printer, Dell 3115CN can be used not just for printing but also for scanning, facsimile and photocopying. The speed of printing a black and white page using Dell 3115CN is 31ppm whereas for printing a color page it would take 17ppm. Dell 3115CN offers print resolution of 600 X 600 dots per inch. You can print up to 60,000 pages per month using your Dell 3115CN. There are two... Read More »

Canon faxphone L80 laser fax printer

Tweet Cannon Faxphone L80 – a small business solution: For any small office, the FAXPHONE® L80 provides an efficient way to run your business through having the performance of a laser fax machine and a printer. With an added convenience of a handset, the machine could also be used as a telephone. FAXPHONE® L80 is a space saving solution for small business which can be used as a desktop printer,... Read More »

Brother MFC 4300 Printer

Tweet Brother 4300 meets your need: When your business is growing, at one time or the other your will be running out of office space requiring more infrastructure to continue with your targeted profitability. It would be important then to think about space and the first thing which would come in mind is how to reduce the space occupied by your computer system. If you have four different machines... Read More »

MFC 4350 Printer is Designed For A Small office

Tweet Printer for your small business: Even if you have a small business, your business operation must keep up to demands efficiently for your business to survive. This is one of the reasons why you should have an efficiently performing printer to meet all your printing needs. Besides printing, your business also requires documents to be faxed and you have the need to scan your documents and store... Read More »

Brother all-in-one printers

Tweet Earlier we used to have separate home and office machines for printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. Keeping separate machines for each task not only occupied spaces but cost you a large sum of money. Today things have changed with Brother all-in-one printers being available in the market. Cost of investment has come down and yet you get a better service than before from the organized and efficient... Read More »
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